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Author Topic: Newerth (planet)  (Read 133 times)

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Newerth (planet)
« on: 01 February 2015, 00:03:03 »
Newerth is a planet in the fictional Serenth galaxy. It is similar to Earth in many ways, including the atmosphere, although unlike Earth, Newerth has magical creatures. Whereas Earth has fiction, Newerth has reality. Not to be confused with another planet also named Newerth, which is an exact replica of the Earth.

Pronunciation: n(y)oo-urth
IPA: /njuːɜːθ/

The seasons on this planet are similar to Earth.
Northern Hemisphere:
  • Spring: September, October, November
  • Summer: December, January, February
  • Autumn: March, April, May
  • Winter: June, July, August
Southern Hemisphere:
  • Spring: March, April, May
  • Summer: June, July, August
  • Autumn: September, October, November
  • Winter: December, January, February

Newerth has eleven continents, though one is man-made. As such, Newerth has ten natural continents, two of which are sky islands.
  • Tirahnys (natural) {@Kim Tyranto}
  • Jarodimia (natural) {@AuroraDash}
  • Elrochin (natural) {have yet to ask Beta Tester that hasn't worked on another continent}
  • Shinaire (natural) {@Rita}
  • Grange (natural) {@Lunaris}
  • Cypher (natural) {@Dianke}
  • Gireathe-Jin (natural) {@Serena}
  • TAC (man-made) {@alfasketer}
  • Anegio (sky island; discovered after January 2015) {@Ariana}
  • Quoris (natural; hidden underwater until sometime in early 2016) {@Alexis}
  • Zephyria (sky island; classified as continent in late 2015) {@Ellen}

Newerth has its own mythologies. These have influences all over the planet, and is well-known by many historians.

One millennium ago, an ancient evil called Dracura attempted to take over the world and attempt a ritual to become immune to the traditional weaknesses of a vampire. Eleven heroes from the eleven continents stood up against him and, at the cost of their own lives, defeated them. Their home villages have been renamed to their names, and their shrines are there. Each hero had their own legendary weapon. As of late 2016, eleven continents are known to exist; prior to the events of Lunar Shadow Memories, only Anegio, Quoris and Zephyria were unknown (Zephyria wasn't classified as a continent at the time, Quoris was underwater and Anegio was hidden).
  • Bjorn, the Hero of Azure, came from Tirahnys. He wielded the legendary sword, Claomh Solais.
  • Alukari, the Heroine of Viridian, came from Jarodimia. She wielded the legendary sword, Dyrnwyn.
  • Cerna, the Heroine of Crimson, came from Elrochin. She wielded the legendary sword, Lvateinn.
  • Donovan, the Hero of Xanthic, came from Shinaire. He wielded the legendary spear, Ge Bulg.
  • Eylsa, the Heroine of Coral, came from Grange. She wielded the legendary swords Gan Jiang and Mo Ye.
  • Fenrir, the Hero of Amaranth, came from Cypher. He wielded the legendary mace Sharur and the legendary hammer Mjlnir.
  • Grisen, the Hero of Titian, came from Gireathe-Jin. He wielded the legendary spear, Tonbogiri.
  • Hilary, the Heroine of Heliotrope, came from TAC. She wielded the legendary dagger, Carnwennan.
  • Edyn, the Heroine of Mauve, came from the sky island Anegio. She wielded an unknown weapon, ?.
  • Xydi, the Heroine of Lavender, came from Quoris. She wielded an unknown weapon, ?.
  • Indra, the Hero of Sable, came from the sky island Zephyria. He wielded an unknown weapon, ?.
Neia is the name of the person who first united the planet when an ancient evil called Trycin tried to engulf the world in eternal night two millenniums ago. In his honor, the Eight Cities of Neia were constructed. Sometime in 2016, it is declared that there are, in fact, Eleven Cities of Neia. With exception of the sky islands' cities and Lavender City, they are all coastal cities and they follow a colorful theme naming:
  • Azure City is located on Tirahnys and represents blue.
  • Viridian City, not to be confused with the Pokmon games' city of the same name, is located on Jarodimia. It represents green.
  • Crimson City is located on Elrochin and represents red.
  • Xanthic City is located on Shinaire and represents yellow.
  • Coral City is located on Grange and represents orange.
  • Amaranth City is located on Cypher and represents pink.
  • Titian City is located on Gireathe-Jin and represents brown.
  • Heliotrope City is located on TAC and represents purple.
  • Mauve City is located on the sky island Anegio and represents a purplish-brown color.
  • Lavender City is located on Quoris and represents a pale purple color.
  • Sable City, also known as the Ruined City, is located on the sky island Zephyria and represents black.
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