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Disposal / Re: The Hang-Out: Atonement and Redemption
« on: 16 July 2021, 15:59:49 »
Meh, maybe it's not so bad and I just need sleep.See you guys later 💛

Disposal / Re: The Hang-Out: Atonement and Redemption
« on: 16 July 2021, 15:46:52 »
Hellloooo. Finally got the thesis submitted today~! Hell yeah! Unfortunately, get drunk to celebrate, but instead of celebrating I'm having a nihilistic meltdown instead.

Wayyy back in the day, as a kid, my enemy was deep time and the heat death of the universe. One's own death is one thing. The destruction of the Earth is similar, but on a bigger scale, it's still psychologically manageable. The idea that someday the whole cosmos will be dead and dark and nothing interesting will ever happen again? That's primal horror on a level that a 10-year-old just isn't equipped to deal with. It just scars the mind.

As an adult, though, I can deal with it. I can think about the heat death of the universe, stare into that abyss, and go, "yeah, whatever, who gives a ****". Now, my enemy is the hedonic treadmill, because, unlike heat death, it's a concept which fucks with your day-to-day life. Like, you've got goals in life. Long term and short term goals. But regardless of whatever you achieve and how far you get, it will never be enough. You'll feel that euphoria for a few moments whenever you make progress, but then rapidly return to that baseline level of "meh". If think: if I got everything I ever wanted tomorrow, I'd wake up the day after with a whole new list of things I want which are even harder to get, and if I had a magic bullet which solved all my problems, I'd still have just as many problems a week from now. It's demoralising. It makes me feel like nothing is actually worthwhile and no goal is worthy and there's no point in even trying to accomplish anything and the best thing to do is not even bother. Of course, that's probably all an illusion and some **** actually does achieve long-run improvements to my wellbeing, at least to some extent, but it's still psychologically onerous. How I deal with it is to think: don't I still wanna climb that hill, so I can at least /know/ what the new list of things to want is? Sure, I'll still have problems but they'll be new and interesting problems and it'll be a nice change of pace from the current tedium. The effectiveness of those lines of thinking varies.

Case in point: Sypher. With relationships, there's this period of like 1-3 months where all the problems seem manageable and it seems like they're worth dealing with because it's new and exciting. Then, with normal relationships I get bored and resentful and lose interest, and with open relationships I get jealous and resentful and start to fill up with anguish. It seems like I can't handle relationships either way, and that even trying a long-term relationship in any sense is kind of a waste of time because it's doomed to failure, I'll have a terrible time while I'm coping with that failure, and I'll probably make a lot of enemies along the way, who may well last way longer than the relationship ever did (cough cough Luditas). Of course, some people spend their whole lives chasing some ideal, believing that if they can just make everything perfect it'll all be worth it, and while they end up sad and alone, their lack of self-awareness means they at least carry hope and enthusiasm with them along their path. We came up with this pragmatic solution where, if one of us wants the other to stay away from somebody, the other has to do it, no questions asked. It seems appealing because the sacrifice associated with it is not that big, when the jealousy gets too much you can reel everything back into a comfy little box and when the boredom gets too much you can come back out of that box again. Of course, that failed because Sypher (a) complained about me using that system whenever I did so, (b) never used the system himself and instead chose to complain about me directly and (c) is a filthy **** liar who ignored the system anyway. So, generally, it seems like relationships do a lot more harm than good to my personal wellbeing, regardless of what form they take. Maybe something like a master/pet arrangement would be more manageable.

I've started work on a Misery of Magic wiki -- so far, I have 25 pages. Once I've made a few more I'll show it off to you guys :3

Anyway, I'm off to sleep now.  I really appreciate you guys.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic -- OUT NOW I GUESS
« on: 12 July 2021, 11:18:22 »
Release candidate changelog -- 0.4.12 --> 0.4.13 --> 1.0.0

-- Added a bit of lore to North Edge.
-- Rearranged a few rooms of Backwoods, to add a normal room between the Water Room and the Frustrating Maze Room.
-- Fixed yet another iteration of the interactable draw bug.
-- Fixed bug where game would crash if a safe file is ever empty. I never noticed this until now because there's no way to delete old savefiles, only overwrite them.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 10 July 2021, 02:53:42 »
Fixed a rather rare bug where, due to an oversight, if you had two characters but one of them was at 0HP, there was a possibility that Demon 66E could become unkillable.

This is a demon which only appears in about 11% of random encounters in Fire Hole, so, I'm surprised I even ran into this bug.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 10 July 2021, 02:00:16 »
Fixed bug where some stuff could occasionally already be complete before you got to it. My fear was that this was some sort of savefile corruption caused by something screwing up when a file is saved or loaded. However, if that were the case, I'd expect it to cause creeping, progressive weirdness affecting the entire game, whereas all the damage was mysteriously confined to Sorrow Peak.

As it so happens, some of the flags used in Radioactive Hall were being inadvertently reused for various things in Sorrow Peak.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 09 July 2021, 15:22:13 »
That reminds me of how Donkey Kong Country 3 allows you to get 105% completion. I wonder what you'll do with Misery of Magic's 105% completion?

As a kind of last-minute addition, I might make a little award for that and a few other things, which is stored in the extra data file and appears in the title screen, kind of like the stars from SS1.

Some other games also have over 100% completion... whether intentional or not...

It arose, basically, because there are a heap of rooms which technically count towards completion but which weren't accounted for in the calculation, and that, under certain conditions, it's possible to get one more weapon than the usual maximum, which also counts towards completion.

For 0.4.11, all I did was fix some of the stuff associated with ending 7 -- for whatever reason it was handling textboxes in a completely different way to everything else.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 07 July 2021, 02:51:36 »
Because of how completion percentage is calculated, 105% completion is possible... o_o

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 07 July 2021, 02:40:00 »
Been doing this all morning, I'm really tired, here's 0.4.10:

-- Rebalanced the audio somewhat, kinda.
-- Bugtested endings 13 and 16.
-- Reduced Fire Hole encounter rate from 4.0 to 3.4.
-- Fixed bug where Meteom would deal yellow damage.
-- Added a decoration to Bad Space.
-- Even more re-fixes for the interactable draw bug thing which I'm sick of dealing with by now.
-- Added a feature where, if demons revive from a core too many times, they will eventually just die outright, to prevent them from ever getting stuck in an unreachable place and becoming impossible to kill.
-- Fixed bug where demons 72 and 73 would sometimes absorb projectile-based attacks without being affected at all.
-- Buffed Nuclear Blaze.
-- Added extra regenerators to Sorrow Peak, Backwoods and Underpath.
-- Being unawakened no longer skips the bosses in Energy Centre. This is a relic of the idea that solo unawakened Emerald would turn evil and have a different endgame, but that idea was instead made into one of the endings.
-- Fixed a really bizarre crash in Luminous Cenotaph -- there was a small chance whenever a room in there was loaded that the game would get stuck in a non-terminating loop for some reason. (There was a run-of-the-mill roomflag crash in there as well as the weird crash)

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 04 July 2021, 18:14:23 »
Done for 0.4.9:

-- Made that one weapon work for Max like I mentioned. It has a different effect for each character, which is why it broke. Like the other Max-exclusive attacks, the new version works on the End Tools, and is in fact very effective against them...
-- Also generally buffed that weapon's damage by a significant amount but made one of its limitations a bit harsher.
-- Fixed an assortment of bugs related to some of the remaining endings.
-- Fixed bug where trying to open the menu during certain epilogue rooms would cause the game to softlock.
-- Slowed down the extra part of the credits which appears in the good endings.

To do for 0.4.10:
-- Rebalance all the music so different songs don't wildly vary in volume quite as much.
-- Test endings 13 and 16, which are the only ones which haven't been tested yet. Both of them have secret requirements.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 03 July 2021, 20:25:53 »
To do for 0.4.9:

-- A certain weapon breaks when given to Max because I didn't think anybody would ever decide to do that. Will need to come up with something to fill the gap.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 03 July 2021, 20:18:43 »
Aurora's literally nightly version, number 0.4.8:

-- Re-fixed "interactable" draw bug because the previous fix re-broke some other things. If I weren't right at the end of the project, I'd reorganise my hierarchy of technical objects to fix it comprehensively, but instead I just slapped a bandaid on it, yay.
-- Fixed Steelman dialogue.
-- Random encounters can no longer rarely happen on Floor 4 of Fire Hole. This was due to a moderate-severity form of antechamber bug.
-- Fixed the flying pyramid in ending 12, then decided to add it back in as an easter egg because it's hilarious.
-- Fixed bug where knockback calculations would use an incorrect centre of most sprites.
-- Can no longer warp from the end of Fire Hole directly to the middle of Energy Centre (!!?!?!?!??)
-- Endings 3 through 5 no longer crash at the end.

-- Buffed charge speed of the Upsilon Carinae and its broken white version.
-- Demon 72's head now has a larger hitbox -- previously, it was so small that it would enjoy hanging out in the margin between the edge of the screen and the barrier just beyond it which stops demons from going offscreen.
-- Can no longer simply walk past the penultimate boss. Like, wow.
-- Buffed said penultimate boss slightly, by making him heavier. Was way too easy to throw around and heavily stun with strong late-game weapons.
-- FINALLY fixed the bug where Breeze occasionally displays as a white block in certain menus. This had me stumped for ages but turned out to be something really obvious >_<
-- Picking up the Nuclear Blaze no longer causes the small puzzles in North Edge to disappear. Taking the Nuclear Blaze was supposed to get rid of the colour fences which make up the Radioactive Hall puzzle so you can just walk out after grabbing it, but it turned out it was getting rid of all the colour fences in the entire game.
-- Fixed some of the text in Breeze's epilogue area.

-- Fixed bug where Nuclear Blaze's weak initial hit would deal red damage instead of yellow damage.
-- Fixed a few minor menu bugs associated with the endgame sequence.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 02 July 2021, 20:06:07 »
Version 0.4.7:

-- Fixed bug where the game would crash in room (23,5) which is somewhere in Remnant. I'm pretty sure that never used to happen, maybe I changed something at some point.
-- Demon 38 now targets you accurately, instead of a point approximately 14 pixels right and 16 pixels down from where you are.
-- Demon 45 no longer jumps a short distance whenever it regenerates from its core.
-- Fixed one of the "autospeakers" in Awakening, which had some glitchy text due to "autospeakers" erroneously borrowing too much code from generic "speakers".
-- Fixed an oversight where the Upsilon Carinae's box in Sorrow Peak wouldn't appear and a bug where the box would instead contain Throw Sparkles for whatever reason.
-- There was also another box which displayed the wrong subimage in the message that appears when opening it, but that was purely graphical.
-- Fixed the "interactables" graphical glitch from yesterday in a more general sense: the code which was causing it (which shouldn't have been running at all, I am perplexed) now belongs to only "speakers" rather than the even more generic "interactables", so it can't screw up complex and unique forms of "interactable".
-- Fixed bug where cats menu would display broken if there were exactly two characters in the party.
-- Moved the sub-menu which displays descriptions of weapons 107 pixels to the right, so the descriptions no longer go off the screen.
-- Removed bogus extra copy of Emerald from some room.
-- Fixed Ending 17 -- it had some very similar bugs to what Ending 15 used to have for whatever reason.
-- Gave the Needle its own sound effect. (The Heat Needle gets one too).

-- Fixed bug where one of the Sorrow Peak puzzles would sometimes be already solved before you got to it. I think this might've happened due to me accidentally re-using its event flag elsewhere in the game -- I forgot which event flags I use for what purposes many years ago.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 01 July 2021, 18:40:11 »
Version 0.4.6 changelog:

-- Fixed minor text-related oversight with the yellow box the Toxicity Star comes in.
-- Fixed a very serious "roomflag" crash in Backwoods which somehow went undetected since 2017. There was one room where I just flat out forgot to make the walls solid... -_-
-- Fixed a minor graphical glitch which affected both the eyes thing and Hunter in one of his appearances. I think this happened because I changed the behaviour of generic "interactables" slightly at some point which caused certain complex objects with unique sprite-drawing behaviour to subtly break.
-- Subtle change to a certain thing happening in Backwoods -- now it always happens. Previously it was tied to a weird feature I got rid of years ago but which still affects a few unimportant things in the first half of the game.
-- Made Demon 21 a bit easier. Previously, its core had a bit too much regeneration and it was kind of a difficulty spike.
-- Removed an old debug feature which automatically turns off the sound by default every time the game starts up. This was initially added because, before the music was added, the game would crash if it tried to play music in areas where no music had been specified.
-- Fixed "Uneventer" bug where random encounters could appear in areas where they weren't supposed to. Some "Antechamber" bugs could also cause that to happen, but this is something else entirely. Several disparate methods are used to suppress random encounters and they're used kind of haphazardly.
-- Fixed a really nasty bug where puzzles with push blocks or moving walls could ruin save files, by causing you to load a game directly inside a block or otherwise to a state where the puzzle is inescapable. Now, the game checks for the presence of a number of specific badly behaved objects when saving, and if any are found, it will instead save the game at whatever coordinates you entered the room at, which are assumed to always be safe, rather than your actual coordinates.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 29 June 2021, 16:25:13 »
Lot of progress tonight! Went from version 0.4.2 all the way to version 0.4.5.

-- Updated the credits.
-- Fixed bug where Ending 15 couldn't be triggered at all and you'd just get Ending 1 instead.
-- Fixed separate bug where the credits would scroll 8 times as fast as normal in Ending 15.
-- Fixed at least one cause of what I call the "antechamber bug", which is actually a string of related bugs where some properties of one area could sometimes carry over into a different one. This is like the third time I've had to squash this thing, wouldn't be surprised if there were yet another version of it out there.
-- Fixed bug where entering the room where Ending 7 happens would crash the game.
-- Made the Ending 7 object's "softspeaker" into a generic "speaker" and made it visible -- I've mostly phased out "softspeakers" because they're a nuisance and if I make them visible they break.
-- Fixed two minor bugs relating to a minor character -- one associated with having more subimages than strictly necessary, another associated with having more than 16 textboxes.
-- Completion percentage of a save file now updates immediately when the file is saved over -- it would only previously update after going to the title screen, because for whatever reason the percentage was being written to the file immediately after being calculated without being stored internally in the proper place, so it wouldn't be visible in the game until it been read from the savefile at a later point.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 28 June 2021, 17:20:54 »
Can now turn on fullscreen mode if you like!

I kinda forgot to add this until just now...

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