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Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 21 June 2021, 06:15:18 »
More or less done with the music I guess! I have 33 in total -- 26 of them made in the past several weeks, and a few more left over from the demo which I've decided to keep.

Now I just need to bugtest the damn thing :D

Entertainment General / Re: What songs are you listening to?
« on: 18 June 2021, 13:37:28 »

This came out about a week ago :3 Love it so much!

Serenth / Re: Serenth General Discussion Thread
« on: 06 June 2021, 04:31:18 »
Astel Aventad appropriately and apocalyptically approved at another ancient age at Alfarnos.

Alliteration's fun :p

Alfarnos being the universe in which the Lunaresta Realm is, and Serenth being the sole Lunarestan galaxy.

Realms are tricky to explain, so I'll do that when we have a working computer. Hopefully, we'll get news by Monday.

* uses a super-effective Glomp on AuroraDash *

Say, AuroraDash, would you mind if (when we have said PC) we add a (locked) Warp Door to Astel Aventad in Apocalytic Shadow? :3


Alright, sure, why not :D

*eeps and falls to the floor as he is glomped* :3

Serenth / Astel Aventad (Planet #3012)
« on: 05 June 2021, 18:32:43 »

Like a year ago, Charlie said on CSTSF that I could make a new planet for Serenth's Apocalyptic Wind Tower, with a planetary ID of greater than 2100, and I kinda never bothered with that until now, so... Here you go I guess. It's inspired by some wild dreams I had many years ago.

Name: Astel Aventad
ID: 3012
Sage Goddess: Claiyfoure (there are no regular Sages, she is the only one)
Adjective: Astellyan
Continents: 1
Countries: 0
Size: 1.45 Newerth diameters

The Graveworld of Astel Aventad is an inhospitable rocky planet, somewhat larger than Newerth. It was shrouded in myth until it was located in a remote corner of Serenth. It is covered in ancient Elven ruins, but now most of the planet is devoid of life.

For a long time, it was only known about through the Arx mythology, a vast collection of insane stories about the distant past of Newerth, most of them entirely made up. One story claims that, some 300,000 years ago, Astel Aventad was "the city between the worlds". A later story claims that, in eons past, Newerth was part of an alliance of five friendly planets, all of which were part of a "great migration" across the universe. However, Newerth started to slowly be affected by a creeping magical corruption. Eight heroes travelled to some cave, which happened to be the most evil place on Newerth, in order to fight the corruption, but they failed. They did, however, find the source of the corruption a human who had been granted the powers of a god, but could not handle it and went mad. He used his god powers to take the other four planets in the alliance and fuse them together to form the "holy homeworld" a terrible molten planet which was a bastion of tremendous evil. The name Astel Aventad was re-used for this planet. One of the surviving heroes went there to find a place called the Stone Heart of Energy.

The planet was believed to be fictional, until it was discovered in 2003. The story is still made up, of course the planet is now known to be entirely natural in origin.

Astel Aventad only has a single continent. It has no name and uses continent ID 0.

The planet is divided into two main regions.

The Face is a roughly circular region of pale brown rock and sand, covering approximately 1/6 of Astel Aventad's surface. It has several vast mountain ranges, which do indeed look kind of like a face if you squint a little. The vast majority of the remaining land-based life on Astel Aventad exists in The Face. Locations here include the Stone Heart of Energy, whatever that is, and a few recently-constructed research stations.

The Flats covers the majority of the planet and consists of a smooth, dark stone surface, ranging from black to red-brown. It is the remains of a prehistoric sea of lava, which slowly froze. In some places, a shallow ocean covers it. The Flats are rich in eternium. Life has survived in the ocean, but the land in The Flats is mostly desolate. This area contains many ancient ruins, some of which are quite extensive. It is thought that these were built by an Elven race, who arrived from off-planet, and were equipped to survive the harsh conditions of Astel Aventad, until the civilisation was destroyed by an unknown disaster. These people were called the Moon Elves, but they are believed to be extinct. In case they are not, they have been given racial ID 3920.

Somewhere on the planet stands Serenth's Apocalyptic Wind Tower.

Various scientists and explorers still disagree on how to define the seasons of Astel Aventad because the Moon Elven calendar is not well understood. It is known that the Astellyan year is approximately equal to twelve Newerthian years.

According to one popular model, there are four different systems of seasons in play in different parts of the planet. The seasons are of wildly unequal length. There are 8 seasons near the equator, 7 seasons near the poles, and two separate regions of 9 and 11 seasons covering the remaining areas. In some regions, seasons can be up to several Newerthian years long.

Astel Aventad has days of roughly seven hours. There are exactly 15,000 days in an Astellyan year. Most of the planet experiences midnight sun, however, so the sun may not rise or set for very long spans of time.

The only currencies in use are brought from off-world. The Moon Elves may have had a currency at some point, however.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 04 June 2021, 03:49:01 »
Made about 17 of them now :3

I feel like I started off quite strong, but some of the recent ones have been kind of samey and uninspired, all grim and threatening. That can be a good thing for battle themes, but I'm going to try to change it up and be a bit more cheerful for the remaining battle themes.

Announcements / Re: Birthday Thread
« on: 28 May 2021, 23:28:17 »
...? I made a post earlier, and now it is gone... hm...

Happy birthday to AuroraDash...! :->

Thank youuu! :D

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 26 May 2021, 05:17:54 »
Up to 9 songs now, in addition to the ones I already had sitting around beforehand, which, I'm uncertain exactly how many I have. Will probably end up needing about 30 songs in total, so, won't be able to get it done by Friday unfortunately >_<

Still, it's all generally going well :3

Entertainment General / Re: Game Recommendation Thread
« on: 24 May 2021, 19:41:43 »
I'm playing through Everhood at the moment and it's completely blown my socks off so far. It seems to be heavily inspired by Undertale and Yume Nikki, but still succeeds in becoming its own thing entirely. Highly recommend ^w^

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 20 May 2021, 20:09:15 »
Been making one song a day this week. I'll spend maybe an hour on each one.

So far, they've all been kind of slow and atmospheric. When I get around to making the battle music, I'll bring some more intensity.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 19 May 2021, 10:23:07 »
Awesome! So the Twain ending has now been changed to an Easter Egg? OK, I imagine there are other similar Easter Eggs in this game then. Also because RKS has already asked about a Sound Test, I'd like to ask if this game will have an unlockable Boss Rush mode?

Yep, there are definitely others...

I've played around with the idea of a boss rush -- while much of the game doesn't explicitly have bosses, there are de-facto "boss demons" in each area which would work nicely for the same purpose. I could also make up new demons to go between the existing ones (I have a few unused demon sprites and some ideas kicking around I never did anything with) and I could even make boss fights for characters that you never get to fight in the main game, which I think would be really cool.

If I make something like that, it'll be in an update post-release :3

Music is happening -- made a few already. I feel like, even though I'm kind of rushing it, and I'm a bit out of practice with FL Studio, I think the results are still a bit better than SS2's soundtrack. Some of SS2's songs were okay, but a lot of them ended up murky and confused and uninteresting.

So far, the music was inspired by An Untitled Story, a metroidvania from 2007 made by the legendary Maddy Thorson, where the music isn't very sophisticated, consisting mostly of little minimalistic loops, but still succeeds in being memorable and creating a good atmosphere, so I'm trying to do the same thing.

I might leave in some of the existing placeholder songs, although I'll probably move them around. Some of them work well where they are.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 14 May 2021, 18:32:37 »
You have come so far, AuroraDash...

(Gives an Eternium Crown and many hugs...)

However... I have one question... any chances of a "sound test" sort of thing, for listening to the music...?

Possibly, I haven't decided yet~

Thanks for the crown! :D

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 14 May 2021, 14:38:02 »
All the endings are done now!

I ended up having to cut the Twain ending, because it didn't make sense as an ending, really. I left a vestige of it in -- when entering a particular room, there is a 1/64 chance that Twain will appear and, if you talk to him, tell you about his past with Ember. The number 1/64, or 0.015625, is a reference to Yume Nikki where it was the same probability of summoning Uboa. Also, returning to the West after reaching East Top Level, which would've been a requirement for the cut ending, will cause Tairi to appear at the beginning of Shade Hollow, as a reward for the player thinking of going all the way back there.

In that ending's place, I brought back the previously cut Evil Breeze ending, so that there are still 17 endings. This requires having Breeze in your party, obtaining the Upsilon Carinae, then returning to some specific room of Sorrow Peak.

Despite the large number of endings, I didn't want the player to run into weird endings all the time. So, I made all the "short endings" a bit strange and obscure, with complicated and unintuitive requirements. Nobody will ever find all the secrets without help, mark my words -- there are still secrets in Starhall 2 and Legend of Grey Moon which nobody ever found...

Music is next! Then I need to bugtest the game, then release it, then have it stand as one of my crowning achievements, and finally put it behind me.

The game's development has taken up entire chapters of my life. I was in 3rd year of undergrad when I started, now I'm finishing up my PhD. I've had like 4 or 5 different relationships live and die in the time it has taken to write this damn game. Finishing it will be the biggest relief ever.

Entertainment General / Re: Freeware games and good mods
« on: 05 May 2021, 14:28:24 »
Played some of those way back in the day! I remember Purple, it was alright, very cute but quite frustrating.

Was a huge fan of Tales of Maj'Eyal 4 in like 2011, when it was still in beta and before they dropped the number. I was impressed by it because you were on a huge epic adventure, rather than just wandering off to go die in a hole which is what a lot of old-school roguelikes are like. I played a human berserker :3

After a while, I didn't like some change they made and swapped over to its main competitor at the time, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, which is also freeware. I still play an old version of that from time to time. I played a draconian summoner in that one.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 04 May 2021, 06:02:34 »
Reached 13 endings. Current plan is for 17 endings total. Will try to knock over as many as I can before FurDU later this week.

Added a little percentage completion indicator next to each save file.

Added the Luminous Cenotaph, which is like a dev room. If anyone finds it I'll be impressed.

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