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Author Topic: Voraorite (planet)  (Read 142 times)

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Voraorite (planet)
« on: 04 November 2016, 10:06:22 »
Voraorite is a large planet in the fictional Serenth galaxy.

Pronunciation: vu-rey-ow-rIt
IPA: /væˌreɪoʊˈraɪt/

The seasons vary by hemisphere.
  • Northern Hemisphere:
    Spring: November, December and January
    Summer: February, March and April
    Autumn: May, June and July
    Winter: August, September and October
  • Southern Hemisphere:
    Spring: May, June and July
    Summer: August, September and October
    Autumn: November, December and January
    Winter: February, March and April

Voraorite has nine natural continents and two man-made continents, for a total of eleven continents. Out of these, four are sky continents. Years listed are Newerth years, not Voraoritan years.
  • Axroa (natural continent)
    A continent with three nations, though it used to have seven. Zeroni, Xavios and Quirne are the current nations; Quirne consists of Qurya, Ireona, Nouram and Einwär.
  • Beau'Czar (natural continent)
    A continent with three nations, Vernisio, Treito and Unundenari. The continent is where the first Voraoritan calendar was created, consisting of two hundred fifty-five days in a year. It is also where the first car was invented on the planet.
  • Karjiu (natural sky continent)
    A sky continent of some kind, with four nations. Perayosi has a large brick wall surrounding the borders, with cannons firing bricks at enemies. Zaruqua is famed for its school of archery; archers from this nation have an impossibly good aim. Xrow (the "X" is pronounced like a "sch" sound) is renowned for its school of swordsmanship. However, in the center of the continent is a rather miniscule nation that people don't even know exist (usually), named We'izga'sen, where a magical gate can be found that contains teleporters to other planets - inhabitable, or otherwise.
  • Occylit (natural continent)
    A continent that has five nations: Shisukai, Aiharuto, Bellarai, Cherisaro and Karos. In 2016, Shisukai was attacked by the Eclumbri, who had used a chemical weapon; while the exact count is unknown, there are few survivors. A mysterious ring was enshrined here, but stolen by a mysterious sociopath who is currently undocumented in Voraorite's keno book. The Flesh Zone is found in Shisukai.
  • Quåsorýra (natural sky continent)
    A sky continent with three nations. Kamika was the nation where chemical weapons were first invented; however, its ruler attempted to have such things banished from Voraorite (and was unsuccessful despite trying for at least seventy-seven years and seven weeks). Byoroa was the nation that first named the continents in the old Voraoritan tongue. Vor'Ite was the first nation to wage war with another nation, in the year 123.
  • Rhudesié (man-made continent)
    A man-made continent that had four nations in the past: Eclumbria, Abcdea, Blomeria and Sanctuisa. However, in 1996, the Eclumbri (plural unchanged) conquered the continent, renaming it to Eclumbria. They wage war with the other nations of the world, planning to conquer the world. They use chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons.
  • Ryn (natural continent)
    The smallest continent of the planet, with two nations: Rynas and Jeyro. The continent is so small that there's only one city per nation. A large desert lies in the center of the island.
  • Skaithundar (madman-made sky continent)
    A floating continent created by a madman, with only two nations, Jirm'ay'ne and Rivroa. These nations combined form a formidable foe capable of fighting even Eclumbria to a standstill. Not bad for a continent whose nations are mostly pacifists.
  • Ukimara (natural continent)
    A continent that has had six nations in the past, before Eclumbria conquered most of it in 2002. The five nations, now belonging to Eclumbria, were Diora, Furiayu, Helaios, Luminoa and Mortrevia. The last nation that has not yet been captured is the nation of Oxairjam, whose mightiest wizards and witches put up a magical barrier to prevent anyone from entering or exiting… with one weakness known thus far. Those who are permitted to enter, however, have been given a spell that lets the caster (and only the caster) teleport into the nation. Sadly, those who possess anti-magic are unaffected by the barrier, so they can just walk through it without being knocked back fifty feet, but the Corpse Combat Corps stationed around the barrier makes short work of them. Oxairjamese people are legally allowed to become undead, provided they sign a special document that permits it after death; necromancers who illegally raise corpses are punished with death by life-draining magic, or being burned at the stakes. (With steaks.)
  • Yukronay (natural sky continent)
    A floating continent with five nations: Confla, Aquario, Quakra, Gaeliun and Voltiar. The inventors of airships on this planet are from the Gaeliun nation. The five nations use shinobi and kunoichi in war, usually equipped with state-of-the-art gear. Although the nations aren't allied with each other, they are allied with Shisukai, and in an emergency, the five nations will team up, no matter how reluctantly, to protect their allies of Shisukai.
  • Za'Shi'Ro (natural continent)
    A continent with four nations, known as Yozario, Tsukishi, Arocha and Aquostruphy. The rulers of each nation are always named "Yoshiro" or "Yoshirō" (Yozario), "Tsukiko" (Tsukishi), "Aaron" (Arocha) and "Apostrophe" (Aquostruphy), for some reason. The Voraoritan tongue is also used sometimes, with names like "Yo'Shi'Ro"; this continent is currently the only nation left that still uses the Voraoritan tongue as official languages within their nations.
More info might be added at a later time~

Keno books are books that contain a list of wanted criminals, along with a bounty. Created in 1563, licensed ashigaru, ninja, rōnin, samurai and sōhei in addition to high-ranking witches and wizards, bounty hunters and royal soldiers, are allowed to attack and capture these criminals. The bounty is generally halved if the criminal is killed, though exceptions - such as the psychotic serial killer Xeirio Quelziroro - do exist.

(For the curious: Xeirio's bounty was equal to about 20¾ billion yen, and was the highest bounty in the planet's history. Xeirio had killed so many people that he was soon wanted "completely and undeniably dead" rather than "dead or alive".)

Each nation has its own currency; as there are numerous nations, this thread will not detail the currencies. However, according to world-renowned economist Sa'Di'Roth, "a global currency is being introduced to make trade easier between nations with differing currencies".

The ancient Voraoritan language, used centuries ago, is referred to as the "Voraoritan tongue". The language consists of words with apostrophes in them, something that can be seen in names like "Za'Shi'Ro" ("za's" meaning "sun" and "hi'ro" meaning "righteous") or "Ri'Seh'Ak" ("ri'se" meaning "maiden" and "h'ak" meaning "kind"). "Yo's" means "son". "Beau'c" means "chronicle" while "zar" means "sever". "We'i" means "white", "ga's" means "sky". "Z" is used similar to the "-s" suffix of English words, being in plural (so "ri'sez" would be "maidens"), while "en" is used similar to the "-ed" suffix of English.

In names, the first letter at the start of the name and after an apostrophe are capitalized. Similar to English, sentences always start with the first letter of a word being capitalized; however, the letters following an apostrophe are not similarly capitalized. When pronounced, each syllable is pronounced separately, where possible.

In 1829, the Voraoritan language fell out of use and English and other languages began to take their place. Currently, the nations of Aquostruphy, Arocha, Tsukishi and Yozario are the only ones that still uses the language.

Voraoritan mythology states that a mysterious ring with evil powers was enshrined in the nation of Shisukai. This ring is said to grant the wearer the ability to command Tia and Mat, daughters of the vile Iquaroxan phoenix Marshussu, with Tia and Mat's markings appearing around the eyes. Tia and Mat were said to have attacked, only to be sealed away by a single 7-year old boy named Ri'Char'Dio Blom. Ri'Char'Dio's ancestors were tasked with guarding this shrine. In 2016, Kousendia Blom (age 13) was supposed to be guarding it, but for unknown reasons, she did not.
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