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Author Topic: Jarodimia  (Read 104 times)

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« on: 04 May 2016, 13:32:10 »
Anyone mind me filling out this continent~? Feel free to ignore or replace anything you don't like.

Jarodimia is one of the ten natural Newerthian continents.


1. Solatium
The richest province of Jarodimia, this is a rather nice place to live, but has perpetually bad weather. It is also mostly low-lying, making it prone to flooding.

-- Glasny City: The capital city of both Solatium and Jarodimia as a whole. It is built on top of a large platform, and consists mostly of beautiful glass buildings.
-- Tazeen City: It was mostly wiped out by a flood in 2014, and is still in the process of being rebuilt on an artificial platform like Glasny City.
-- Lake of Dond: A very large lake in the center of the province. It has a lot of interesting wildlife.
-- Voyal: A town built on an artificial island just off the coast.

Solatian Round (Letters: JSR, Symbol: 🌓). It comes in the form of large circular steel coins of identical size, which come in denominations of 1🌓, 15🌓, 225🌓, and 3375🌓.

2. Naix
With the exception of Viridian City, this province is very poor. People who break the law get thrown off the city walls forever, so much of the countryside is populated by really weird people.

-- Viridian City: One of the eleven cities of Neia. The capital of Naix.
-- The Fold: A huge, dense woodland surrounding Viridian City on three sides. There are many villages here, a lot of which are secret.
-- The Rotting Tower: A huge wooden tower on the far edge of The Fold. It should have fallen down long ago, but something or someone is keeping it standing. There is a village at the base of the tower.
-- Zara Crest: A district occupied by the Cult of Zara. They keep to themselves, but outsiders found in this land are brutally executed.

Currency: Naixian Arch (Letters: JNA, Symbol: ❉). Coins are perfectly square, and are designed to stack on top of each other easily. It has far too high a value to be of much use in day-to-day life, however. The denominations are 0.00001❉, which is white, 0.0001❉, 0.001❉, 0.01❉, 0.1❉, which are different shades of green, 1❉, 2❉, 3❉, and 4❉, which are different shades of red.

3. Sooliad
A province of marvellous natural beauty, but also incredible danger. Most settlements are underground, to stay away from the extreme temperatures and dangerous landscapes.

-- Axs City: This city is famous for its grand libraries. It is underground. The capital of Sooliad.
-- Sortania: A treacherous grassland, where the smallest mistake quickly brings death. It is very hot.
-- Nor Region: A tall and steep mountain range, with many glaciers. Thunderstorms are common. It is very cold.
-- Yaren Badlands: A desert covered in strange rock formations. Many mythical beasts live here.

Currency: Sooliad Nil (Letters: JSN, symbol: ∅). 200 Nil is called a Zrence, which has the symbol ℤ. Coins are made of paper, and only exist for 1∅ and 1ℤ.

4. Frakticah
A chaotic place where no laws are enforced. The government's power does not extend this far. On the other hand, who knows what rewards await the strong.


-- Alukari Village: Named after the Hero of Jarodimia. The capital of Frakticah, but only because it is the only real town there.
-- Ralarima: A bitterly cold land where rich people live in fabulous towers and everyone else is thrown to the ice.
-- Archon City: A giant fortress in a far corner of the continent, built to survive the return of Trycin. It is closed to everyone.
-- Ashenland: A bleak sandy desert without much life. Thick smoke rises out of the ground in many places, making the sky dark.

Currency: Alukari Crown (Letters: JFC, symbol: ✺). Coins are for many strange denominations, but the most common are 10,000,000✺, which is purple and has the outline of Jarodimia on it, 120,000,000✺, which is blue and has a picture of Dyrnwyn on it, and 1,440,000,000✺, which is green and has a picture of Alukari's face on it.
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