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Member Works / Acheron Pong 2
« on: 10 August 2015, 16:05:31 »
A classic idea merged with modern awesomesauce...

[ Ver. 2.3 ]

[ Description ]
     A complete remake of the classic PONG, featuring gameplay with up to 4 simultaneous players or intelligent (?) bots, plenty of different gamemodes, tons of different pong balls, extensive statistics tracking, awesome graphic FX, and frantic gameplay with the multiple pong balls on screen at the same time!

[ Screenshots ]
(click to show/hide)

[ Animated Screenshots ]

[ Update Log ]
+ addition, - removed, ^ changed, * fixed, = extension

Ver. 1.0

Ver. 1.1
^incomplete menu options are red
*fixed game crashing bug

Ver. 1.2
+fancy wave bars
+pressing escape on any menu returns up one level
^balls spawn in smoothly
*fixed ghost ball always trick shotting
*fixed bricks not aligned properly
*fixed maximum mass not resetting
*fixed quitting on pause menu somewhat freezing the game
*fixed being unable to get out of results screen

Ver. 2.0
+even smarter AI!
=+ignores pong balls it can never reach in time
=+targets pong balls that will reach the goal quicker, rather than solely on distance
=+behind paddle ignore zone width now dependent on the pong ball size
+direction of which pong balls spawn in is made so as to balance and not overwhelm players
+parasite ball
+weakling ball
+critical mass ball now has an added effect
+new controls intro included that only happens at first time
+version indicator in the intro at the top left
+the game modes screen is starting to have its own developed menu
+advanced mass/weight system to determine which pong ball to spawn
^statistics screen now display distance in meters, rather than pixels
^fancier intro sequence
^default controls are more "intuitive/logical"
*fixed radioactive ball not inheriting an event properly
*fixed accelerate ball not inheriting an event properly
*fixed random ball not spawning smoothly
*fixed teleporter ball not affecting the wave bars
*fixed normal balls created by splitter ball counting as normal balls and outputting an event for normal balls
*fixed splitter balls potentially bunching up together

Ver. 2.1
*fixed default controls being set to absurd values

Ver. 2.2
+super extra trippy RGB color shift!
+random balls affect the RGB around where they randomize to
*fixed potential chance of interpolation happening

Ver. 2.3
*fixed critical mass ball having debug variable set
[ Known Issues ]
!!! extreme, !! moderate, ! mild, # inefficiency, % aesthetical, = extension

!ghost balls get stuck in bricks
%game modes screen is incomplete
%AI paddles idle awkwardly

Introductions / Kittens
« on: 25 July 2015, 20:34:10 »
You know, the cute and furry kind...ah whatever :P

I doubt I need to reintroduce myself, but if need be, cats and coding is all ya need for starters :3

But if that wasn't enough, this should do it:
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