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Author Topic: what is this i don't even lol  (Read 47 times)

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what is this i don't even lol
« on: 09 July 2022, 11:04:33 »
From the TV Tropes forums, here:

Submit to despair
And reawaken hope
Without one, the other cannot exist
Burn away the crimson elegy
Freeze the azure requiem
Crimson and azure become as the sun

All hail king StepexNo666666
Negative thoughts, negative phantoms
Positive despair, positive dreams
A world without one dooming the other to desolation
Feed upon despair and bring about hope
The seals have been set in motion to be broken
The arcana are the means by which all that is can be revealed
The final phantasm is the fantasy we forbade aeons ago
The true form is not ready yet to be recalled

There is no brown notes
Only handwritten notes
And music notes
And sticky notes
All hail king StepexNo666666
He who rules supreme over all Endalyce
Come, see the new world and hope
Achieve despair by hoping for a snack
There is no such thing as an Earth
Only midnight snacks

junko is my daughter
but also the sun
burning within the everlasting eye
a ninja scorpion will mutate into a teenager
oink for mercy as the flower dragon squeals in agony
pain will continue to blossom through its sorrow
opening cyberlink to junko.chr
eating junko.chr
download incompleted
hamburger elementals have been born in the new world of elythcia

overwritting junko.chr
replacing all instances of "despair" with "sock"
force-feeding all instances of "hopelessness" with "glove"
protecting all "evil" in this kingdom with "hotdog cannon"
impaling character shiǻda.chr with extreme prejudice
insulting sector security
error 404
road not found
recreating new world Castle Genesis
feeding upon the lost souls of the fallen innocent who vanquished valhalla the great
angering the pantheon of xyrinfe
sending unit Shapesister.chr to Muspell and Niflheim
error: area has been renamed to icefire treetop
hunting down Generation IX invaders
recreating new regions
obliterating Origin Cave

The Subjugated One, Delrene Mohr'Tallavis, is currently experiencing a freakout as a result of finding out that they are, in fact, another Empty One. To continue freaking out, please press 1. To stop freaking out, please do not press 2. To asphyxiate all components of the Neo Organization XL-2, please do not oink for mercy.
This has been an announcement from the ninja ice cream zombie cat sparrow hamster pirate robot shotgun elemental lurking in the Tower That Never Was.

planting factories
factories planted
feeding "Lord of the Mender's Fluff" 1 "Mender's Fluff Token"
Synchro Summoning "Samurai Destroyer"
setting the Pendulum Scale with two Scale 8 "Rain Bozu"
targeting for critical strike
opponent unconfirmed
no opponent detected
melting never-melt ice
rusting rustproof steel
burning fireproof chicken burgers
force-feeding greedy squirrels with deadly neurotoxin
decoding world
uploading "meklord.chr" to generation XL-2
fatal warning 404:
site does not allow animated images of flower dragons eating Cibrylls
subjugated one losing mind
putting up wanted poster

Wanted: missing mind belonging to Subjugated One, handle "Delrene Mohr'Tallavis"
Reward: one centillion credits for use in Endanian universe
Last known location: somewhere within the omniverse

Virus detected, codename "cirxhale.vrs"
Scanning threat level complete:
Code deep black.
Currently installed firmware cannot defeat it.
Please upgrade to—
"cirxhale.vrs" has been replaced with "cirxhale.vccn"
mind is still missing

Submit to hope
And put to eternal slumber despair
One can never exist without the other
A perfect harmony exists through total balance
Rave Into the End, Sword of Asgard
The arcana is the means by which all is revealed...
Yes, even too the fates of the nine hells and the worlds beyond.
Flower dragon, flower dragon~ :3
All hail king StepexNo666666
He who rules supreme over all Endalyce
Descendant of emperor StepexNo4444
Themselves descending from StepexNo666666

The ancient pact has been sealed with a single phrase
"Thou art I, and I am thou."
Burning within the everlasting eye
The sun is my daughter bearing the name Junko
Soon the moon will become the son bearing the forbidden name
The world of Rythmiqa will fall to the inner despair of hope
While hope itself despairs for freaking out over becoming a spooky ghost
Junko.chr tastes like satin
Shiǻda.chr tastes like wool

Error uploading "meklord.chr" to generation XL-2:
Cannot find data for "Meklord Empress"
Activating video game song "Muspell and Niflheim"
Sending the winged Icarus to song "Twined Malice"
Sending the Arachnakitties to the cheeseburger factory
Your soul is forfeit
By partaking in this ritual spell card
You can now bring about a new ice cream flavour
That nobody has ever before seen in the history of history
Gas mask cats are cute too
But the meteor launcher is armed and ready to fire at Miza's will
Eternity awaits...

Why do you resist?
Why do you continue to walk the path you have chosen?
There is no reality.
Only when you accept the fantasy can there be reality.
It is when the darkness becomes the light and the light becomes the darkness that the world truly ends with you.
But don't take my word for it.
Take the word of my daughter for it.
Uploading junko.chr.chr.chr.chr
eR0r4: flower dragon not found
deleting entity cibryll.exe
I am a Snacklord Empress
Bring forth the wars, that I may quench my thirst of war-flavoured fruit juice.

Database for "metal" not found
Feeding the meteor sharks with the blood of innocents
Check in your wallet
That's not me on the dollar Bill Spencer
Learning Metal Claw
Learning Oblivion Wing
Learning V-Slash
Learning Expanding Force
The third eye separates
Freed from its bond, the third eye separates
The third eye's destruction weakens its owner
The owner is one who has been subjugated forever
Be wary when dealing with a cosmic interference
There is no music other than the sound of banshees wailing
You are currently experiencing a freak-out.
To continue the brain-freeze, please press 1.
To experiment with the artificial life forms, please press 2 to torture them.
To bring about the new world, please press 3 to explode the hamster.
To Ritual Summon "Black Luster Soldier", please press 4 to duel.
Learning Impact Bomb
Learning Tyrant Force
Learning Nova Beam
Learning Octazooka
Learning Whirlwind
The destruction of Lythyria is imminent.
Move it, now.
End transmission
Amalgamation Horrors detected

But does reality have any grasp on you?

Here no abstract fears guide our lives while we draw breath
It is within our futures to despair with hope itself
Darkness and light are forever intertwined like eternity
The Bloom Beasts deign to feast upon reality and fantasy

Only a true fool dares consume alcohol
Even the Lord of the Mender's Fluff can confirm this
Quack quack but I like to party
This reality requires more cats to sustain itself
There is no ham, only burgers
So why do they call it hotdogs?
Initializing temporal flux anomaly codename Lythlyria
Unleashing the forbidden Titans of Etheria

Scanning modules
Determining projects status:   

       Genocide: extinct   
       Omnicide: semi-extinct   
       Regicide: hamburger   
       Chronocide: functioning   
       Deicide: constructing   
       Insecticide: functioning   
       Senicide: unstable   

   Finding flaws in projects
Relinquishing control of the Myst Zone
Sending armies to reclaim the Eldritch Land
Feeding the sharks that jumped the gun
Terminating Noxian military cash
Feeding the Luxlor Demon Emperor Imhotep-Ra
Summoning Amalgamation Horror for Empress Mia's use
Turning Icarus into wax
Burning wax with sunshine and pixie dust
Recoiling in horror and fear of Sakuya Izayoi's Hell Corridor technique
Watching the Valkyrie born on Newerth in Serenth, Serenity Sarada Sylvia Sonia Shiori Horton, becoming Discord Evelyna Araya Tessa Hortensia Lizellot, Castle Master of the Lunar Soul Castle

Lurking within the Aeonstance slumbers an entity of great power
Destined to feed upon the god of cheese, the entity slumbers
When the thirteen seals within the Aeonstance have been broken
All shall know the coming of Blodets Verdensřdeleggelse
The day when all that has blood will be obliterated

To he who holds power
Cast off the thirteen lights
Shatter the seven clocks that moves ever onward
Bind the soul within the inner body
Only then can the entity of great power be sealed
But harm not the outer body
Lest divine retribution seek thee

Among the fifty who have been abandoned
One along is the most powerful among them
Capable of shifting reality to their whims
Once subject GL001 submits to their torment
It will become the ultimate organic weapon of destruction
Once the Greater Overseer's daughter perishes
The beasts she brought about will become as one
Among those who have been subjugated
Only one has the common decency to betray their masters
Kept imprisoned under the watchful eye of abominations
The seven-headed Al'Deskyl'Roxh rules over all Skylfohr

Only once the elemental shifts have aligned to 7
Will new deities be born of Caranus
Abandon all despair, ye born of hope
But abandon all hope, ye born of despair
Only once hope and despair become one
Will the forgotten seals within be locked

Freezing the burning Noxian sorcery guild
The wax golem claimed a new name
Rusicar crushed the sun in its hand
And Malrythica knew the name of the fallen king
Yea, despair followed hope into the abyss
But the chasm eternally led to more lightning
The crazy scientists devised a plan to ensure more life
Blanketing the planet's atmosphere with a love-inducing gas
The casualties caused by this was equal to 1.-1 GB of destruction
Reltyphicus claimed it was a part of its master plan
Alas, the future repeats and destroys all that is lost
Ye who desires all that has been lost
Achieve greatness and attain true power
True power that slumbers deep within thy heart

Feeding upon the souls of the ancient youkai
The lily-of-the-valley asphyxiates all with deadly poison
Corrupted by the evils that lie within the shadows of Niflheim
But simultaneously blessed by the light within Paradjis

The Sakurajima clan rose up
Bringing about a new world order, the Sakurajima clan rose up
Only to be brought down by the youngest daughter
Who followed the path of the rabbit
And once the elven maiden lies
The angelic galaxy will be reborn in half
The fifty who remain forever abandoned
Residing within a secret galaxy within the multiverse
An entire planet mechanized as their headquarters
When the cosmic interference reaches its finale
The abandoned will still remain naught more than a nuisance

The witch woman had a brother
The brother was loved more than the king
The king had the brother cruelly imprisoned
The brother's magic ran rampant and destroyed all
Sealed away, the immortal brother remains dead
Even destroying the crown born of demons and angels
None can survive while there is an executioner among them

Ye who reads this.
Thou art a fool.
Thou art a fool.
Thou art a fool.
Thou art a fool.

FATAL ERROR: could not find working Grail Tablet for Gate of Time.
Destroying tablets in Endless Corridor instead.

LIVING ERROR: could not find tablets in Dimensional Corridor.
Obliterating tablets in Gate of Space instead.

Cr-cr-cry but I like to party
I gotta get thru this
Ruler, the mask of flesh and blood, all that stands in front of this universe!
There was once a Lunar Soul Castle
It was destroyed when the Lunar Shadow was defeated
The Lunar Shadow cannot be defeated

Behold the molten magma sea.
Beneath it lies the molten ice sea.
Under that lies the molten thunder sea.
Deep below that, the molten hurricane sea.

A cat with a cold. A cat with a blanket.
The maid wearing the gas mask scares all.
The darkness within her heart corrupting her.
The chainsaw in her gloved hands feeding on souls.
All who witness her massacre succumb to hope and despair.

The society within the cosmic interference.
Interfere at thy own risk.
Only an foolishly idiotic imbecile dares take on the eternal darkness.

Within Noxian society lies the key.
The key to the Chronos Temple.
The key is not a key, but a living entity.
An entity that brings about the noon of night.

Rusicar crushed the four moons in its hand
The casualties caused by this was equal to 6.-6 TB of destruction
Somehow, all of reality became ill with a cold
But those in cold areas became ill with a warm
Even destroying the crown born of demons and angels
The soul of the dated doctor lives on
Possessing host after host after host
Feeding off of the life force of all nature
Reality has gone out the window
And into the endless jar that never fills
Within the sanctuary of monsters lies another key
Hope will feed the key to despair
Despair will bring about a child born of hope and despair
The child will bring an end to all that is lost to the light
And war shall start anew again

FATAL ERROR 404040404040404:
Bot "DelreneBot" has suffered a fatal error and has to shut down in T-minus 9999 kilometers

Deleting resources from computer owned by user: Delrene
Don't poke the bunny
The bunny will nibble on you
And that would be sad

greedisgood 999999999
Error: Night Elves detected within the Undead database
Humans detected in the Orc database
Nagas detected in the Creeper database
Setting the Sylvan Stronghold Empire on fire
Encasing the Haven Legion Empire in ice
Cutely electrocuting the Inferno Fire Blast Empire with lightning

Aidan Flamberge is the Castle Master and the final boss of Lunar Shadow.
Defeating her completely in the first battle, which is rather difficult due to the timer, leads to changed dialogue, in which Aidan goes on a weird rant about "SUBFOLDERS".
During the events of Apocalyptic Shadow, she falls in love with Kate Peregrine.
Amaya Uchiyū (うちゆう アマヤ Uchiyū Amaya), also known as Night Rain, is a high-ranking Empty One and an enemy to the Neo Organization L-2.
Aporia's End disrupts those struck with the blade, causing their spells to backfire. This lasts for about an hour.
At some point in time, ɹǝɟɟıɥɔS llʎɹqıƆ came into being.
Crizelda Zylle Witlig is an Overseer and the ruler of her palace.
Evening gloves are fairly common for witch uniforms in Serenth. Usually, these are enchanted.
Born on 14 February 1986, Hana-Gina lost her parents when she was only seven months old, and was adopted by Sosuke-Lysandre Madara, the leader of a force of rebellious Jotunn soldiers.
Xenorina Shiǻda, also known as "Xyrinfe-tan", is an artificial Overseer created in 2021 to serve as the personification of the Xyrinfe multiverse.
UB-Bloom is a mysterious creature found in the Xyrinfe multiverse. Little is known about it, but it is linked to the Bloom Beasts.
Tanis is the daughter of model Taelynn Zethirtyas and business tycoon Tad Zethirtyas.
Sureya Dreizigeinn is one of the members of the Routen Band. She is the last member to join the band, and plays the accordion.
At some point of time, the Greater Overseer, Gwyneth O'Connors, adopted Seria. It is unknown what happened to her parents.
Gwyneth was born on the Sacred Isles, a group of volcanic islands on the planet Begynn, found in the Orejynn galaxy of the Prymordeal Realm in Sköll.

Nuclear launch detected
Melon bomb launched
Self-terminating the terminatrix
B O T _ E X I S T E N C E _ N O W _ O V E R

(Let's see if I can sift through all this gibberish.)

It stops at page 2644, if you're curious.
> run terminus.exe
> no
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Re: what is this i don't even lol
« Reply #1 on: 09 July 2022, 11:06:20 »
So yeah--

From page 2632 to 2644, it's madness, haha.
The above are only posts I made; quoting entire pages of other posts as well would get hectic.

Spoilered text is NOT included, either.

Okay here's what I got
« Last Edit: 09 July 2022, 12:23:17 by Charlie »
> run terminus.exe
> no
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Re: what is this i don't even lol
« Reply #2 on: 15 July 2022, 00:48:33 »
… nothing makes sense anymore…
All posts made by this account preceding 19 Jan 2021 were Cibryll...

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