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Member Works / Re: Project K
« on: 12 January 2022, 16:43:10 »
Added a real display to show information, including an indication of what abilities are currently available along with a timer and a few other simple necessities.

Been more interested in this project than usual lately. I've done stuff on it several nights in a row now.

Member Works / Re: Project K
« on: 10 January 2022, 17:19:47 »

A heap of nasty grid system bugs have been ironed out.

I've put together a little intro area to play around in. Everything feels quite nice. I'm still using placeholder sprites and whatnot, though, so it doesn't look good at the moment. It includes bounce pads, a newly implemented feature, which I think are necessary for the intro level because the player character does not have much vertical mobility at the beginning.

I am considering bringing back the imaginary floor mechanic from SS2 and LoGM -- the thing where you can stand on the bottom of the screen for a moment after entering a room -- but I might not need it this time.

There were weird issues where, when connecting rooms in certain ways, blocks couldn't line up properly. To fix this, I made every room be an integer number of blocks wide. This means that I had to increase the standard 1x1 room size slightly to 864x480. The window remains 853x480 in order to stay in the proper proportion for widescreen. The discrepancy is no problem because the camera code I have happily scrolls the screen the extra 11 pixels automatically, just like it scrolls in larger rooms.

Disposal / Re: tHE bATTLE: S.I.X.T.H.
« on: 08 January 2022, 15:07:51 »
My buddy Nirusu was working at a museum at the North pole, and I decided to visit him there. The closer to the far end of the museum, the colder it is. In fact, there was an area at the end which was sectioned off because it was too cold -- you're still allowed to go there, but only once. I did so, then quickly returned to the main part of it.

I accidentally opened a freezer by mistake, and two baby ducks hopped out. They were there so they could be put into stasis for some reason. So, my friend and I grabbed them, shoved them into separate compartments of my backpack, then shoved the whole thing back in the freezer.

Unfortunately, it didn't work -- the ducks grew to full size in a matter of hours, broke out of the freezer and started trashing the museum. Nobody could control them.

Solar Shadow / Re: Solar Shadow (version 1.5 out now!)
« on: 23 November 2021, 17:16:02 »
Its a remix of Patchouli Knowledge's theme from the Touhou fangame, Concealed the Conclusion:


Announcements / Re: Birthday Thread
« on: 21 November 2021, 14:46:55 »
Well, happy birthday in that case! ^w^


*defenestrates self*
*makes peace with the time pirates*
*transcends many tablecloths*
*burns down the pavement*
*litigates the vampire queen*
*falls past the penultimate garden*
*calls forth two cinderblocks*
*obeys a quokka*
*speaks the past into being*
*acquires happiness*
*regresses the extra-terrestrial skies*
*spins too many arms*
*is attitude*
*returns water to the brink*
*compares a doorknob*
*divests stubbornness*
*becomes technology**returns water to the brink*
*compares a doorknob*
*divests stubbornness*
*becomes technology*


General Board / Re: Absurd Questions of Lore-Crushing Doom
« on: 05 November 2021, 14:15:23 »
3) From Cheriza's description of it, it seems to be a different universe entirely. One that Kyouki (the being possessing Cheriza) wishes to take over. However, considering that Cheriza is insane, it could just be a fantasy world/hallucination she had, a product of her delusions (she and Sycor share the delusion that they can absorb Serenity's Taint)  or a throwaway reference.

It's also mentioned in the Taint books within LS, where it's stated to be where the Taint originates from. There are a few old forum posts about it but the details are all really vague. In any case, I think there's good evidence that it's a real thing in-universe, but generally we don't know much of anything about it :3

General Board / Absurd Questions of Lore-Crushing Doom
« on: 05 November 2021, 13:18:28 »

I have some questions about the canon timeline of Xyrinfe which I'd like to clear up :3 Or at least discuss with the other LTKs.

1. Is Serenity part of the 125th generation of Hortons (source: http://lunarshadowcs.createaforum.com/lunar-shadow-x/questions-(caution-major-spoilers)-144/msg2251/#msg2251), or part of the 81st generation of Valkyries and therefore the 78th generation of Hortons? (source: https://lsproject.fandom.com/wiki/Family_Tree)

2. How can Martel Aar be the only survivor of the Chemical War in 2013 (source: https://lsproject.fandom.com/wiki/Martel_Aar) when LS takes place after that? Even if you argue that it was actually only Jarodimia that was destroyed, that that should be the canon timeline and that everything that I've done with the continent is only part of the SS timeline, there's still the fact that Tranquility is known to have also survived the Chemical War (source: http://lunarshadowcs.createaforum.com/general-discussion-25/lunar-shadow-project-wiki/msg14908/#msg14908) and therefore Martel cannot be the only survivor.

3. What is the Realm of Crystal? Like, seriously, what is it?

4. Are any of the characters from The Gathering canon?

5. Are the various objects in Serenth arranged into star systems, or are they just haphazardly floating through space? It is known that physics is wonky in Xyrinfe. Furthermore, earlier versions of Serenth as well as Darii from Dragon Riders appear to resemble single star systems as opposed to galaxies.

6. Who are the other fourteen Horton sisters? (source: http://lunarshadowcs.createaforum.com/general-board/general-retcons-threat/msg11611/#msg11611) I think this post was likely a joke but one can never tell with XSP.
7. Is time travel still canon in XSP? (source: http://lunarshadowcs.createaforum.com/general-board/general-retcons-threat/msg11568/#msg11568).

Entertainment General / Re: Gaming Thread
« on: 31 October 2021, 11:42:12 »
Been playing through Omori. I'm about 17 hours in and nowhere close to the end yet.

There are aspects of it that I really like. The story is quite cool and the music and art are great. The follow-up action and emotion mechanics add a lot of strategy to the JRPG combat and stop it from getting too tedious.

My biggest problem is that there's an insane amount of padding. There are literally dozens of crappy fetch quests, and there are many, many unskippable cutscenes that consist entirely of boring dialogue. It's like the game goes out of its way to waste my time.

For the most part, I think I like Deltarune better.

Member Works / Re: Project K
« on: 21 October 2021, 08:54:21 »
I've been implementing the mechanics behind spikes and various other death-zones.

There exist both generic spike objects that are always fatal and directional spike objects that are only fatal if touched with a non-positive velocity in the direction the spikes are facing.

I revamped the corner correction mechanic so that you cannot be corrected into spikes. I also made upwards corner correction more lenient -- previously, in contrast to other directions, upwards corner correction required one to be moving slowly upwards or not at all -- the vertical component of velocity needed to be between -1.5 and 0. Now, it just needs to be greater than -1.5, but with the added condition that one cannot be corner corrected upwards too soon after leaving the ground. The reason for this is that otherwise, it becomes possible to walk off a platform and then immediately walk back onto it which is kinda janky and uncomfortable.

I was worried that, even without explicitly being corner corrected, it would still be possible to get snapped onto a platform you shouldn't be if you just happened to be within the right 2-pixel margin above a block. However, taking a closer look at my code, I don't think that's mathematically possible unless one's vertical speed is slow anyway.

That caused a bizarre bug where you'd sometimes get stuck in the ground for no reason, but I fixed that as well.

There will need to be a third version of the autotiler specifically for handling spike tiles, but I haven't made that yet.

Entertainment General / Re: Gaming Thread
« on: 20 October 2021, 16:57:32 »
Just beat Dead Cells on Nightmare mode ^w^

Member Works / Re: Project K
« on: 16 October 2021, 14:05:13 »
Cool feature number three: autotiling!

There are two versions of it at the moment, although I'll likely need a couple more by the end.

Member Works / Re: Project K
« on: 16 October 2021, 13:38:52 »


Member Works / Project K
« on: 10 October 2021, 14:50:12 »
This is that secret project thing I mentioned. I have a real name in mind but I won't reveal it until I'm sure I'll have something to show for it. No promises yet, it might still all come to nothing.
The plan is for a metroidvania type platformer with fancy advanced movement. I was going to write a long document about all the things that inspired me and how I arrived at my super brilliant design decisions, but instead, for now, I'll dedicate this thread to what I've actually accomplished so far.
Originally, Sypher was going to be involved with this, but given that he's not in the picture anymore it'll be just me again. Although, I want to get a few trusted people together to look over things to make sure what I'm doing isn't awful.
A lot of ideas been carried over from a tech demo I made in 2019 and then cancelled, which I called Legends' Perdition. I got pretty far, though.
The basic platforming physics is all there and I'm quite happy with it. I wanted smooth comfy platforming physics that still kind of resembles the style I used for Legend of Grey Moon and the Solar Shadows, but updated with all the modern conveniences for the smoothest and most comfy platforming experience. So, I added coyote frames, input buffers and corner correction, and so far it all works great.
I originally wanted to add moving blocks, however, that turned out to be monstrously difficult so I decided it wasn't worth the trouble.
I also reduced the base walking speed and jump height so that things don't get ridiculous once the movement gets upgraded. One of the reasons why Legends' Perdition failed was that the character was too agile, which clashed badly with the contained, single-screen rooms of my other platformers. So, I'll have bigger, scrolling rooms this time. Like Misery of Magic, the game window will be 853x480, but unlike it, it will make use of all the extra space to show you more of the room. Misery of Magic has 640x480 rooms and uses the extra space for the sidebar, and for whatever reason in Legends' Perdition I copied the sidebar thing because I'm a dumbass I guess.
To accommodate the bigger rooms, I created an upgraded "grid system", which is what I call the code that connects the rooms to each other. LoGM, SS2 and Misery of Magic all have very similar systems where all the rooms are part of a grid and each room's position within that grid is encoded in its internal name. This is very convenient because, when one goes out of bounds, the game can automatically figure out the name of what room should come next so all I need to do to put a room in the right place is to give it the right name. With the Legends' Perdition demo, I upgraded it a bit and and made it so that rooms didn't necessarily need to be all the same size, although they were still limited in how they could be connected together. 

However, I've totally overhauled the grid system for this new project. The game now automatically builds a list of where all the rooms are on the grid and how big they are. When the player leaves a room, it combines the position of the player character within the old room with the position of the old room within the grid to calculate a "global position" of the character, then checks that global position against the list of rooms to see if it's inside any of them. If it finds one, it can then use the global position to figure out exactly where to place the player within the new room.
It's nearly as convenient as the old system and lets me connect rooms to each other however the hell I want! :D

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