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Author Topic: Iquarox (planet)  (Read 39 times)

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Iquarox (planet)
« on: 02 November 2016, 10:00:54 »
Iquarox is a small planet in the fictional Serenth galaxy.

Pronunciation: ikwu-róks
IPA: /ɪˈkwʊrɔːks/

For some reason, Iquarox has five seasons. The seasons are global, and not confined to a specific hemisphere.
  • Spring: January, February, March
  • Summer: April, May
  • Autumn: June, July
  • Winter: August, September, October
  • Toximn: November, December
Toximn is a season that makes the air of the planet highly toxic to breathe in. However, the fauna and flora of the planet is immune to it. The toxicity in the air somehow makes the ground suitable for planting, which is perfect for the coming spring, allowing crops to flourish.

Iquarox currently has five continents, with a sixth one being constructed.
  • Coatl (natural)
    Named after the mythical quetzal of autumn.
  • Izanari (natural)
    Named after the mythical eagle of toximn.
  • Marshussu (man-made)
    Construction began on 21 October 2016. Named after Marshussu, a mythical phoenix and the father of the ghost dragon Tiamat.
  • Quinzal (natural)
    Named after the mythical parrot of summer.
  • Ximenesia (natural)
    Named after the mythical owl of winter.
  • Zsigmondy (natural)
    Named after the mythical hawk of spring.
More information will probably be added later!

According to Iquaroxan myth, there are six mythical birds that played a vital part in history. Marshussu, the most powerful of them, was a vile phoenix, one feared throughout the world. However, five birds became powerful enough to protect the innocent. Coatl, the cowardly, polite quetzal of the autumn. Izanari, the brave, stoic eagle of the toximn. Quinzal, the silly, quick parrot of the summer. Ximenesia, the rude, shy owl of the winter. Zsigmondy, the blind, deaf hawk of the spring.

At the time, there was only one continent, Coanzasidy. Together, the five birds fought against Marshussu, whose wife Martablilu gave birth to Tiamat. The five birds ended up winning, but at the cost of Coanzasidy splitting into the five natural continents known today.

Izanari was the son of Izanami, the eagle of the ocean, and Izanagi, the eagle of the thunder.
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