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Member Works / Re: Ecsaiz 1.1.1
« on: 20 August 2021, 09:48:58 »
Update, 20 August:

GM Studio has this weird issue where games will run kind of choppy unless you fiddle with something specific in the global game settings -- from what I've heard about the problem, simple games that don't take many resources to run will cause the processor to enter a power saving mode in the middle of running them, or something like that, I don't really get it. Anyway, I forgot to change the settings properly until now, so I've gone ahead and done that and put it into a new version, 1.1.1.

Member Works / Ecsaiz 1.1.1
« on: 17 August 2021, 16:05:57 »
Figured I might as well make a thread for this, now that I've made an improved version of it. Version 1.1 is named "hardtype" because I thought Gun's hardtype paths sounded cool, and because it's harder than 1.0 which I am henceforth calling "badtype". I'll leave both of them up if anyone's interested.

1.1.1/"Hardtype" download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cHt7PrLdGbc8uEsvvgghi_3RdL0akYCQ/view?usp=sharing

1.0.0/"Badtype" download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BnU1NS-jBD-OopsT8sLkQy84-c85iE8N/view?usp=sharing

Changes and improvements:

-- Overhaul of attack pattern generation! The goal was to make attack patterns less boring and samey and more likely to be lie in the chasm between "trivially easy" and "total bullshit". This entailed a multitude of changes:

---- The first change to attack pattern generation was to rip out 3 of the 14 original subpatterns, because they were crappy, and add 6 new ones in their place for a total of 17.

---- A couple of the subpatterns were buggy and created unintentionally dumb and broken patterns -- those have been fixed.

---- There was also a bug where extremely low difficulty variations of certain subpatterns could rarely crash the game. Things started to go wonky when the game's pattern difficulty variable fell below -3.75 and crashes started to happen at about -4.54. Now, all the patterns keep working fine all the way down to at least -8.82, which is the lowest difficulty the game uses.

---- Patterns can appear in a whole continuum of speeds rather than just three speeds. Furthermore, one in ten subpatterns randomly get a big speed boost because **** you.

---- Attack patterns consisting of two subpatterns instead of one are far more common and begin appearing right from world 1. It is also now possible for attack patterns later on to contain three subpatterns, which begins to be possible around world 5 ish.

---- Subpatterns belonging to the same attack no longer share any of the key variables that keep track of what's going on, which makes them a bit more interesting.

---- Replaced the "size parameter" with a new layer of variation underneath subpatterns. Internally they're called "btypes" and I like to call them "micropatterns". Short version is, whenever a subpattern would previously call forth a bullet and consult its size parameter to tell it what kind of bullet, it will now consult its btype and call forth a micropattern of one to three bullets. If it's a large bullet or multiple bullets, then the subpattern's base difficulty is lowered to compensate.

---- At high levels, the game now strongly prefers to use attacks with multiple subpatterns and fancy micropatterns at low difficulty rather than single subpatterns at high difficulty. This helps keep things interesting and greatly reduces the risk that an attack pattern will become impossible because its subpattern's difficulty has been cranked to the sky -- I suspect this will happen at difficulty 30-50 ish, but 1.0 will occasionally throw out undodgeable nonsense at much lower difficulty than that.

-- Fixed a few minor bugs with level generation which could lead to slightly janky levels, although this wasn't really that serious to begin with.

-- Game is harder -- it starts out at a similar difficulty but escalates much more quickly. I reached world 15 in 1.0, I doubt anyone's ever reaching world 15 in 1.1. The increase in difficulty between different stages of the same world is also now much more noticeable.

-- Starting in world 4, unusual-coloured blocks will occasionally release dark spirit thingies, which kick around the screen like the key does for the remainder of the stage, but, unlike the key, are deadly to touch. I don't find them particularly threatening, but they're there I guess.

-- Also starting in world 4, there's a chance that the white X blocks will be replaced by a much smaller number of new black X blocks, which are extremely durable.

-- Text on the title screen now randomly picks from a list of possible text lines. I wanted to be cute hahah

Things I didn't change or improve:

-- At one point I was planning on adding a scoring system, but I couldn't think of a way to make it interesting and distinct from "get as far as possible".

-- Blocks with keys in them are sometimes indistinguishable from the blocks around them -- tough, deal with it.

-- I couldn't be bothered to add sound effects either.

Entertainment General / Re: Gaming Thread
« on: 07 August 2021, 23:02:30 »
Just cleared 9 Hours 9 People 9 Doors and... got the ending where everyone died. Including June and Junpei.

Zero probably did it. I know I took door 3, and the one before that, I think, was 4? (It went to a kitchen with Santa and Lotus and June.)

Either way, is it truly the end?

Can't be, else it wouldn't have other endings. :p

Just a bit gory, though...

A part of me expected one of the deaths, but... I'll try with the other endings when I feel like it.

Playing Pokemon Sunday Version now, with its Light-type (weak to AND effective against Dark). My team's too weak for the second Gym, haha... that Umbreon (Lv18?) wiped my entire team out (they're Lv17, minimum).
So: training time. (The Exp. Share helps, though.)

Very nice! ^w^ I think the idea behind Pokemon is very cool and I've played a few versions and fangames of it, but often I just end up losing interest after a while.

I've been playing a lot of Sunblaze lately :3

Cave Story Mods / Re: Gun (Cave Story Mod)
« on: 07 August 2021, 23:01:05 »
Sounds like you have a plan, then!

Hope it goes well (:

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic -- 1.0.3
« on: 07 August 2021, 14:51:37 »

-- Max's "small" HP bar that appears under him during combat now has a unique appearance -- previously he used the same one as white demons for whatever reason.
-- Fixed bug where End Ankh could not deal damage at all.
-- Fixed bug where the End Ankh's "light/darkness" bar would continue to be visible while the player character is dead.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic -- 1.0.2
« on: 06 August 2021, 11:31:13 »
Wiki is up to 68 pages now -- just today, I added the pages for the End Tools, Arcazya Infinity and Sorrow Peak.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic -- 1.0.2
« on: 05 August 2021, 20:23:28 »
Oh hey this is finished! *glomps*

That's great, congrats! :3

I'll be sure to try it out... whenever my smartphone can get data again, haha... ^^;;;

Yep! Finally done! *attempts to dodge and counter-glomp, but falls over instead*

Sounds good :D

XSP Multiverse / Re: XSP's Fate
« on: 05 August 2021, 19:10:43 »
This is... an interesting turn of events.
 I guess this means the three of us will need to comb over the entirety of XSP point-by-point sometime.
 In any case -- *dons an Eternium White Helmet* -- I vow to use my powers responsibly, to defend the honour of Lady Cibryll, and whatever else I should be doing :3

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic -- 1.0.2
« on: 05 August 2021, 18:51:15 »
1.0.2 changelog:

-- Copied the "overflow charge" feature from Fire Boom onto both Needles, to make them a bit comfier to use. Basically, now you can hold down the mouse to keep firing it. Not really important but I wanted to do it.

Disposal / Re: The Hang-Out: Atonement and Redemption
« on: 16 July 2021, 15:59:49 »
Meh, maybe it's not so bad and I just need sleep.See you guys later 💛

Disposal / Re: The Hang-Out: Atonement and Redemption
« on: 16 July 2021, 15:46:52 »
Hellloooo. Finally got the thesis submitted today~! Hell yeah! Unfortunately, get drunk to celebrate, but instead of celebrating I'm having a nihilistic meltdown instead.

Wayyy back in the day, as a kid, my enemy was deep time and the heat death of the universe. One's own death is one thing. The destruction of the Earth is similar, but on a bigger scale, it's still psychologically manageable. The idea that someday the whole cosmos will be dead and dark and nothing interesting will ever happen again? That's primal horror on a level that a 10-year-old just isn't equipped to deal with. It just scars the mind.

As an adult, though, I can deal with it. I can think about the heat death of the universe, stare into that abyss, and go, "yeah, whatever, who gives a ****". Now, my enemy is the hedonic treadmill, because, unlike heat death, it's a concept which fucks with your day-to-day life. Like, you've got goals in life. Long term and short term goals. But regardless of whatever you achieve and how far you get, it will never be enough. You'll feel that euphoria for a few moments whenever you make progress, but then rapidly return to that baseline level of "meh". If think: if I got everything I ever wanted tomorrow, I'd wake up the day after with a whole new list of things I want which are even harder to get, and if I had a magic bullet which solved all my problems, I'd still have just as many problems a week from now. It's demoralising. It makes me feel like nothing is actually worthwhile and no goal is worthy and there's no point in even trying to accomplish anything and the best thing to do is not even bother. Of course, that's probably all an illusion and some **** actually does achieve long-run improvements to my wellbeing, at least to some extent, but it's still psychologically onerous. How I deal with it is to think: don't I still wanna climb that hill, so I can at least /know/ what the new list of things to want is? Sure, I'll still have problems but they'll be new and interesting problems and it'll be a nice change of pace from the current tedium. The effectiveness of those lines of thinking varies.

Case in point: Sypher. With relationships, there's this period of like 1-3 months where all the problems seem manageable and it seems like they're worth dealing with because it's new and exciting. Then, with normal relationships I get bored and resentful and lose interest, and with open relationships I get jealous and resentful and start to fill up with anguish. It seems like I can't handle relationships either way, and that even trying a long-term relationship in any sense is kind of a waste of time because it's doomed to failure, I'll have a terrible time while I'm coping with that failure, and I'll probably make a lot of enemies along the way, who may well last way longer than the relationship ever did (cough cough Luditas). Of course, some people spend their whole lives chasing some ideal, believing that if they can just make everything perfect it'll all be worth it, and while they end up sad and alone, their lack of self-awareness means they at least carry hope and enthusiasm with them along their path. We came up with this pragmatic solution where, if one of us wants the other to stay away from somebody, the other has to do it, no questions asked. It seems appealing because the sacrifice associated with it is not that big, when the jealousy gets too much you can reel everything back into a comfy little box and when the boredom gets too much you can come back out of that box again. Of course, that failed because Sypher (a) complained about me using that system whenever I did so, (b) never used the system himself and instead chose to complain about me directly and (c) is a filthy **** liar who ignored the system anyway. So, generally, it seems like relationships do a lot more harm than good to my personal wellbeing, regardless of what form they take. Maybe something like a master/pet arrangement would be more manageable.

I've started work on a Misery of Magic wiki -- so far, I have 25 pages. Once I've made a few more I'll show it off to you guys :3

Anyway, I'm off to sleep now.  I really appreciate you guys.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic -- OUT NOW I GUESS
« on: 12 July 2021, 11:18:22 »
Release candidate changelog -- 0.4.12 --> 0.4.13 --> 1.0.0

-- Added a bit of lore to North Edge.
-- Rearranged a few rooms of Backwoods, to add a normal room between the Water Room and the Frustrating Maze Room.
-- Fixed yet another iteration of the interactable draw bug.
-- Fixed bug where game would crash if a safe file is ever empty. I never noticed this until now because there's no way to delete old savefiles, only overwrite them.

Member Works / Re: Misery of Magic updates >_<
« on: 10 July 2021, 02:53:42 »
Fixed a rather rare bug where, due to an oversight, if you had two characters but one of them was at 0HP, there was a possibility that Demon 66E could become unkillable.

This is a demon which only appears in about 11% of random encounters in Fire Hole, so, I'm surprised I even ran into this bug.

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