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04 April 2021, 11:52:15

Re: Misery of Magic updates >_< by AuroraDash
04 April 2021, 11:49:02

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03 April 2021, 22:43:22

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03 April 2021, 14:06:49

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Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 17 April 2021, 10:24:50 »
All these multiple endings do sound quite interesting. And considering that Solar Shadow 2 had 11 endings, that means that this game may have them in a single mode or across multiple modes like in SS2/

It'll all be in a single mode :3

Endings 8 and 9 are done now!

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 12 April 2021, 15:58:12 »
The five main good endings are pretty much done! There are now 7 implemented in total (because a couple of the short endings were already made a while ago). I'm now going to add several more short endings, which won't take much effort each. I had a document with heaps of ideas for endings, but I'm not sure how many will make it into the final game, because some of the ideas are quite weak and I don't want it to take too long. In any case, there are going to be A LOT of endings, definitely even more than SS2 has.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 04 April 2021, 11:52:15 »
There is a CATS menu...?!

(Intensely looks forward to this game.)

When exactly did you begin with Misery of Magic... if I may ask...?

It's a characters menu, basically. It lets you check weapon tiers as well.

I started way back in October of 2016 I think. Kept getting bored and/or distracted, got really busy with more important things, took heaps of many-month-long hiatuses, and pretty much lost interest in making games altogether for a long time.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 04 April 2021, 11:49:02 »
So will this game have any post-game content or will it just focus on the main content?

It will just focus on the main content -- I think it's already quite big enough. There was some post-game stuff I ended up cutting which I planned on adding back in, in an update at some later point, but I don't know if I'll ever get around to that.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 19 March 2021, 04:26:12 »
For a few weeks I didn't do much unfortunately, but now the endings are coming along nicely. Misery of Magic wasn't designed for cutscenes at all, so I had to fudge together some new code to make the endings work the way I wanted.

Fixed a graphical bug in the load game menu.

Game no longer crashes when loading a game into the final boss room. This happened because doing that somehow skips the part where one phase of the final boss sets up the surface it needs for its cool effects.

Can now select weapons in the tier menu under the cats menu to see a brief description of each one. Not important, but nice to have.

If you have 3 characters, they'll now all appear correctly in the cats menu.

Entertainment General / Re: Pokémon
« on: 26 February 2021, 11:18:36 »
Oooh, Uranium! ^_^

Which Starter, if I may ask?
Orchynx, Raptorch, Eletux? :3

Sorry for the outrageously slow response...

It was Raptorch :3 For whatever reason, most of the time, I like the fire type starters, with the exception of Gen 2, where I prefer Chikorita, and the fangame Pokemon Indigo, where I prefer Leavys.

I've never chosen a water type starter, ever, for whatever reason.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 13 February 2021, 20:16:33 »
Awesome! I guess it's just the endings you need to do now, right?

Yep, more or less~

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 13 February 2021, 08:08:17 »
Implemented that auto-save thing! :3

Entertainment General / Re: Board games general
« on: 05 February 2021, 14:43:40 »
I enjoyed Chess in the past, but I haven't played it much in many years now. I guess I'm too lazy to learn how to get good at it. It's like, I could learn if I had the drive to, but I just don't care enough.

I spent 4,000 hours becoming like the 5th best in the world at Celeste, then I gave up in frustration. Chess has been around forever, so I'd have to spend like 10 times longer to become the 5th best at that.

Lately, however, I've been learning The End Is Nigh. I'm hoping to become the champion at that, someday. When/if Silksong comes out, I want to speedrun that as well. I believe it will be the greatest game of 2021, if it does indeed come out.

Back to the topic of board games: I've been really enjoying Don't Mess With Cthulhu lately. It's a social logic game, like Forum Mafia. However, unlike Forum Mafia, I don't despise all of the other players by the end of the game.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 04 February 2021, 11:15:13 »
Auto-save would be very helpful... living in a country where rolling blackouts may happen without warning, it would certainly reduce the risk of losing a lot of progress due to the powers that be...

... Congratulations with all the progress you have made on this work...

... Would it be permitted if this game gets mentioned in Apocalyptic Shadow by a currently-unimplemented NPC...?

Thank you! :3

And sure, of course! In fact, it already kinda references LSP in a few places anyway...

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 02 February 2021, 17:47:21 »
More or less! Tentative release date at the moment is my birthday this year :3

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 02 February 2021, 17:28:31 »
Started work on the endings, now. I'm beginning with Ending 6, which will be one of the bigger endings, albeit still not that big. This is one of the good endings, and one of the harder ones to reach, in my opinion.

I might add an auto-save feature, which creates an extra 5th save file which gets re-saved whenever certain actions take place. The manual save system is a bit old-school, it's yet another thing copied from the original Merlin's Revenge games which were made in the early 00s, where it was easy to forget to save and also easy to die and thus lose lots of progress. Misery of Magic has kinda the same problem, I think.

Newerth / Re: Discussion of Newerth
« on: 30 January 2021, 17:23:47 »
Thank you! Very interesting :3

Newerth / Re: Discussion of Newerth
« on: 30 January 2021, 17:04:38 »
Discuss the planet of Newerth, and its continents, here.

Looking through notes of Cibryll, several contradictions with official map of Tirahnys (as remembered from PC)...
North of Yes Town just a beach on one map, yet a cavern on another, and officially, a forest...

Jarodimia should have an island, I think, for locations that exist (like Atronide Village) but were not included in AuroraDash's Jarodimia...

Hopefully, will remake Tirahnys map (again) in Legendary Tales Editor 1.6 one day and hopefully be done with it...
Tirahnysan islands also created a while back... details not remembered.

Newerth has lots of continents... more than it had when Cibryll posted most...

Would it be possible to describe what the general layout of the Tirahnys map looks like? Would like to know so I can make sure SS stuff stays consistent with it.

Is the Jarodimian island its own province? :3

Entertainment General / Re: What songs are you listening to?
« on: 30 January 2021, 16:51:09 »
Been really enjoying this one lately:


I also listened to some album about dying of dementia, consisting of six and a half hours of experimental noise. I thought it was very pretentious and thoroughly unpleasant. I do not recommend.

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