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Author Topic: The Old Forum Rules  (Read 63 times)

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The Old Forum Rules
« on: 28 January 2015, 10:53:58 »
The forum rules are in this post, obviously. I guess I'll be as direct as I possibly can be. These also apply to the Gallery, of course.
  • Avatars: Avatars are allowed to be up to 250250 pixels in size. However, it might get cut off; there's nothing I can do about this, if it does get cut off. It seems avatars get cut off at around 151 pixels in width. When I figure out how to fix this, I will.
  • Illegal Content: The posting of illegal material, such as ROMs and other illegal downloads, is forbidden.
  • Importing/Exporting Wars: Bringing conflict to this forum, from another site, or bringing conflict to other sites from this forum, is against the forum rules. Members joining just to continue such a conflict will be banned immediately.
  • Multiple Accounts: only one account is allowed, per individual. Multiple accounts will be banned or deleted. Making a new account after being banned will result in it being banned/deleted and the ban's duration being extended.
  • NSFW Material: NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content is not acceptable anywhere on the forum under any circumstances. Posting NSFW pics to the gallery will result in a forum ban and an even longer ban from accessing the gallery, regardless of your usergroup.
  • Religion and Politics: Any discussion related to religious or political subjects are currently banned from this forum. If demand is popular enough, I might create a special board for those, with restricted access.
  • Signatures: Signatures may not be larger than 500 pixels in length and/or 200 pixels in height. This applies to the whole signature, not just images. If need be, use the spoiler tag to restrict the size of large signatures ([spoiler]signature[/spoiler]), though spoilers are annoying in that you have to hover over them (which I can do nothing about, sadly). If you actually were to use that example signature, the result would be:
    (click to show/hide)
  • Staff Decisions:
    • If a mod or admin deletes one of your posts, do not post in a thread asking why it was deleted. Posts or discussions arising from those will likely be deleted. If you have to ask, the personal messenger is available.
    • Do not restart a thread that was locked/deleted by a staff member if the thread topic itself was the reason for it being locked or deleted.
    • Do not ask if you can become a staff member. Those are decisions reserved by the administrators and global moderators.
I suppose that's it for now. Use the Rule Suggestions thread to suggest new rules.
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