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Author Topic: Misery of Magic -- 1.0.3  (Read 489 times)

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Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« Reply #60 on: 03 July 2021, 20:18:43 »
Aurora's literally nightly version, number 0.4.8:

-- Re-fixed "interactable" draw bug because the previous fix re-broke some other things. If I weren't right at the end of the project, I'd reorganise my hierarchy of technical objects to fix it comprehensively, but instead I just slapped a bandaid on it, yay.
-- Fixed Steelman dialogue.
-- Random encounters can no longer rarely happen on Floor 4 of Fire Hole. This was due to a moderate-severity form of antechamber bug.
-- Fixed the flying pyramid in ending 12, then decided to add it back in as an easter egg because it's hilarious.
-- Fixed bug where knockback calculations would use an incorrect centre of most sprites.
-- Can no longer warp from the end of Fire Hole directly to the middle of Energy Centre (!!?!?!?!??)
-- Endings 3 through 5 no longer crash at the end.

-- Buffed charge speed of the Upsilon Carinae and its broken white version.
-- Demon 72's head now has a larger hitbox -- previously, it was so small that it would enjoy hanging out in the margin between the edge of the screen and the barrier just beyond it which stops demons from going offscreen.
-- Can no longer simply walk past the penultimate boss. Like, wow.
-- Buffed said penultimate boss slightly, by making him heavier. Was way too easy to throw around and heavily stun with strong late-game weapons.
-- FINALLY fixed the bug where Breeze occasionally displays as a white block in certain menus. This had me stumped for ages but turned out to be something really obvious >_<
-- Picking up the Nuclear Blaze no longer causes the small puzzles in North Edge to disappear. Taking the Nuclear Blaze was supposed to get rid of the colour fences which make up the Radioactive Hall puzzle so you can just walk out after grabbing it, but it turned out it was getting rid of all the colour fences in the entire game.
-- Fixed some of the text in Breeze's epilogue area.

-- Fixed bug where Nuclear Blaze's weak initial hit would deal red damage instead of yellow damage.
-- Fixed a few minor menu bugs associated with the endgame sequence.
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