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03 March 2024, 14:13:50

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02 March 2024, 11:44:35

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01 March 2024, 22:22:31

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29 February 2024, 15:08:29

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28 February 2024, 18:21:23

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28 February 2024, 17:13:15

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28 February 2024, 14:43:41

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27 February 2024, 07:21:46

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26 February 2024, 19:49:09

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26 February 2024, 19:07:59

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Entertainment General / Re: Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic il Riccio)
« on: 03 March 2024, 14:13:50 »
Ye gods this is just----


I really want a new Sonic Riders now.
I wanna grind on rails and punch cars outta the way and fly through rings and viciously and menacingly attack opponents while on a hoverboard or skates.

I don't like the bikes though.

WOW does this bring back memories and I can't believe I actually forgot about that silly thread--
Sonic Riders is cool and all, but I'm more interested in that Sonic Heroes mod.

King (2.0)'s Garden / Re: King (2.0)'s Games Log
« on: 01 March 2024, 22:22:31 »
Games Progress
Super Mario Galaxy: I've gotten all 120 Power Stars, completed the final level again and unlocked Luigi.
Levels I completed:
  • Dreadnought's Garbage Dump (One of two garbage destroying missions. Both are frustrating to complete.
  • Choosing a Favourite Snack (A interesting but short level. I used the Boo Mushroom for most of the level.)
  • The Golden Chomp (Easy once I figured out how to get at the 3 giant coins during the flying section.)
  • Frosty Cosmic Mario Race (I thought it might be tough due to the ice but no. It's actually easy.)
  • Boo in the Box (Easy. Despite this, I managed to narrowly avoid getting killed by a stray urchin while trying to get the Power Star.
  • Purple Coins on the Puzzle Cube (Took a few tries. Turns out the key is to save the ones in the starting area for last and try to gather the Purple Coins on the ground or on the bush areas)
  • Bullet Bill on your Back (Getting to the mission is harder than actually completing it due to all the Dry Bones in the area.)
  • Fast Foes of Toy Time (Actually kinda scary due to the fast moving Tox Boxes but otherwise not too bad.)
  • Bouldergeist's Daredevil Run (Not as hard as I was led to believe. Bouldergiest will only ever kill you if you careless when dodging their attacks.)
  • The Flipswitch Chain (Not too tough.)
  • Breadcombing for Purple Coins (A relaxing level. Purple Coin levels are great when you can just relax and focus on finding all 100 Purple Coins without a time limit.
  • Purple Coin Spacewalk (The main difficulty comes from the platforms and the time limit.)
  • Purple Coins in the Bone Pen (The amount is generous, but the time limit is very short.)
  • Purple Coins on the Summit (Not hard, just very time consuming and tedious.)
  • Purple Coins in the Desert (Not even hard, though having to start from the beginning every time I accidently died is rather annoying.
  • Luigi's Purple Coins (Not as hard as I thought it'd be. Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos from the sequel is much harder.
  • Conquering the Summit (As it turns out, I can skip the fight with Baron Brr and choose to do this mission.)
  • The Electric Labyrinth (The music is really relaxing, which helps to offset the potential stress of having to control the bubble.)
  • The Galaxy's Greatest Wave (It took a few attempts, one of which happened because my Wii Remote's batteries ran out, preventing me from moving until time ran out.)

So in short, that's a lot of purple coins to be running around after.

King (2.0)'s Garden / Re: King (2.0)'s Games Log
« on: 29 February 2024, 15:08:29 »
Games Progress
Super Mario Galaxy: My Power Star total is now 101. I've obtained Power Stars from:
  • The Silver Stars of Sea Slide
  • Through the Meteor Storm
  • Fiery Dino Piranha
  • Lava Spire Daredevil Run
  • Red Hot Purple Coins
  • Burning Tide
  • Star Bunnies in the Snow
  • Giant Eel Outbreak
  • Kingfin's Fearsome Waters
  • Purple Coins by the Seaside
  • Underwater Cosmic Mario Race
  • The Bell on the Big Tree
  • Gizmos, Gears and Gadgets
  • Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone
  • Purple Coins on the Battlerock
  • Racing the Spooky Speedster
  • Hurry He's Hungry
  • Topman Tribe Speed Run
  • Battlestations Purple Coins
  • Cosmic Mario Forest Race
  • Guppy and the Underground Lake

Gizmos, Gears and Gadgets is a exercise in maschocism that requires a deft hand to get ahead. Thankfully it's short which makes up for the lack of checkpoints throughout the level. Star Bunnies in the Snow is rather annoying due to the time limit and the snow that slows down movement. The fight with Kingfin is forgettable and I can see why Bouldergeist was brought back for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and not Kingfin.

King (2.0)'s Garden / Re: King (2.0)'s Games Log
« on: 28 February 2024, 18:21:23 »
Games Progress
Super Mario Galaxy: I decided to play this game again after leaving it for several years. I've been collecting Power Stars from several galaxies, some from Comet missions and some from Galaxies that I never completed. So far I've completed: The Honeyhive's Purple Coins,  A Very Sticky Situation, Sandblast Speed Run, Bouncing Down Cake Lane, Going After Guppy, Faster Than a Speeding Penguin, Purple Coins in the Woods, Dreadnoughts Collossal Cannons, Revenge of the Topman Tribe, Watch Your Step, Ghost Ship Daredevil Run, Plunder the Purple Coins. My Power Star total is now 80.

Other: I've finished up installing every mod for Wii and Gamecube that I wanted, though most of them aren't accessible when I try to access them through Riivolution.

Entertainment General / Re: General Gaming Thread
« on: 28 February 2024, 17:13:15 »
Nintendo strikes again.

This time, Nintendo is suing the makers of the Nintendo Switch emulator, Yuzu.
I disagree with the stance that emulation itself is unlawful considering that most Nintendo games people emulate are ones that Nintendo themselves no longer make profit from. In this case, Nintendo are still profiting from Nintendo Switch games and are losing money, but even then it's only wrong legally, and that there is nothing wrong with emulating video games.

Hell if anything, downloading old games and playing them is far better than buying them because the only thing you're spending is time and if you don't like the games you downloaded, you can get rid of them without having spent any money or having the game take up any physical space.

King (2.0)'s Garden / Re: King rates songs
« on: 26 February 2024, 19:49:09 »
Been a while, haha.

this thread isn't up-to-date yet, this'll be my only post in this thread for the week. I'll probably limit myself to once a month for now, I dunno.

I mean. I know you'll update it when you get the time (and when you're bored enough) so I don't have to worry about that--

* gets eaten by an umbrageous hydra *

Oh, great, they're back again. -.-"

So yeah.

… I think I'm gonna make it a goal of mine to find at least one Afrikaans song you might like? :P

Cibryll Song A: 2/10
Cibryll Song B: 3/10
Cibryll Song C: 3/10

King (2.0)'s Garden / Re: King 2.0's Well Thread
« on: 26 February 2024, 19:07:59 »
NOTE: RKS's Digimon question will be answered eventually.
A. When was the last time you had experienced the dreaded brain-freeze?
B. If you met someone who actually enjoyed the feeling of brain-freeze, what would your reaction be?
C. Has your cat ever walked on your keyboard?
D. What are your thoughts on the following?
• Vocaloid?
• Virtual YouTubers?
• Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's?
• Pale Fires? (The Bloom Beast.)
• Tag teams?
• Dark Synchro Monsters?
• Undead police officers?
E. And, as always, what would your thoughts be on a single entity that combined all of those into one?
A) It must've been ages ago.
B) I'd consider it strange, but wouldn't consider it a deal breaker.
C) Surprisingly, no.
a) It depends on the song.
b) I don't really care all that much about them.
c) It was notable for a lot of things such as Synchro monsters, a darker tone and the final episode not being dubbed in English.
d) Pale Fires are flame monsters, right? Unless it's a flower shaped like a flame.
e) Depends on the team in question.
f) They have negative levels. If they're anything like minus numbers, wouldn't that make them really weak?
g) Not that different to regular zombies.
E) 2 V-Tubers with vocaloid voices that play a Dark Synchro dark against undead police? OK.

… PJs… or nothing…?
Uh... weird question. In any case, Pajamas. Sleeping in the buff sounds like it's more trouble than it's worth.

King (2.0)'s Garden / Re: King rates songs
« on: 24 February 2024, 16:26:34 »
(click to show/hide)
Lunatrix Song A: 8/10
Lunatrix Song B: 2/10
Lunatrix Song C: 7/10

King (2.0)'s Garden / Re: King rates songs
« on: 23 February 2024, 21:18:06 »
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(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
Lunatrix Song A: 4/10
Lunatrix Song B: 9/10
Lunatrix Song C: 5/10

King (2.0)'s Garden / Re: King (2.0)'s Games Log
« on: 20 February 2024, 19:50:49 »
The hardest part is already over. Super Smash Bros Brawl took a few hours to download due to it being 7GB. Fortunately, the Wiiware and Virtual Console games were a cinch to download due to them all being MB files and installing them was also easy.

King (2.0)'s Garden / Re: King rates songs
« on: 19 February 2024, 20:59:14 »

Lunatrix Song A: 4/10
Lunatrix Song B: 6/10
Lunatrix Song C: 4/10

My move, I guess.

Cibrylls will be Cibrylls.

Oh huh I didn't expect a new page.

If you guys missed Luna's post, it's at the end of the last page--

* gets eaten by a Flower Dragon *


Cibryll Song A: 4/10
Cibryll Song B: 2/10
Cibryll Song C: 5/10

RKS Song A: 2/10
RKS Song B: 1/10
RKS Song C: 3/10

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