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Entertainment General / Re: Pokémon
« on: 14 November 2016, 17:30:34 »
Turtonator, Alolan Vulpix and Passimian are Sun-exclusive, while Drampa, Alolan Sandshrew and Oranguru are Moon-exclusive.

Entertainment General / Re: Pokémon
« on: 14 November 2016, 16:13:05 »
This has been officially revealed, so I am posting it in here rather than the other thread (which is, as I understand it, meant for things that lack official confirmation from Game Freak or Nintendo).


Officially revealed: Sinister Arrow Raid (Decidueye's Z-Move), Malicious Moonsault (Inciniroar's Z-Move) and Oceanic Operetta (Primarina's Z-Move).

Also officially revealed: UB-03 Lighting, UB-05 Gluttony, and the black Pokémon.

And the Magearna QR code will be distributed from 6 December inside the Pokémon TV app for smartphones and tablets, in Europe.

The filename for the Pokémon that is black appears to match its name that was leaked by miners of data? Spoilery.

Alolan Diglett and Alolan Dugtrio appear to have been revealed, according to Bulbapedia. They have Sand Veil and a new ability called Tangling Hair. They are Ground/Steel-type.

When a Pokémon makes contact with a Pokémon with Tangling Hair, their Speed is lowered by 1 stage.

Z-Status Moves are listed on Serebii.net's Z-Moves page.
Instead of using the unique Z-Moves, you can use it to power up a Status Move instead - Z-Splash appears to raise Attack by three stages (going by the image). Each Status move has a special effect.

Get lit. *Litten uses Ember resulting in KarjamP's hair comically catching fire*

In the seriousness that befits such a "threatening" thread, we get even more type combinations finally used.

From the revealed Pokémon:
Dark/Normal is already used by the Alolan Rattata line.
Electric/Psychic is used by Alolan Raichu.
Ice/Steel is used by the Alolan Sandshrew line.
Ice/Fairy is used by Alolan Ninetales.
Bug/Fairy is used by the Cutiefly line.
Ghost/Fairy is used by Mimikyu <3
Normal/Dragon is used by grandpa Drampa.
Dragon/Fighting is used by the Jangmo-o line (though Jangmo-o itself is pure Dragon).

From the unrevealed (thus far) Pokémon: spoilers. They are currently all Spoiler-type (it being their tertiary type) until officially revealed.
(click to show/hide)

Not that much, I suppose.

More spoilers.
(click to show/hide)

… Ezra is the name of the character I had sprited, then? Curious.

Lunar Shadow (mod) / Re: Lunar Shadow (version 4a)
« on: 14 November 2016, 00:25:18 »
Nemesis and Invidia as final bosses, bug fixes, and completion of the Confusion Zones. Those were the primary plans. Adding another outfit room (Tower SP) was planned, as well.

More outfits were not planned, since that might break Myst: Blood Garden due to the amount of characters (the map's script already has 18000 characters, far more than the game is said to be able to handle in a map).

Entertainment General / Re: Pokémon
« on: 09 August 2016, 21:41:53 »
Team Skull does not look very impressive… of course, looks are not everything.

Alolan Meowth looks rather smug. And grey. Guess we will get a Dark-type Persian.

Alolan Marowak looks epic. We will likely get a Fire-type Cubone. Maybe even with a Ghost-type.

Pokémon evolving is more like metamorphosis than actual evolution - which these Alolan variants appear to be. Actual evolution.

XSP Multiverse / Re: Selenic Shadow
« on: 22 July 2016, 13:37:25 »
Quote from: Hiranya Mitsuru
Some evil girl named Mik Otnaryt, with her friends Reteksafla, Reverofiretp, Atir, Eknaid and Anaira.
Why, Ariana?

Why are you, me, Rita, Pteri, alfa and Kim evil? :|

Entertainment General / Re: Pokémon
« on: 22 July 2016, 13:36:01 »
The numbers start with a 7, too. I thought that it could not go beyond 60000-something?

On a side note, MIMIKYU IS SO CUTE AND IT IS GHOST/FAIRY AND I JUST WANT ONE *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

Karjamian Mythos / Re: Ask PK some questions!
« on: 28 June 2016, 20:28:43 »
Certainly one way of keeping the forums from being sleepy.

What is your opinion of the 25 Serenth elements?

XSP Multiverse / Re: Selenic Shadow
« on: 26 June 2016, 01:04:18 »
I cannot wait for the next version, though it seems a bug makes it difficult?
What exactly was changed to that boss, Ariana?
I believe I shall have to investigate it myself; from what I saw, Ariana had removed the tiles that would normally hide the boss. Perhaps that is why the mod crashes after defeating the boss?

In the event that I am incorrect… I shall probably ask Noxid on DeviantArt for help on the matter.

That seems to not be the case. I shall ask Noxid on the matter.

That music room bug has been fixed by Kim, before she got amnesia.

Introductions / Re: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!
« on: 26 June 2016, 01:01:12 »

I hope that you do not mind me asking; how did you find the forums?

XSP Multiverse / Re: Selenic Shadow
« on: 17 June 2016, 18:19:17 »
My smile cannot be brought back, but I appreciate it…

XSP Multiverse / Re: Lunar Shadow ONE
« on: 23 May 2016, 11:50:47 »
That's why we use 24 Hour system :p
I tend to go with whatever's easier to remember.

Which just happened to be the AM and PM thing; I prefer digital time (24h) to analog time (AM/PM).

XSP Multiverse / Re: Lunar Shadow Universe
« on: 23 May 2016, 11:48:38 »
I only remembered because I saw the threads :P

XSP Multiverse / Re: Grand List of Works
« on: 23 May 2016, 11:48:27 »

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