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Author Topic: TAC  (Read 70 times)

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« on: 19 February 2015, 18:55:27 »
Terra-Nova is the only man-made continent in Newerth


Years ago before the tower was sent to Tirahnys there were a group of people trying to build something that will blow people’s mind away. The group consisted of 3 masterminds, 10 worker and engineers and a couple of sponsors helping out the project. After months of work and failed experiments the team decided to take a break and meanwhile to stack up on materials. They heard rumors about new continent being found. Interested they decided to explore the new continent for things that might help them at some point. When they arrived at the mines a few days later they found out about an energy reproducing mineral so rare in Tirahnys they had it in their museum. But the mineral was in enormous quantity leading for a much bigger scope of the project. The team insisted to stay at the mines so they can analyze the mineral. Before they realized they started building large research facilities, new flats for the miners and their families. They built up a capital called Heliotrope City. Any found sign of civilization were occupied and made technologically as well. One of those towns was Hilary town, town named on the heroine of unknown origins helped the fall of Dracula. As for the technology based on their old research expanded drastically thanks to the mineral.
Years later the continent was changed beyond recognition. Electromagnetic technology allowed vehicles to fly into the air. Eye pleasuring neon signs scream details at the human eye. The tall skyscrapers cut the clouds by 2 and the neon lights make them look like a water painting. Everything was beautiful.

10th of March 2008

Big day for the continent. The president announce the independency of the continent from that day on called Terra-Nova. The only way the other continents got to know that was through the last emigrants. They called the continent TAC (Short for Technologically Advanced Continent) As for Terra-Nova they threatens anyone trying to attack the continent with air forces, robots, and soldiers. They don’t want anyone to steal their resources. As a last thanks to Tirahnys they sent the Tower and guns from the 3 masterminds, now called the three legendary gunsmiths due to the fact that those guns were a big help for Tirahnys at hard times. 

6th of January 2014

Almost a year after the castle master’s threatening, lost all hope for salvation, the people of Tirahnys say that TAC is to blame because they didn’t send any of their “fancy” robots or soldiers to help save the world. Meanwhile in Terra-Nova an explosion was heard and a skyscraper was seen to fell down. 20% of Terra-Nova is destroyed, 25% of the citizens are dead or missing, 40% of the military soldiers too. The children are crying, holding on to their running mothers. The continent is attacked by a group of terrorist consisted of the local population trying mindlessly to change the planet to its former self. Everything is in chaos. It’s a matter of time for it to fall down together.
A wounded man holding a telegraph from Tirahnys says his last words to his daughter: “The world is going to die. But we. We are going to die first.”

            Known Locations                                                                                                                                                   

Heliotrope City: After the events of Lunar Shadow the whole city is in ruins. There are still survivors trying to make the place suitable for living with no results.

Hilary Town: A former village named after the Heroin of the continent and the headquarters of the terrorist. Bombed multiple times by the last of the military from Heliotrope City.

Cogito Research Facilities: The Facilities built during the inquisition of the continent. Full of mineral waste.
All your Doom belongs to fuckin alfa, ****

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