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Author Topic: Gireathe-Jin  (Read 71 times)

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« on: 18 February 2015, 20:51:06 »
Gireathe-Jin is one of the seven natural Newerthian continents.

NAME:Pronunciation: gureedhjin
IPA: /ɡɜrˈiːđ dʒɪn/

  • Grisen Village: a village constructed by the ancient Hero of Titian Grisen, and thus one of the Eight Heroes' Villages. Grisen's shrine is said to contain the spear, Tonbogiri. Surrounding the village is Fřrest Forest.
  • Portia City: a city located to the far northern parts of the continent, and located in the middle of Désert Desert. Poisonous chemicals are manufactured in pyramids similar to those found in Egypt. Clothing and protective gear (like gas masks, hazmat suits, etc.) are made in pyramids similar to ziggurats. Food is produced at pyramids similar to Nubian pyramids.
  • Titian City: a city located to the southern parts of the continent, and located at the coast. It is home to the only major port on the continent and is the capital city of the province, and one of the Eight Cities of Neia.
  • Umbridge City: a city located inside Mount Mňúnt. The caverns leading to it are treacherous and contain ores that give off toxic gases, necessitating gas masks. These ores are mined and sent to the military to create toxic gas-based weapons. The houses and other man-made buildings seem to have some kind of device that magically generates oxygen, though how this is possible is currently unknown to the citizens. Only the king and queen of Gireathe-Jin seems to know how.
  • Towun Town: a small fishing town located to the west of Titian City. Most fish are caught here.
  • Kozni Town: a small town located on a small island in the middle of Lake Lákč. Oddly, it has palm trees.
  • Désert Desert: a desert surrounding Portia City.
  • Fřrest Forest: a forest surrounding Grisen Village. South is Swamp Swĺmp, and east is Mount Mňúnt.
  • Lake Lákč: a lake between Désert Desert, Mount Mňúnt and Swamp Swĺmp. In the center of the lake is a small island where Kozni Town is found.
  • Swamp Swĺmp: a swamp between Lake Lákč and Fřrest Forest. A lot of toxic plants are here, however, forcing travelers to wear gas masks. In addition, there are a lot of monsters here, so even with gas masks, traveling through this swamp isn't safe.
  • Růîn Ruins: ruins located in the center of Swamp Swĺmp. What remains are a lot of toxic plants and various damaged or destroyed buildings, as well as a lot of skeletons that seem not to be decaying.
  • Mount Mňúnt: a mountain west of Fřrest Forest, and east of Lake Lákč. Inside the hazardous caverns are ores that give off toxic gases, and deeper inside, one can find Umbridge City.
  • Mřůntĺěn Mountain: a mountain north of Titian City, and south of Lake Lákč.

The currency of Gireathe-Jin is Dark Coins - these are black coins forged with ores imbued with darkness.
Each school on the continent has the same curriculum and similar uniforms, where the only differences are the school jackets, the school emblems and the colors of the skirts and socks.
Boys wear school jackets with white long-sleeved shirts and grey trousers with knee-high socks (which may be either grey or the school's official color) and black school shoes, with a full-face gas mask, at all times. Their hair may reach the neck, but any longer than that is forbidden for them.
Girls wear school jackets with white long-sleeved shirts, skirts (of any length, though anything shorter than a miniskirt is banned), and black school shoes, with a full-face gas mask, at all times. During the summer, they may wear knee-high socks or thigh-high stockings, but during the winter, they may wear thigh-high stockings or opaque tights (all hosiery may be black, or the official color of the school). Their hair may be at any length, but if it is longer than shoulder-length, they are to tie their hair up in ponytails or twintails. If a girl chooses to wear a miniskirt, she must wear tights.
During the winter, girls may wear gloves and/or mittens of any length as well, though boys may not. Make-up is entirely forbidden, unless there is a school concert (in which case students participating in the school play can forgo the usual school uniform on the day of the school concert).

  • Grisen Village: School jackets are a light brown color with the emblem over the left side of the chest. Boys are to wear brown or grey socks. Girls are to wear brown or black knee-highs, thigh-highs or tights, and gloves and mittens are to be the same colors, but their skirts must be brown.
  • Kozni Town: School jackets are light green in color. The emblem is over the left side of the chest. Boys are to wear grey or light green socks. Girls can wear light green skirts, black or light green socks/stockings/tights and black or light green gloves/mittens.
  • Portia City: School jackets are purple in color. The emblem is on the back of the jacket. Boys are to wear grey or purple socks. Girls can wear purple or violet skirts, black, purple or violet socks/stockings/tights and black, purple or violet gloves/mittens.
  • Titian City: School jackets are a maroon-brown color with the emblem over the right side of the chest. Boys are to wear brown or grey socks, whereas girls are to wear reddish-orange skirts with black, red or orange socks/stockings/tights/gloves/mittens.
  • Towun Town: School jackets are blue in color. The emblem is on the back of the jacket. Boys are to wear grey or blue socks. Girls can wear blue skirts, black or blue socks/stockings/tights and black or blue gloves/mittens.
  • Umbridge City: School jackets are black, grey, or white in color. The emblem is on the back of the jacket. Boys are to wear grey socks. Girls can wear black, grey or white skirts, black, grey or white socks/stockings/tights and black, grey or white gloves/mittens. Unlike the other schools, girls may wear miniskirts with thigh-high stockings or knee-high socks, and can wear gloves or mittens whenever they feel like it. Shoes and jackets are also not mandatory at this school, which is strange for various reasons.

The military of Gireathe-Jin is known for its constant use of chemical weaponry. While their leader, General of the Army Sereńa Burnette, doesn't approve of it, she has been unable to persuade the kings and queens of the continent to cease the use and manufacturing of these weapons. Due to the chemical weapons being commonly used, citizens of Gireathe-Jin all have gas masks with them at all times; it's part of school uniforms on the continent as well. The very first documented use of chemical weaponry was in 1852.
Criminals are executed in gas chambers, though the poison gas used depends on the severity of the crimes. For minor crimes like theft and jaywalking, the criminals are only slightly poisoned and then thrown in a jail cell; if they die there, the police officers simply bury the dead criminals. If they survive, they are to remain there for a set duration (usually five to ten years for theft). Murderers, on the other hand, are exposed to toxic gas until they die. The more murders they committed, the more poisonous the gases used will be, and thus the faster their deaths will be (usually); murderers with at least fifty kills are generally executed with nerve agents like VX gas. However, if somehow they are immortal or unable to die from the poisonous gas, they are simply buried alive.

As a monarchy, people would expect the kings and queens to have a list of the past kings and queens somewhere. The list currently consists of:
  • King Alfonso Fernández I and Queen Elena Masamune (1450 - 1500)
  • King Alfonso Fernández II and Queen Erin Hikari (1500 - 1587)
  • King Alfonso Fernández III and Queen Elis von Camera (1587 - 1638)
  • King Alfonso Fernández IV and Queen García Hosokawa I (1638 - 1690)
  • King Alfonso Fernández V and Queen García Hosokawa II (1690 - 1730)
  • King Alfonso Fernández VI and Queen García Hosokawa III (1730 - 1755)
  • King Rodrigo Díaz and Queen Ximena Díaz (1755 - 1790)
  • King Richard and Queen Richardis (1790 - 1850)
  • King Zordon and Queen Nordez (1850 - 1901)
  • King Heinrich I and Queen Taialich I (1901 - 1960)
  • King Heinrich II and Queen Taialich II (1960 - 1994)
  • King Heinrich III and Queen Taialich III (1994 - 2010)
  • King Lou and Queen Ki (2010 - 2016)
Royalty having last names are very rare. The very first King and Queen of this continent were King Alfonso Fernández I and Queen Elena Masamune who began their rule in 1450; prior to this, the country had no rulers at all.
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