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Lunar Shadow (mod) / Re: Sprites (slight spoilers)
« on: 31 January 2015, 18:54:34 »
Yeah, it's supposed to be a cloak.

Lunar Shadow X / Re: Lunar Shadow X
« on: 31 January 2015, 18:50:12 »
If I could, I'd have the background wall crumble away as the final boss of Lunar Shadow unleashes a powerful attack (as a reference to Aria of Sorrow, in a way), though I'll probably have to make do with it outright vanishing as the fight goes on.

Lunar Shadow (mod) / List of References (potential spoilers?)
« on: 31 January 2015, 13:19:09 »
A list of references will be handy, since there'll probably be lots of them in the future. :o
References listed will be from the released versions, and not the future versions.

  • None so far?

  • The maps in the Maps folder are a reference to some Castlevania games, though apparently also Metroid games
  • The Warp Doors are references to Aria of Sorrow and the Nintendo DS Castlevania games
  • Gardevoir reference the Pokémon franchise
  • The Yumemi Hoshino outfit references the Planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet visual novel
  • The Kalifa outfit references the One Piece franchise
  • Yes Town references Pokémon RSEORAS
  • Some enemies reference Ikachan - while most of these enemies are in the Reservoir area, however, some of them are outside of that area (such as at Tower D)
  • There are various references to the Cave Story Tribute Site Forums, including some memes (like "______ STORY")

  • The intro references Castlevania (Simon's Quest?) and One Piece
  • Eron Araia Armweak references Fullmetal Alchemist as well as Metal Gear
  • The save rooms reference some of the Castlevania games
  • Hiranya (purplish-haired girl at entrance) references Grandia 2; her quote is obviously different. The quote from Grandia 2 referenced is:
    Quote from: Ryudo
    Does not Ryudo tire of this? Does he not want to put his fist through this book? May his suffering end quickly.
  • The computer has various references to the Cave Story Tribute Site forums, as well as to Mega Man.
  • The Mimiga, Chie, says "Hello, my friend. Stay a while and listen." This references Diablo, I think. And obviously Cave Story. And also Pokémon.
  • The girl who tells you about the Castle Treasury references an amazing Beta Tester who misnamed the characters. (I asked him if it is okay for those misnamings to be used for an NPC.)
  • Arnold (the guy who owns the computer) references Terraria:
    Quote from: Clothier
    My master cannot be summoned under the light of day.
    Though, it makes little difference whether the Newerthian clock is on "day" or "night".
  • The girl who talks about the World of Tears (Dianke) references Obscuro Lumen Venenum Aeris, which got canned. The Glorphians also reference Dragon Riders.
  • The witch who talks about Flame Source Casters, and her sister who speaks in emoticon, both reference Shane's canceled Vion Ierra mod.
  • The robot pirate references Portal (I think), where he says the cake is not a lie. And asks if the LS DataScape is a lie.
  • Xyz is a reference to the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise (in name only - its name is pronounced "ik-seez" but that's about it; lampshaded in the Servant Quarters area)
  • That girl who cannot leave the "house" references one of Randolf/Wayne's posts when he encountered a major bug in a previous version - you couldn't leave that house at all, if you entered. This has since been fixed with version 1b's release.

  • The roach in the save room before Sycor references Symphony of the Night (the "what is a man?" quote)

  • None that I can recall.

  • Tower D references La-Mulana

  • Grialdyn references Riviera: The Promised Land with his quote "Burn in emerald flames" (in Riviera, Ledah says "Burn in crimson flames" IIRC)
  • Shinica references Castlevania by mentioning Vampire Killer, as well as Konami in general by mentioning the Konami Code (from Gradius or Parodius, not sure)
  • The scene with Alexis attacking Shinica references Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
  • The "it hurts" in Valkyrie's scene as well as the "father why" in Grialdyn's scene references the Chzo Mythos series; Grialdyn also references the original Cave Story with some of its defeated quotes
  • The bookshelves reference the following:
    • The Ginny Anderson books reference the Harry Potter franchise:
      • Ginny Anderson and the Half-Blood Moon
      • Ginny Anderson and the Four Philosophers reference La-Mulana as well (the Four Philosophers)
      • Ginny Anderson and the Final Clorensians
      • Ginny Anderson and the Strawberry Crisis references Touhou as well (a song from the Touhou games is called "Strawberry Crisis!!")
      • Ginny Anderson and the Grim Sleeper
      • Ginny Anderson and the Dullahan Bikers
      • Ginny Anderson and the Garter Ninja Maid might also reference Touhou (uncertain at this point)
      • Ginny Anderson and the Little Princess of the Lunar Realm
      • Ginny Anderson and the Battle Cat Army
      • Ginny Anderson and the End of Existence
    • Emily X. Odia (writer of The Artifacts of Xenobia the Fallen) references the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise ("Exodia")
    • B'yal Glowblade (writer of The Lace Glove) references the Monsuno series (there is a character named Beyal and a Monsuno named Glowblade)
    • The Eastern Judgement in the Sixtieth Year: Fate of Sixty Years book references the Touhou games; it's also lampshaded
  • The Master references the Cave Story Tribute Site forums with his "subfolders" speech, and also references Portal with his mentioning of a deadly neurotoxin
  • The statues that reference Cave Story
  • Aodhán's statue references Wipeout (2008 series with obstacle courses, hosted by John Henson and John Anderson IIRC)

  • None yet.

  • The Sea Zone references one of TED's mods (I think it was unreleased?) which had the Sea Zone as a copy of the Sand Zone from vanilla CS.
  • Cheriza's quotes reference Grandia 2 as well:
    Quote from: Melfice
    Long have I waited for this day… […] For my REBIRTH…
    Though, my memory might be mistaken. She also references Cave Story:
    Quote from: Ballos
    Now… kill me! Or I-- shall kill YOU!
  • Cheriza eating a fruit that allowed her to shapechange into a sasquatch is a reference to One Piece, which has Zoan-type Devil Fruits that grant similar abilities. Such as a Devil Fruit that lets the eater turn into an ox, or a giraffe.
  • The Realm of Crystal, Wyvern Riders and "nega-cyan gal" all reference Dragon Riders.

  • The Crescent Moon is not a reference to RWBY which has a Crescent Rose.

If I've missed any, please notify me in this thread :)

4 January 2016: continue from Tower TP

Lunar Shadow (mod) / Re: Sprites (slight spoilers)
« on: 31 January 2015, 12:01:01 »
Sycor face pictures (Laboratory)

Ending Boss 1 (Tower; auraless)
Ending Boss 1 (Tower)

Lunar Shadow ZERO / Re: Lunar Shadow Zero
« on: 30 January 2015, 20:04:46 »
Sound like a promising prequel.
Thank you. :)

And is it me or the titles for the prequel and sequel resembles the tittles of Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero :D
The titles do resemble those of the Mega Man games, yes. :)

Lunar Shadow ZERO / Lunar Shadow Zero
« on: 30 January 2015, 19:03:51 »
Basically, this is the general thread for Lunar Shadow Zero, the planned prequel for Lunar Shadow. It will most likely be worked on once Lunar Shadow is finished.

All I have thought of thus far, regarding this story, is that the hero of this mod is the father of Lunar Shadow's protagonist, and he (canonically) dies at the end of the mod at the hands of the castle's master. (Which also results in some ruin in the areas; for instance, some of the areas in this mod can't be accessed in the sequels because of this.)

Planned areas:
As this is a prequel that takes place at the time the castle was being built, not all of the areas will be available. The available areas are:
  • Entrance (and by extension, Yes Town; connects to the Cursed Warehouse, Lunar Soul, Laboratory, Servant Quarters and Tainted Garden areas)
    BOSS AI: to be decided
  • Lunar Soul (it has a weird device that powers the castle via moonlight; connects to the Entrance area)
    BOSS AI: to be decided
  • Cursed Warehouse (connects to the Entrance and Laboratory areas)
    BOSS AI: Red Demon
  • Laboratory (lacks Sycor; connects to the Entrance and Cursed Warehouse areas)
    BOSS AI: to be decided
  • Tainted Garden (connects to the Entrance and Grim Path areas)
    BOSS AI: to be decided
  • Grim Path (connects to the Tainted Garden, Servant Quarters and Top Floor)
    BOSS AI: to be decided
  • Top Floor (connects to Grim Path; the Castle Master and his sister are bosses in this area)
    BOSS AI: the Castle Master
  • Servant Quarters (connects to Entrance and Grim Path)
    BOSS AI: to be decided

Bonus areas:
None have been planned. When I figure out how the maps will fit in, I will add bonus areas.

Other information is currently to be planned, though.

Lunar Shadow X / Lunar Shadow X
« on: 30 January 2015, 18:52:08 »
This thread is for discussion of the planned sequel, which is planned to be made after Lunar Shadow Zero (whenever that is).

Planned areas include:
  • Entrance
  • Laboratory
  • Reservoir
  • Clock Tower
  • Tower
  • Top Floor
  • Corridor of Darkness
  • Ancient Ruin
I'll probably add the planned maps for those areas later; though not all the rooms of an area will appear (due to being destroyed).

Lunar Shadow (mod) / Re: Bug List (potential spoilers)
« on: 30 January 2015, 18:32:03 »
Bug reports can be posted here, or in the main thread. :)

1. I'll fix that eventually.
2. Intentional mistake - the witch thinks Frustration is more powerful if the user likes the target, but it isn't. (You're honestly the first person to actually comment on that :o )

Lunar Shadow (mod) / Re: The Protagonist's Name
« on: 30 January 2015, 18:29:17 »
They get used for the other characters:
- the second-most voted one is used for the tall witch
- the third-most voted one is used for the younger witch
- the rest will be used for various NPC characters; in the event that there is a character in the "Developer Room" with the same first name, then the last name of the character will be used

Lunar Shadow (mod) / Re: Ideas
« on: 30 January 2015, 18:26:40 »
Oh. Was it someone at the Cave Story forums?
No, the Vresun forums.
My cousin, Caitlin.

Why not with the events that led up to the beginning of the mod, first?
That could work, though it would involve the (planned) prequel.

Ooh, I've another idea - Level 1 Boss Mode.
Basically, it just makes all weapons go to Level 1 for boss fights.

... but that's most likely a silly idea, though people might enjoy challenging themselves.
That's actually another interesting idea :o

Though, I'll have to see what those who played the mod would feel about such a thing.

Lunar Shadow (mod) / Re: Sprites
« on: 30 January 2015, 15:29:55 »

Xyz's second form, along with some frenzied Mimiga and those Labyrinth M foes.

I would post the sprites for an Ending Boss, but I haven't done those yet due to working on that <BOA guide.

Xyz's second form may look weird, but I tried, at least. :)
Xyz's first form is also slightly updated; one of its eyes open differently than in previous versions.

(Yeah, Xyz gets a new form because my sister complained it is far too easy. Xyz doesn't even stand a chance.)

Cave Story Modding Notes / Re: <BOA guide [version 1.00]
« on: 30 January 2015, 12:09:44 »
Another update, but things get ridiculous. How so? See the screenshots to find out~

(Yes, really.)
(Yes, I could walk under him.)
(... what the absolute heck did I unleash)
(what is this I don't even-- I seriously don't know how I did that, honest. Was it <BOA0008 or something? :o Might be related; I'll have to look into it if I get the time.)
(Defeated, yes, but IT STAYS ON THE MAP. And it can be shot over and over again for the same "Defeated Monster X" text. And those missile fish are everywhere.)

So, yeah. Ridiculous.

But totally worth it.

Lunar Shadow (mod) / Re: Ideas
« on: 29 January 2015, 23:08:58 »
... thanks, I guess.

First off, that would be pure evil and if I do decide to include an idea, I'd like the opinions of the players first.
Sycor is a powerful foe. I won't be able to change its HP since the first battle would also have the new HP, and it requires ASM hacking. Google it if you don't know what it is.

Secondly, it has been suggested already and I'm considering it.

Thirdly, that's actually a good idea, though I have no idea where to begin.

Cave Story Modding Notes / Re: <BOA guide [version 0.01a]
« on: 29 January 2015, 20:40:22 »
So, uh. Yeah. I decided to work on this guide. It's supposed to help people out with the <BOA TSC code. However, this is just a back-up of the first draft; I plan on testing everything out soon. Just. After. I. Play. Ama.

Undead Core
Heavy Press
Dragon Sisters
Monster X

At 11:18 PM [GMT+0], only two bosses remain. I'll work on those later tomorrow, I bet.
And with that, I'll just leave this behind~
(pic moved to next post)

At 00:46 AM [GMT+0]... I am finally done. See this thread at the Cave Story forums.

Cave Story Modding Notes / <BOA guide [version 1.00]
« on: 29 January 2015, 20:38:16 »
Apparently there wasn't a guide for using the BOA code in scripts, so I decided to try my best to make a guide for this.
It is by no means complete, however.

The TSC command BOA works on room bosses (Omega, Balfrog, Heavy Press, Core, Undead Core, Ironhead, Dragon Sisters, Monster X and Ballos), and works similar to ANP. IIRC there can only be one room boss in a map.

It's rather verbose, though.
Also, while some of the known values were found within the script, some others were found through guesswork.

0000: resets position and fully invulnerable
0001: appears to have him slide in the direction he was moving? Also makes him impossible
      to harm, which makes it harder to test how much HP he might have
0010: sits there with mouth open; fully invulnerable; contact deals damage
0020: sits there with mouth open; fully invulnerable; contact deals damage; flashing
0100: starts boss-fight patterns; constantly generates frogs falling from the ceiling
0130: defeat animations; Balrog automatically seems to leave the area, which deletes him
(Note: if you use 0010 or 0020 after 0130 {maybe 0100?} then Balfrog seems to fall down
 and through tiles. If you use 0100 then Balfrog seems to try to jump but fail at it)

0000: makes him vanish?
0001: freezes frame; it seems that if he uses that falling skull attack that it will continuously
      be used
0100: makes a crosshair at the player's location. Ballos then falls there, then opens eyes and
      grins like an idiot
0200: Starts boss fight animations
0220: Ballos closes eyes again and lands
0300: Ballos is surrounded by those weird eye minion things, these remain if other BOAs are used
      and they even STACK
0311: Ballos moves clockwise; starts boss fight animations of third phase, like the above, those
      minions remain if BOA'd to something else
      This one gets interesting - it looks like that if none of those eye minion things are
      there, and this is used, he instead goes to his fourth phase with the spikes and the
      moving platforms and the Butes.
      Thereafter, using 0300 and then 0311, he will move clockwise around the room with those
      eye-things and those platforms. Alternatively, using 0200 after 0300 will make Ballos
      jump around.
1000: Ballos' death animation; this removes all those spikes

0000: resets the Core entirely (even if made invisible)
0001: freezes frames (as does 0015 and 0020)
0200: starts boss fight animations
0500: lots of smoke, it moves to a specific point in the map (~ X:0062 Y:0011 at a guess)
0600: teleports it away and makes it invisible (so you'd essentially have an invisible core
      with visible mini-cores if you use BOA0200 next)

0000: not sure what exactly it does, but it moves them around at random; they are stationary
      after this but they still attack. 0002 - 0019 and 0022 - 0025 does the same, it seems,
      as does 0200, 0300, 0500 and 0600.
      This might change the movement of the Dragon Sisters somewhat; it's possible to have them
      move in a clockwise elliptical direction
0001: they stop moving in a clockwise direction
0020: they appear, starts boss fight animations. They move in a clockwise circular direction.
0100: they start quickly moving in a clockwise direction again
0400: they slowly begin moving in a clockwise direction
1000: death animation; this deletes them. Even in this state, however, they deal contact

0000: resets position (as does 0010)
0001: freeze frame in mid-air
0020: stationary, with smoke
0030: falls a short distance; after that it remains still with smoke; it won't fall beyond
      Y:0030 however, and this doesn't destroy blocks
0100: starts boss fight animations regardless of position
0500: death animations; falls (and kills) and destroys seven specific tiles (between X:0007
      Y:0014 and X:0013 Y:0014). It will fall a little futher than Y:0030 though; any contact
      with it, even from the side, deals 127 damage

0000: resets Ironhead to normal
0001: freezes it; still deals damage and can still be killed; seems to prevent those fish from
      spawning. 0002 - 0009 has the same effect
1000: death animation; this deletes the entity that spawns those blocks but not the entity
      that spawns Ikachan. This does NOT seem to delete Ironhead, however
(Note: appears as though just having it as the room boss spawns it; its Y co-ordinate seems to
 follow the player's so testing this was hard. Also, not sure how the check for a no-damage
 victory goes, unless the Generator - Ikachan entity does that if ANP'd.)

0000: turns Monster X invisible? (except for the wheels) after BOA0010'd it will slide in the
      direction it was moving previously. If using BOA0010 after it, it looks weird
0001: makes Monster X appear (if the boss bar is visible, it will look like Monster X is very
      damaged); after BOA0010'd it will slide in the direction it was moving previously; using
      this while Monster X's shutter is open will make it look weird, but this will restore the
      green things that fire at you
0010: start its boss animations; if done after the four green things are destroyed, it won't
      be restored. 0011, 0100, 0200 does this as well.
0012: opens its eyes (even if the shutter is closed)
0300: opens its shutter and starts boss fight patterns. 0400 does this too.
0600: opens its shutter and acts as though it no longer has those four green things; those missile
      fish will appear and it starts boss fight patterns, continuing as normal depending on its HP
      and the green things.
1000: instant death
1001: screen shakes, smoke, then it just turns into a giant cat (without the explosion)
(I'm not seeing anything for the many large explosions when Monster X is normally killed)

0000: resets its position and makes it a background object, essentially
0001: freezes frames (as does 0002 - 0019, 0021 - 0026)
0020: appears and starts boss fight patterns. Use it again and weirdness ensues - Omega will
      go higher than it should, though when it goes back down, it will appear at normal height.
      If you do this again when he starts jumping, he will remain jumping, rather than go
      back to its default state of hiding in the sand. However, he will still come out of the
      sand (or thin air, or whatever the case may be).
      On death, it is deleted.
0050: immediately attacks using its first phase attack; starts boss fight patterns
0150: death animation (not used in the script itself, strangely)

0000: freezes sprite in current frame, slides in direction it was moving in when BOA'd. The
      same applies to 0002 - 0014, 0016 - 0019 and 0021 - 0029.
0001: moves sprite to ~ X:0033 Y:0004 in an inactive, motionless state. Mini-cores are also
0015: activates the first face, like in the cutscene in vanilla Cave Story (with smoke).
      Cannot be damaged though. Slides in direction it was moving in when BOA'd.
0020: activates the first face, starts boss fight patterns, using 0001 will make the mini-cores
      move around a bit weird when using 0020 again. Also spawns those semi-solid mini-cores
      (the ones that you can jump on) from the right; any other BOA will make those stop
0500: death animation; can cause weirdness if BOA'd during the animation (like being partially
      off-screen when BOA0020'd). If the animation finishes playing, the Undead Core is entirely
      deleted; you'd probably have to re-enter the map to be able to BOA it again. This destroys
      all mini-cores as well.

There's probably going to be a few errors; it's not perfect, but for now, it's probably better than nothing. =)

A log, just to help me keep track of things~
30/01/2015, 12:44 AM: started this thread
30/01/2013, 10:24 AM: updated with some more possible values that might work

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