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Author Topic: King 2.0's Well Thread  (Read 1016 times)

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Re: King 2.0's Well Thread
« Reply #105 on: 05 November 2022, 21:01:25 »
I'm feeling evil and-- well, you can answer these when the Scarlet/Violet games release in a few weeks, if you want. (Or just edit your reply. Or shove me off a cliff into
a Bloom Beast's nest. Or something. :p )

And now some entirely random Pokémon questions just for the heck of it. :p
7. Which Ultra Beast would you associate with me? :3
8 . Most memorable Pokémon cry, to you?
9. Favourite rival and villainous organization?
10. If you were a Warlord (like those in the Ransei region), which Pokémon would your perfect link be with? (Doesn't have to be restricted to those found in Ransei, but it does affect your Warlord transformations, I guess?)

11. You look out your window to see a Gigantamax Pikachu looking at you. What do you do?

12. You open the door to find a Mega Evolved Pokémon holding a Poké Ball. What Pokémon is it?

13. You receive an envelope from a secret admirer. Inside it, is a Z-Crystal. What Z-Crystal is it?

14. You run into a group of evil people who seal people's souls into cards. Do you challenge them and give it your all to defeat them, or do you run for the hills and hope they don't give chase?

15. A beautiful blonde princess with green eyes invites you for a dinner, at any (real) location of your choice.

16. Which Nature would best describe: (a) you, (b) a loved one, and (c) your ideal love?
17. Out of all the cross-generational evolutions introduced in Generation VIII (including those of the regional variants), which has your favourite colour?
18. Best battle theme from every Pokémon game that you've played? (Or at least, those that are memorable.)
19. Pokémon Contests, Pokémon Musicals, or Pokéstar Studio?
20. You wake up in the Pokémon world as a 10-year old Trainer about to start a first journey. Which region are you in, and what Starter do you pick?

And now, freedom from Pokémon questions, haha. >:3

21. Are you pleased with all these questions?
22. Favourite mythological deities? (Minimum: 3.)
23. Ness has granted you one special power, but at a cost. What power is this, and at what cost?

24. What is the velocity of an unladen swallow?

And for the final touch…
25. On a scale of 1 to 100, how Flower Dragon is this post? :3
Because Pokemon Scarlet/Violet isn't out and there is a lot of questions, I'll be skipping the first few.

1) Considering you as Bloom would mention Nilhego, it's either that one or Pheromosa.
2) Registeel. It sounds like that sound effect in Transformers whenever any of the characters transform.
3) Hue had a cool design, and his theme was neat. Best evil team would have to be Team Plasme due to their goals making the most sense.
4) Rayquaza, Hydriegon or Zekrom.
5) Put my finger into my palm or look at my hands to check that I'm dreaming.
6) I'm just questioning the idea of a Mega-Evolved Pokemon holding a Pokeball and can only conclude that the Pokeball either belongs to it or that it somehow contains an identical Mega Evolved Pokemon.
7) Either a Darkinium Z, Grassium Z or a Groundium Z.
8) If their only means of attack is sealing people into cards, then challenge them to a fight. Surely, they lack any actual body strength if sealing is their main means of offence.
9) I'd say her house, but I don't want to burden her with cooking for us both (unless we order something like Chinese) and going to restaurants sounds a like a hassle. Fast food places are out of the question because I don't want her thinking I have no standards and that I'm too lazy to give us something better.
10) Serious, Relaxed and Gentle
11) It's either Cursola or Basculegion.
12) Gym Leader theme (HGSS), Kyogre & Groundon (RSE), Team Aqua/Magma Leader Battle (ORAS), Battle! Cynthia (DPP), Battle! Ghetsis (BW), Black Kyurem (BW2), Battle! Yvetal/Xerneas (XY), Battle! Guzma (Sun/Moon), Entei's Rampage (Pokemon Ranger), Darkrai/Regigigas (Pokemon Ranger: Shadow of Almia) and Past Boss Theme 1 (Pokemon Rangers: Guardian Signs.
13) Pokestar Studios.
14) Once I get over the idea of being a 10 year old, I'll probably end up in Sinnoh. I will pick Chimchar.
15) Some of them have proven interesting.
16) Anubis, Yaldabaoth and Abraxas.
17) PK Rockin'. I will be seeing colourful lights which may make sleeping somewhat harder.
18) That's a Monty Python reference isn't it?
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