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Author Topic: Xenoa: Lunar Shadow  (Read 167 times)

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Re: Xenoa: Lunar Shadow
« on: 16 September 2022, 21:47:49 »
Some time ago, I posted some updated sprites for the Shinica + Luna fight which gives Shinica a dark aura. I ended up thinking while making dinner about how the final boss could have different dialogue depending on if you spared the two or not.

If you did, Serenity tears Aidan a new one over all the horrible things he's done and being disgusted that he's dating a clone of her, creeped out by the implications of this. Tranquility hints that she knows that Aidan's current form is a disguise while stating her attraction to the real Aidan, with Serenity being rather steamed about having to deal with a clone saying these things while wearing her face. Then they fight. (The dialogue is altered slightly if you either let Ilina live or die)

If you didn't, Aidan tries to gloat over how Serenity basically killed her mother (Valkyrie), her sister (Shinica), her uncle (Ladislaw Smit) and aunt (Xydia Horton) while revealing that the latter two had been turned into Sycor and XYZ. He then finishes by calling Serenity a murderer. Serenity loses it and verbally blasts him for being a hypocrite for all the murders he's committed and that he tricked her into killing Valerie's parents. Aidan laughs it off and the two fight. (If the player also let Ilina die, then this dialogue is altered slightly)

If Valerie Horton is the final boss of the "kill Shinica/Lunadine" route, Serenity is glad to see Valerie only for the latter to declare that she hates Serenity for murdering her parents. Serenity retorts that she didn't know that her parents had been turned into monsters. Valerie then points out that Serenity had no problem with allowing Shinica to possibly be killed by Grialdyn's burning shrapnel remains and if you let Ilina die, didn't think about what would happen to Newerth after Ilina's death.

Serenity tries to apologize for her mistakes only for Valerie -mad with grief- to accuse Serenity of making excuses and only caring about her parents before deciding to avenge her family members. Then the fight begins. Killing Valerie gets you the Familicide Ending where you save Newerth but Serenity is left alone and is later killed several years later in 2017 trying to stop a resurrected Aidan.

If the player got the normal ending, the game's ending hints that there might be another way and perhaps Serenity could get her parents back, unlocking the way to Confusion Zone.

During the Castle Master Serenity ending, the narration mentions Serenity searching around the castle, driven to madness and finding Lunar Shadow itself. She then uses its powers and becomes Fallen Serenity, kickstarting her newfound reign of terror across Newerth.

Also, a joke ending where if you go through the backdoor to the final boss, Aidan just flips and rants about how Serenity ruined the moment and that he **** quits, never to be seen again.
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