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Entertainment General / Re: Gaming Thread
« on: 10 April 2022, 14:55:20 »
I see your plan and, by the command of UB-Bloom, I am to counter with a board for you to make your own gaming thread in. :3


Well, thank you! :D

Entertainment General / Re: Gaming Thread
« on: 09 April 2022, 12:41:14 »
Everyone else has their own gaming threads so I will take over the main gaming thread >:3

I bought Spiritfarer which is supposed to be really great but I couldn't get into it. It's certainly gorgeous looking, I love the artstyle. Dealing with the lost spirits' bizarre dietary requirements is already becoming quite a chore and I only have a few of them so far.

Rotund Rebound came out last week -- I got sent an early version of this about 2 years ago, and the finished version has been polished up nicely. I've been enjoying it. Level 4-8 is a huge difficulty spike T_T

Janitor Bleeds also came out last week. Haven't gotten very far in it yet, and it's not the kind of thing I usually play but it's alright so far. I like how it messes with my expectations -- when the red square thing attacked me in the vents, it came completely out of nowhere because I was convinced the vents were safe.

Entertainment General / Re: Gaming Thread
« on: 02 April 2022, 14:22:03 »
Got the true ending in Unsighted. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this game.

The combat is awesome, it has similarities with games like Dead Cells and Scourgebringer, but with even more of an emphasis on patience and defence -- most of the time it's about waiting for the right moment to counter particular enemy attacks until the enemy is made vulnerable and can be punished for high damage. Of course, one can attack at other times, but it's less effective.

The platforming isn't awesome -- both the controls and the graphics really are not built for platforming. The jumps are glorified dodge-rolls that follow awkward rigid arcs. The game has a 3D world made with 2D graphics, in such a way that it's impossible to know what height something is just by looking at it.

The way the world is put together is really annoying. There are artificial one-way barriers everywhere that aren't visible on the map and often seem to be placed haphazardly with no sensible reason to be there, so the world is a pain to navigate. This gets even worse in the dungeons, where there might be like 6 different paths available but only one of them will actually lead to something you can do at the moment. Some of the dungeons can be kind of broken by skipping large sections of them using items you're not supposed to have yet, but that doesn't always work. I never want to do the bloody Factory ever again.

I enjoyed my 2nd playthrough a lot more than the 1st playthrough, because you can use everything you learned from the first time around to play the game in a totally new way. There are enemies called "Shadow Creatures" that one is led to believe can't be killed until the endgame, but they can in fact be fought right from the beginning. There is a crafting system which I originally thought was bloated and unnecessary -- there's a Minecraft-style crafting grid, except it's a waste of time because you need to find crafting recipes in the world first, and that's also a waste a time because crafting materials are extremely common and pretty quickly have enough to craft anything you could ever want, so it would make more sense to just find the thing directly out in the world rather than a recipe for the thing. However, using the manual crafting grid, you don't actually need to unlock the recipes if you've already memorised them, letting you get stuff way earlier than you're supposed to.

On my 2nd playthrough I tried to beat the 5 main bosses needed to unlock the endgame in the opposite order -- not only is that possible, but the game gave me an achievement for that. On my 3rd playthrough, I left Downtown during the prologue and beat the entire Factory before returning to finish the prologue. The game gave me an achievement for that too.

I originally assumed that the true ending is unlocked by saving everyone, but nope, that just gets you the normal ending again. I had to look up how to get the true ending and the requirements were a long list of crazy stuff, most of which I had no idea existed.

The bosses are mostly quite awesome, with a few exceptions. There's one right at the end that just copies all of the abilities of the other bosses which I thought was lame. It has a second phase which is the same as the first phase except there are two of it, which doesn't work well because the bosses it copies aren't designed for that and don't play nice with each other. All three of the bonus bosses, while better designed than that one, were a bit disappointing -- one of them was pretty cool but I was way too powerful by the time I found it and it went down really fast, whereas the other two were basically just upgraded versions of earlier bosses.

The game has lots of cool moments but the bad parts are too annoying to be worth playing again, unless maybe I give hard mode a try.

Solar Shadow / Re: Solar Shadow 2 out now!
« on: 15 February 2022, 12:54:25 »
Finally got around to playing this! Made it to the save point beyond the green laser barrier thing in the magic school area. Died the most at the Elevator though, but I eventually got through that! :3

From what I've seen so far, it's pretty fun, if a bit on the hard side (then again, I'm kinda terrible at games sometimes, haha). I'll post again when I make more progress. Eventually.

Also I didn't notice the soundtrack was a separate download. (I really failed a spot check there, huh?)

So who is the Shadow Maid, anyway?

Glad you like it!

The Shadow Maid is Hiranya Mitsuru.

Member Works / Re: Project K
« on: 08 February 2022, 05:17:03 »
Added parallax-scrolling backgrounds, which look pretty awesome. Fixed up some of the menus too :3

Might give a test build to a few select people once I've polished the intro area a bit more.

Member Works / Re: Project K
« on: 06 February 2022, 16:54:18 »
Got off my ass and did some more today :3

Fiddled with the physics a bit more. I decided to increase the terminal velocity while you're not holding down the jump button. This lets you fall fast, but only when you want to.

Decided to make a proper sprite for the main character. Kind of, I suck at drawing.

Entertainment General / Re: Music thread, Mobile Edition
« on: 01 February 2022, 09:41:12 »
  • High- The Chainsmokers (Just released a few days ago~)
  • Royal Flush- Silva Hound (Also just released a few days ago~)
  • Red Light- Jay Garrison
  • Drive- Freakso
  • Broken- Lovelytheband
  • Me & Ur Ghost- Blackbear

Member Works / Re: Project K
« on: 12 January 2022, 16:43:10 »
Added a real display to show information, including an indication of what abilities are currently available along with a timer and a few other simple necessities.

Been more interested in this project than usual lately. I've done stuff on it several nights in a row now.

Member Works / Re: Project K
« on: 10 January 2022, 17:19:47 »

A heap of nasty grid system bugs have been ironed out.

I've put together a little intro area to play around in. Everything feels quite nice. I'm still using placeholder sprites and whatnot, though, so it doesn't look good at the moment. It includes bounce pads, a newly implemented feature, which I think are necessary for the intro level because the player character does not have much vertical mobility at the beginning.

I am considering bringing back the imaginary floor mechanic from SS2 and LoGM -- the thing where you can stand on the bottom of the screen for a moment after entering a room -- but I might not need it this time.

There were weird issues where, when connecting rooms in certain ways, blocks couldn't line up properly. To fix this, I made every room be an integer number of blocks wide. This means that I had to increase the standard 1x1 room size slightly to 864x480. The window remains 853x480 in order to stay in the proper proportion for widescreen. The discrepancy is no problem because the camera code I have happily scrolls the screen the extra 11 pixels automatically, just like it scrolls in larger rooms.

Disposal / Re: tHE bATTLE: S.I.X.T.H.
« on: 08 January 2022, 15:07:51 »
My buddy Nirusu was working at a museum at the North pole, and I decided to visit him there. The closer to the far end of the museum, the colder it is. In fact, there was an area at the end which was sectioned off because it was too cold -- you're still allowed to go there, but only once. I did so, then quickly returned to the main part of it.

I accidentally opened a freezer by mistake, and two baby ducks hopped out. They were there so they could be put into stasis for some reason. So, my friend and I grabbed them, shoved them into separate compartments of my backpack, then shoved the whole thing back in the freezer.

Unfortunately, it didn't work -- the ducks grew to full size in a matter of hours, broke out of the freezer and started trashing the museum. Nobody could control them.

Solar Shadow / Re: Solar Shadow (version 1.5 out now!)
« on: 23 November 2021, 17:16:02 »
Its a remix of Patchouli Knowledge's theme from the Touhou fangame, Concealed the Conclusion:


Announcements / Re: Birthday Thread
« on: 21 November 2021, 14:46:55 »
Well, happy birthday in that case! ^w^

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