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Member Works / Ecsaiz 1.1.1
« on: 17 August 2021, 16:05:57 »
Figured I might as well make a thread for this, now that I've made an improved version of it. Version 1.1 is named "hardtype" because I thought Gun's hardtype paths sounded cool, and because it's harder than 1.0 which I am henceforth calling "badtype". I'll leave both of them up if anyone's interested.

1.1.1/"Hardtype" download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cHt7PrLdGbc8uEsvvgghi_3RdL0akYCQ/view?usp=sharing

1.0.0/"Badtype" download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BnU1NS-jBD-OopsT8sLkQy84-c85iE8N/view?usp=sharing

Changes and improvements:

-- Overhaul of attack pattern generation! The goal was to make attack patterns less boring and samey and more likely to be lie in the chasm between "trivially easy" and "total bullshit". This entailed a multitude of changes:

---- The first change to attack pattern generation was to rip out 3 of the 14 original subpatterns, because they were crappy, and add 6 new ones in their place for a total of 17.

---- A couple of the subpatterns were buggy and created unintentionally dumb and broken patterns -- those have been fixed.

---- There was also a bug where extremely low difficulty variations of certain subpatterns could rarely crash the game. Things started to go wonky when the game's pattern difficulty variable fell below -3.75 and crashes started to happen at about -4.54. Now, all the patterns keep working fine all the way down to at least -8.82, which is the lowest difficulty the game uses.

---- Patterns can appear in a whole continuum of speeds rather than just three speeds. Furthermore, one in ten subpatterns randomly get a big speed boost because **** you.

---- Attack patterns consisting of two subpatterns instead of one are far more common and begin appearing right from world 1. It is also now possible for attack patterns later on to contain three subpatterns, which begins to be possible around world 5 ish.

---- Subpatterns belonging to the same attack no longer share any of the key variables that keep track of what's going on, which makes them a bit more interesting.

---- Replaced the "size parameter" with a new layer of variation underneath subpatterns. Internally they're called "btypes" and I like to call them "micropatterns". Short version is, whenever a subpattern would previously call forth a bullet and consult its size parameter to tell it what kind of bullet, it will now consult its btype and call forth a micropattern of one to three bullets. If it's a large bullet or multiple bullets, then the subpattern's base difficulty is lowered to compensate.

---- At high levels, the game now strongly prefers to use attacks with multiple subpatterns and fancy micropatterns at low difficulty rather than single subpatterns at high difficulty. This helps keep things interesting and greatly reduces the risk that an attack pattern will become impossible because its subpattern's difficulty has been cranked to the sky -- I suspect this will happen at difficulty 30-50 ish, but 1.0 will occasionally throw out undodgeable nonsense at much lower difficulty than that.

-- Fixed a few minor bugs with level generation which could lead to slightly janky levels, although this wasn't really that serious to begin with.

-- Game is harder -- it starts out at a similar difficulty but escalates much more quickly. I reached world 15 in 1.0, I doubt anyone's ever reaching world 15 in 1.1. The increase in difficulty between different stages of the same world is also now much more noticeable.

-- Starting in world 4, unusual-coloured blocks will occasionally release dark spirit thingies, which kick around the screen like the key does for the remainder of the stage, but, unlike the key, are deadly to touch. I don't find them particularly threatening, but they're there I guess.

-- Also starting in world 4, there's a chance that the white X blocks will be replaced by a much smaller number of new black X blocks, which are extremely durable.

-- Text on the title screen now randomly picks from a list of possible text lines. I wanted to be cute hahah

Things I didn't change or improve:

-- At one point I was planning on adding a scoring system, but I couldn't think of a way to make it interesting and distinct from "get as far as possible".

-- Blocks with keys in them are sometimes indistinguishable from the blocks around them -- tough, deal with it.

-- I couldn't be bothered to add sound effects either.

Serenth / Astel Aventad (Planet #3012)
« on: 05 June 2021, 18:32:43 »

Like a year ago, Charlie said on CSTSF that I could make a new planet for Serenth's Apocalyptic Wind Tower, with a planetary ID of greater than 2100, and I kinda never bothered with that until now, so... Here you go I guess. It's inspired by some wild dreams I had many years ago.

Name: Astel Aventad
ID: 3012
Sage Goddess: Claiyfoure (there are no regular Sages, she is the only one)
Adjective: Astellyan
Continents: 1
Countries: 0
Size: 1.45 Newerth diameters

The Graveworld of Astel Aventad is an inhospitable rocky planet, somewhat larger than Newerth. It was shrouded in myth until it was located in a remote corner of Serenth. It is covered in ancient Elven ruins, but now most of the planet is devoid of life.

For a long time, it was only known about through the Arx mythology, a vast collection of insane stories about the distant past of Newerth, most of them entirely made up. One story claims that, some 300,000 years ago, Astel Aventad was "the city between the worlds". A later story claims that, in eons past, Newerth was part of an alliance of five friendly planets, all of which were part of a "great migration" across the universe. However, Newerth started to slowly be affected by a creeping magical corruption. Eight heroes travelled to some cave, which happened to be the most evil place on Newerth, in order to fight the corruption, but they failed. They did, however, find the source of the corruption a human who had been granted the powers of a god, but could not handle it and went mad. He used his god powers to take the other four planets in the alliance and fuse them together to form the "holy homeworld" a terrible molten planet which was a bastion of tremendous evil. The name Astel Aventad was re-used for this planet. One of the surviving heroes went there to find a place called the Stone Heart of Energy.

The planet was believed to be fictional, until it was discovered in 2003. The story is still made up, of course the planet is now known to be entirely natural in origin.

Astel Aventad only has a single continent. It has no name and uses continent ID 0.

The planet is divided into two main regions.

The Face is a roughly circular region of pale brown rock and sand, covering approximately 1/6 of Astel Aventad's surface. It has several vast mountain ranges, which do indeed look kind of like a face if you squint a little. The vast majority of the remaining land-based life on Astel Aventad exists in The Face. Locations here include the Stone Heart of Energy, whatever that is, and a few recently-constructed research stations.

The Flats covers the majority of the planet and consists of a smooth, dark stone surface, ranging from black to red-brown. It is the remains of a prehistoric sea of lava, which slowly froze. In some places, a shallow ocean covers it. The Flats are rich in eternium. Life has survived in the ocean, but the land in The Flats is mostly desolate. This area contains many ancient ruins, some of which are quite extensive. It is thought that these were built by an Elven race, who arrived from off-planet, and were equipped to survive the harsh conditions of Astel Aventad, until the civilisation was destroyed by an unknown disaster. These people were called the Moon Elves, but they are believed to be extinct. In case they are not, they have been given racial ID 3920.

Somewhere on the planet stands Serenth's Apocalyptic Wind Tower.

Various scientists and explorers still disagree on how to define the seasons of Astel Aventad because the Moon Elven calendar is not well understood. It is known that the Astellyan year is approximately equal to twelve Newerthian years.

According to one popular model, there are four different systems of seasons in play in different parts of the planet. The seasons are of wildly unequal length. There are 8 seasons near the equator, 7 seasons near the poles, and two separate regions of 9 and 11 seasons covering the remaining areas. In some regions, seasons can be up to several Newerthian years long.

Astel Aventad has days of roughly seven hours. There are exactly 15,000 days in an Astellyan year. Most of the planet experiences midnight sun, however, so the sun may not rise or set for very long spans of time.

The only currencies in use are brought from off-world. The Moon Elves may have had a currency at some point, however.

Disposal / Re: The Hang-Out: Dawn to Atonement
« on: 03 January 2021, 04:51:06 »

Entertainment General / The games I played in 2020!
« on: 10 December 2020, 18:41:09 »
This is a ranking of everything I played for the first time in 2020. I didn't play too many games this year, because I've still been playing more Celeste than anything else and some games I wanted to play either didn't come out this year (Silksong... >_<) or I haven't played yet because I'm waiting for a really good Steam sale (Ori: WotW, Black Future 88).

Bolded entries were released in 2020 and have a second ranking which only includes other bolded entries, while italicised entries were released earlier but I only played them in 2020. If I only played pre-release versions of a game, it is excluded. If I end up playing something else in the last three weeks of the year, I'll edit it in.

Fortunately, I liked most of the games I played, which led to some good games getting bad rankings.

12/7. Rift Wizard
This game kind of tries to be a traditional turn-based, grid-based roguelike, but I really didn't enjoy it. It has a lot of my game design pet peeves, like unnecessarily complicated character building systems to create false depth and an excess of long-run resource management encouraging timidness and making sure you can feel your doom approach from way too far off. It somehow managed to invent a new one, too: it has this weird over-reliance on enemies which spawn more enemies. They're present in every single level and they're the main threats. Makes fighting the smaller enemies feel like a complete waste of time. To its credit, it keeps the tactics of the old-school roguelikes, but unfortunately it loses everything else which made them great.

11/6. Inmost
I've already complained about this one. It's a boring metroidvania with a lame story where you always feel underpowered and everything cool only ever happens in outrageously long cutscenes. It was really close between this and Rift Wizard for the bottom spot, but I think this one had a lot of wasted potential while that one had very little potential at all. Despite how serious my complaints are, I actually enjoyed my playthrough regardless: it can be beautiful and atmospheric at times and has a few genuinely awesome moments. However, by the end of it I felt like I had wasted my time.

10/5. Neon Abyss
A shiny new platformer-roguelite drawing heavy inspiration from Binding of Isaac. It's charming and pretty, has a cool cyberpunk aesthetic and great music. While I had fun with it, it has some terrible game design flaws which drag it down some inherited from Isaac and some new ones. My main complaints are a) it's a luck-based nightmare, b) usually the best strategy is to sit in a corner and camp, c) the game doesn't tell you what items do until you pick them up and there are so many items that even after 20 hours of play time I don't know what half of them do and, most damningly, d) the balance is god-awful. One thing I've noticed is that a lot of the "new-school" roguelikes and roguelites have substantial "macrogame" systems as you play more of the game, it will transform to reveal more of itself. Neon Abyss' macrogame system is not exactly mind-blowing but it is probably the biggest and most extensive I've ever seen, which I guess is a point in its favour. At the end of the day, my most memorable experience with the game was finally reaching the game's last "manager" (which is what the game calls its special superbosses the regular bosses are instead called the gods of something really lame, which I thought was cute) and obliterating her immediately with my outrageously unbalanced firepower before she even had a chance to attack. Then I put the game down and didn't really touch it again much.

9/4. Helltaker
I really don't understand the hype behind this one. It's a simple puzzle game, free and less than an hour long. There's not really much to complain about but it had very little impact on me. I liked the music. It was slightly annoying to have to repeat the whole puzzle if you picked the wrong option at the end of the level and get a bad ending, but that's not really a big deal. Final boss was pretty cool. Meh.

8. Among Us
The idea behind it is really clever take a social logic Mafia type game and make it real-time. That's really clever. It's got a cute artstyle, kinda like an 00s-era flash game. My main complaint is that it's way too fast-paced. Each game is like 3 minutes long, you're constantly running around at top speed, people drop like flies and by the time you start to get a picture of what's going on and begin forming your insane theories, the game's already over. At least with Mindnight's 20-minute games, there was enough time to think and take notes. Among Us can be great as a party game or as a brief diversion in between studying or something.

7. What Remains Of Edith Finch
I don't really know how to organise my thoughts here. This isn't what I'd usually consider playing, it's a sort of visual novel type thing built around its story basically, everyone is dead and you need to explore a creepy house to find out what happened to them. I've seen the story, which is ridiculously depressing, get slammed for relying on cheap tricks to get an emotional rise out of the player, and while it does kind of do that at times I think it mostly works. Game generally looks and sounds great, has a lot of trippy visuals and some really cool moments. I had an issue with the controls where I'd occasionally go through a door or down a ladder or something and then immediately go back the other way by mistake, but that might've been because I was really drunk while I played it. Sometimes I feel like my own grandmother is slowly ruining everyone's lives with her subtle pathological influence, but this game made me realise that she's not bad at all and it could be so much worse.

6. Super Lucky's Tale
Cutest game ever. Really solid 3D platformer, I had no real problems with it. I wanna cuddle Lucky so bad, he's adorable!!! I didn't quite get through the whole game, it seems to be quite long and I got kinda distracted partway through. There's heaps to do and it just generally makes me feel good. Has the kind of controls where, if you have mad skills, you can combine moves to reach further than it appears you can at first. 4 through 6 were all really close together.

5/3. Spirits Abyss
Another platformer-roguelite! This one draws heavily from Spelunky instead. It's not as slow-paced as Spelunky, though, it's more conducive to running through levels guns blazing than Spelunky is. First thing which jumped out at me was the awesome chiptune music. I have an issue with the controls usually, there is no inertia, and you can change directions instantly, but when you wall-jump then suddenly hello again Newton! It feels really awkward and strange. There's a lot of variety in the level types there begins with 4 level types which happen in a fixed order, but later on more get unlocked and I think there are a total of 10. In addition to those, it has a fascinating system where, randomly, between the normal levels, you'll get thrown into little intermediate areas. The game throws curveballs at you in a way which makes it seem really mysterious, and that's something I find very compelling. Sometimes, stuff will just happen and you won't be entirely sure why. It seems kind of small at first, but there's a great deal to do here. It's by the same developer as Skelly Selest from 2018 and has a lot in common with that one the menus look really similar, everything has a similarly bizarre writing style, it even has a weird card game tacked on to it just like that game did but I think Spirits Abyss is a lot more impressive.

4/2. Spelunky 2
I dunno if I should put it this high, I just kinda think it would be blasphemous to imply that Spirits Abyss is a better follow-up to Spelunky than this one is, given how ambitious it is, although, I don't know if it is or not. The game is a lot bigger and shinier with more hidden stuff than the original I've reached the final boss (which I really don't like, I think it's quite badly designed) but apparently I've only seen about half of the areas in the game. At first I was keenly aware of all the subtle things that were changed from the original, which annoyed me, but after that I had a great time. I loved the re-imaginings of the old areas with new enemies and whatnot, and the references to some of my old favourite Spelunky mods (like the repeating laser traps in world 6 referencing Gates of Hell, and how world 5 was compressed into a single super-long level which I think references that one mod where you fight Cthulhu). It's substantially harder and longer than the original Spelunky, which makes me think it was designed for people who have already mastered the original I found it quite a challenge and I never even got into any of the post-game stuff, at least not yet. 13-year-old me would've loved this more than anything in the whole world.

3. Axiom Verge
A really bloody good old-school metroidvania, keeping everything good about the subgenre intact exploring a mysterious world, getting new stuff to gain more power and unlock more freedom, stumbling on crazy stuff, getting kinda lost in a good way while losing some of the cliches. I first heard about it in a YouTube comments section where somebody dared to suggest that it (along with Hollow Knight, which I found a more reasonable opinion) was better than Ori. I thought that was a ridiculous notion at first, but after playing it, while I'm not sure I agree, it certainly gets close. It strikes a good balance between being too linear and "where the **** do I go", and it makes you work for your cool toys (and they are VERY cool, the drone gun is brilliant) but it feels so good to finally get them. The whole game has this cool alien aesthetic. I found the backtracking a bit tiresome in places, and there's some secret stuff which you'll very definitely need a walkthrough for, but those are minor complaints.

2/1. Scourgebringer
The fourth platformer-roguelike in this list, and the king of them all. While Spirits Abyss was inspired by Spelunky and that other Abyss game was inspired by Isaac, Scourgebringer is instead inspired by Monolith, but it builds off its quite spectacularly. It kind of de-emphasises the platforming in favour of an outstanding combat system with heaps of depth and where everything just feels viscerally good and makes my brain light up with dopamine. It's a bit overwhelming at first, with four or five different ways to attack and controls which take some getting used to, but the game's cleverly designed to get you over the initial hurdle, and to a level where you can make the most of everything, with minimal pain. It has a combo mechanic, one of many ideas borrowed from Monolith, except the game adds a new dimension to it to facilitate learning the game's mechanics. It divides attacks into three categories, and rewards the player for using all three categories, which pushes players to learn how to use all their attacks to their full potential. The enemies are all designed around the combat system, and with a few exceptions they all work great. The balance is also great while a lot of similar games end up really luck-based and prone to "snowballing" where you become either overpowered or underpowered and that kind of sticks for the whole run, Scourgebringer avoids that by being careful with how its power upgrades are designed. The only real downsides are that the music isn't my style and the postgame stuff isn't as extensive as some other games. Absolutely sick. Favourite game of 2020.

1. Monolith
Surprise, it's a game I just mentioned! It was really hard to pick between this and Scourgebringer because they have so much in common and what's different between them is awesome in different directions. It's not a platformer and doesn't have a complex combat system, and in that one regard it's a lot closer to Nuclear Throne than Scourgebringer while it doesn't stand out as much, it's perfectly solid. Instead, it has some of the coolest bosses and best postgames ever, and has that same mystery factor that Spirits Abyss has it seems small at first then slowly unfolds itself before your eyes as you keep going, in a way that feels organic. I get the impression that there's a really interesting story buried under there if only someone could untangle the pieces. The controls suffer from what I call "Nuclear Throne syndrome" where it's trying to be a bullet hell shmup and a twin-stick arena shmup at the same time, and trying to play one of them with the controls of the other always feels a little awkward, like you're playing with your hands flipped around or something. The late game can get a little samey, as worlds 5 through 7 don't feel sufficiently distinct, which is a point against it compared to Scourgebringer where the last few levels are the best part. When, like, a boss mysteriously throws out an extra form, or a new boss entirely appears unexpectedly, or something unique and inexplicable happens, it's not something you forget. I feel like Monolith is slightly better as it stands because it's bigger and more polished and has more special memorable moments, whereas Scourgebringer has the stronger foundation and if it got a cool expansion pack like Monolith has it'd be likely to surpass it.

Member Works / Misery of Magic -- 1.0.3
« on: 20 September 2020, 07:13:27 »


Download game, version 1.0.3: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JtxBB8GjTB1BWM6HcFeKw69-bZjHbVhr/view?usp=sharing

Download soundtrack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18e-OBc20tL294JZh6GhnWVb3W0Ncyl3l/view?usp=sharing


Heya! So, yeah, Misery of Magic is still a thing. It's nearly finished, it's been "nearly finished" for nearly like 2 years now, but it's largely taken a back seat to my studies (I'm still at university, doing a PhD in economics, this is my last year, kinda), my Celeste speedrunning career (I have over 3000 hours in the game >_<), and various other hobbies. My motivation hit rock bottom several times in between and it's just been a huge slog, but lately I've been finding myself working on it reasonably well again. At the moment, the game's main campaign is more or less done, the main things left to do are:

-- Rebalancing.

-- Most of the endings.

-- Some other story-focused stuff.

-- Music.

There are also some smaller things I want to do:

-- Rework Fire Boom, as it stands it's too similar to Blood Orb.

-- Make it a bit harder to get a 2nd character immediately upon reaching the Eastern half of the overworld. It should still be possible, but not immediately obvious. If you get one right away, you won't be able to get into Energy Centre and you might accidentally choose before you understand that there is a choice at all.

-- Make Sorrow Peak puzzle optional, or rework it to make it less lame, or something.

-- Maybe there should be a late-game blue magic weapon that's accessible to all characters? At the moment, there are only three blue magic weapons, of which one requires a specific character and another is only available during the endgame sequence, so most of the time the only choice when it comes to blue magic will be Unfire.

Most recent change was to buff Needle and make it look cooler, because it felt kind of lame to use before.

General Board / Lunar Shadow Canon Info from CSTSF
« on: 19 April 2020, 13:25:23 »

This is a thread for details of the Lunar Shadow universe revealed by Kim on her CSTSF profile, which can be found at: https://www.cavestory.org/forums/members/kim-tyranto.7139/

This is all copied from there.

Serenth info post:
The first four generations of Valkyries on the planet Newerth. (Serenity Horton's about 81st, so...)

The "super-short version", as it were.

Minerva (created on 14 March -145)

Synaeresis (born -123)

Sigyn Khrushchev (born -100: had seven children: Ruy (red), Orenj (orange), Grien (green) were her sons; Gelbe (yellow), Blae (blue), Indiga (indigo) and Violette (violet) were her daughters)

Violette (-65) stayed on Newerth, with twins Seria (who lived) and Ileene (who passed on 23 years later) and Violette is an ancestor of Serenity's.

Her siblings went to other planets and only Indiga is still alive (and took her mother's last name in 1739), but she has no descendants.

Orenj passed away first at age 25, but had no descendants.

One of Blae's descendants may've appeared in Selenic Shadow, though?

Solar Shadow / Solar Shadow 4(...?)
« on: 19 February 2020, 16:56:45 »

DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qcLNy6cuPhO4-jNELYWo0CEhfDxRTYj1/view

The Solar Shadow timeline has gotten very weird all of a sudden. This isn't a full SS game, it's something I threw together in a day.

In 2059, North of Tirahnys, in the splendid metropolis of Nicotine City, all 15-year-old Milo Oceanstep ever wanted to do was play video games and hang out and do drugs. As life goes, powers beyond his control keep getting in the way of that. Fortunately for him, a powerful military drone has fallen into his hands, and now he can use it to get back at everyone who's wronged him.

In Solar Shadow 2059: Black Label, or Solar Shadow 4 for short, you need to help him guide the drone to the end of each maze, to eventually blow up each objective so that he can chill out undisturbed.

Disposal / Re: Troubleshooting: Security Questions
« on: 01 September 2019, 13:50:05 »
testing, testing...

If you're reading this, time travel is real.

Serenth / Jarodimia
« on: 04 May 2016, 13:32:10 »
Anyone mind me filling out this continent~? Feel free to ignore or replace anything you don't like.

Jarodimia is one of the ten natural Newerthian continents.


1. Solatium
The richest province of Jarodimia, this is a rather nice place to live, but has perpetually bad weather. It is also mostly low-lying, making it prone to flooding.

-- Glasny City: The capital city of both Solatium and Jarodimia as a whole. It is built on top of a large platform, and consists mostly of beautiful glass buildings.
-- Tazeen City: It was mostly wiped out by a flood in 2014, and is still in the process of being rebuilt on an artificial platform like Glasny City.
-- Lake of Dond: A very large lake in the center of the province. It has a lot of interesting wildlife.
-- Voyal: A town built on an artificial island just off the coast.

Solatian Round (Letters: JSR, Symbol: 🌓). It comes in the form of large circular steel coins of identical size, which come in denominations of 1🌓, 15🌓, 225🌓, and 3375🌓.

2. Naix
With the exception of Viridian City, this province is very poor. People who break the law get thrown off the city walls forever, so much of the countryside is populated by really weird people.

-- Viridian City: One of the eleven cities of Neia. The capital of Naix.
-- The Fold: A huge, dense woodland surrounding Viridian City on three sides. There are many villages here, a lot of which are secret.
-- The Rotting Tower: A huge wooden tower on the far edge of The Fold. It should have fallen down long ago, but something or someone is keeping it standing. There is a village at the base of the tower.
-- Zara Crest: A district occupied by the Cult of Zara. They keep to themselves, but outsiders found in this land are brutally executed.

Currency: Naixian Arch (Letters: JNA, Symbol: ❉). Coins are perfectly square, and are designed to stack on top of each other easily. It has far too high a value to be of much use in day-to-day life, however. The denominations are 0.00001❉, which is white, 0.0001❉, 0.001❉, 0.01❉, 0.1❉, which are different shades of green, 1❉, 2❉, 3❉, and 4❉, which are different shades of red.

3. Sooliad
A province of marvellous natural beauty, but also incredible danger. Most settlements are underground, to stay away from the extreme temperatures and dangerous landscapes.

-- Axs City: This city is famous for its grand libraries. It is underground. The capital of Sooliad.
-- Sortania: A treacherous grassland, where the smallest mistake quickly brings death. It is very hot.
-- Nor Region: A tall and steep mountain range, with many glaciers. Thunderstorms are common. It is very cold.
-- Yaren Badlands: A desert covered in strange rock formations. Many mythical beasts live here.

Currency: Sooliad Nil (Letters: JSN, symbol: ∅). 200 Nil is called a Zrence, which has the symbol ℤ. Coins are made of paper, and only exist for 1∅ and 1ℤ.

4. Frakticah
A chaotic place where no laws are enforced. The government's power does not extend this far. On the other hand, who knows what rewards await the strong.


-- Alukari Village: Named after the Hero of Jarodimia. The capital of Frakticah, but only because it is the only real town there.
-- Ralarima: A bitterly cold land where rich people live in fabulous towers and everyone else is thrown to the ice.
-- Archon City: A giant fortress in a far corner of the continent, built to survive the return of Trycin. It is closed to everyone.
-- Ashenland: A bleak sandy desert without much life. Thick smoke rises out of the ground in many places, making the sky dark.

Currency: Alukari Crown (Letters: JFC, symbol: ✺). Coins are for many strange denominations, but the most common are 10,000,000✺, which is purple and has the outline of Jarodimia on it, 120,000,000✺, which is blue and has a picture of Dyrnwyn on it, and 1,440,000,000✺, which is green and has a picture of Alukari's face on it.

Member Works / Andromeda -- 0-hour game
« on: 03 April 2016, 07:19:55 »


Here we go! I threw this together during the daylight savings interstice last night -- I started at 3AM and finished at 3AM :D

Use the arrow keys to control gravity. Other than that, the game is pretty much self explanatory.

I might make an updated version sometime -- I didn't have time to add any music or special effects or even a title screen.

==Battle of the Characters: The Bloodstained Path to SS3==

Is that a cool title for my thread or what?

Okay, so, I plan on making Solar Shadow 3 later this year, although I don't plan on starting until I get my winter break in June because I'll be studying my head off until then.

HOWEVER, one major feature I'm planning is a party system where one plays as 3 characters at a time which can be swapped between, in a similar manner to SuperX46's old game Ultimate Mossmouth Adventure 2 and my old game Ultimate Mossmouth Rave, although I haven't decided exactly how it's going to work yet.

From now until development starts, I will be holding a poll to decide who gets to be playable! There will be 6 playable characters in total.

Background: SS3 will take place in 2027, and it will be the latest point in the timeline. The canon ending of SS2 is Ending 1, so anyone who dies in that ending won't be eligible.

Here are the candidates. There will be 5 characters from SS2, 3 from LS, 3 from the Unknown Characters thread and 3 never-before-seen characters:

Achcer Haldun
Type: Newcomer (from Unknown Characters thread)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Psychic
Age: 20

Andrea Yauman

Solar Shadow 2 Returner
Gender: Female
Race: Valkyrie
Class: Demonslayer
Age: ??

Ava Haldun
Type: Newcomer (from Unknown Characters thread)
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Age: 22


Type: Lunar Shadow Returner
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Civilian
Age: ??

Type: Lunar Shadow Returner
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Politician
Age: 31

Jeffie Canopus
Type: Newcomer (never-before-seen)
Gender: Male
Race: Nyanyen-Lunar-Shadow-Equivalent
Class: Gentleman
Age: 29

Kenn Cinders
Type: Newcomer (never-before-seen)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Genius
Age: 16

Kiarey Red
Type: Newcomer (from Unknown Characters thread)
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Spy
Age: 15


Type: Solar Shadow 2 Returner
Gender: Female
Race: Clone (of Hiranya -- in SS2 she was originally meant to represent Hiranya herself, but this was before her name was confirmed, so she is stuck as Mitsuru)
Class: Assassin
Age: ??

Nought Celeritas

Type: Solar Shadow 2 Returner
Gender: Female
Race: Android
Class: Terrorist
Age: 6

Shinica Horton

Type: Lunar Shadow Returner
Gender: Female
Race: Valkyrie
Class: Sorceress
Age: 26

Steve Leroi

Type: Solar Shadow 2 Returner
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Scholar
Age: 17

Terrah Horton

Type: Solar Shadow 2 Returner
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Alchemist
Age: 79

Zerisse Nool
Type: Newcomer (never-before-seen)
Gender: Female
Race:  Dark Elf
Class: Engineer
Age: 145

If you have any other suggestions, or characters of your own you want to see, I'd be happy to hear them ^.^

Solar Shadow / Solar Shadow 2 out now!
« on: 24 February 2016, 07:11:06 »
Yay! It's here!

>>Get The Game!!<<

>Separate Soundtrack Download<

I'll be putting some information up on the wiki soon~

Solar Shadow / SS2 Progress Updates
« on: 12 October 2015, 10:56:56 »

I have finished the first four areas :D . My exams finish tomorrow, after that I'll be able to work faster, so there should be more updates soon~

Here are some teaser screenshots for you guys :3



Magic School:

General Board / The New Castle
« on: 13 September 2015, 05:59:51 »
So yeah, I'm making Solar Shadow 2. I don't want to reveal too much about the story yet, but let's just say the castle got rebuilt somehow after it was destroyed in 2015.

Solar Shadow / Solar Shadow (version 1.5 out now!)
« on: 01 August 2015, 16:34:30 »
So, I went on a ridiculous game development binge and spent about 21 hours on this over the past two days...

Fan favourite, Selena Daria van der Merwe, has woken up in the middle of the woods just as night is falling. She has until 3AM to get out -- if she doesn't, she'll be cursed forever.

And maybe some dark secrets will be uncovered along the way...?

It's pretty short, but there are 6 endings.


Sorry about the music (there's only one song), I am suffering from a rather nasty Windows 8-related screwup and my computer is glitching out and GM8's sound system is pretty much broken to oblivion :( I will need to use GMS for my next game.

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