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Introductions / Re: Hiiiiiiiiiiii~ \(^o^)/
« on: 16 November 2016, 11:04:30 »

Nope, I don't wrestle. I do have a black belt mastery in Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu. Does that count?
* dramatic pointing *
I'd say that makes you more of a ghost martial artist!

Is not one year equal to seven dog years?

3. Finally, another person who hits "Press" on every statement in the Testimony.
I do that way too often.
* gives you a cardboard box *

5. Ooh, looks fancy in that case.
Too bad I've never finished Cave Story, so I'm ultra noob.
Is it due to school or other things?

6. Did you just assume the fictionality of people? *tumblr triggers*
…! *drinks a cup of tea* Fictional people, too, can be similar to real people. Some real people think long and hard about things. The same applies to fictional people. The same can also apply to those who are between real and fictional!

Apparently not.

I took one of those really long "Which Type are you" tests and I got Ghost/Fighting.

Not sure what to say.
Don't tell me you're secretly a ghost wrestler?

Also, monsieur is correct (huzzah for French) and please for the love of memes don't call me by my last name, it makes me feel like I'm already 78 years old.
I'd say you're older.
Taking your age into account (14), multiplying it by dog (7), you would be about 98 in dog years.
If you divide 78 by 7, you get about 11.142857142857142857142857142857!

And heh, Infinity. That was fun.

Also I'm not really that much into Quintessence, Aether, 5 or any of that stuff that much anymore.

Also I'm not part of any organisation.

Sorry, I couldn't think of anything to say at this point. Carry on with your testimony.

Aside from that, the colors are alright, but I'm not really getting a sense of where the light sourcing is from. From what it looks like right now, NLK and PK are standing on the edge of some cliff (which has two things on the side) while they egress from two caves.
Looking at KarjamP's drawing, and comparing it to Ariana's posted screenshot… I would guess that the light is from above.

I'm still confused, what exactly is this?
Even I'm not sure, but if I had to guess, it might be a mod that Ariana is working on.

And don't think too hard on the light. I wasn't intending on mimicking how it worked anyway. Besides, you don't think hard about things in real life. Why should you in the land of fiction.
Aren't some fictional people the sort who think hard about some things?

Entertainment General / Re: Ace Attorney
« on: 09 November 2016, 14:20:54 »
You remind me of Godot.
Godot runs on coffee.

Defense Attorney Ginevra Wolfhart drinks tea to remain calm. (Preferably Ceylon.)
And face-palms when dismayed.
And probably 32 animations total (if my calculations are assumed to be correct).

Entertainment General / Re: Ace Attorney
« on: 09 November 2016, 13:08:39 »
I guess I'd drink tea if I was a defense attorney in the Ace Attorney world.

Forum-Based Games / Re: Guess about the Next Poster!
« on: 04 November 2016, 23:13:46 »

The next poster has a Wikia / Fandom account.

Forum-Based Games / Re: Make a guess about the previous member!
« on: 04 November 2016, 23:12:52 »
deleted_account was actually undeleted by Phoenix Wright.

Serenth / Re: Serenth General Discussion Thread
« on: 04 November 2016, 21:56:42 »
Although the first boss is a Starless.
What is a Starless? Some kind of new-fangled heartless beast?

Basically this thread is Ariana going into silliness mode.

I think it out-sillies me. (Considering my contributor page at the LSP Wiki still, worth some laughs, isn't it.)



I appear in this mod?!

Entertainment General / Re: What songs are you listening to?
« on: 21 October 2016, 20:04:32 »

Long time no post in this thread, hm?

Karjamian Mythos / Re: Ask PK some questions!
« on: 21 October 2016, 19:23:45 »
What would you and your friends see Boggarts as?

Entertainment General / Re: Nintendo Switch (NX)
« on: 21 October 2016, 18:46:35 »
Currently, the following games are either announced or confirmed:

Dragon Quest X
Dragon Quest XI
Just Dance 2017
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Project Sonic 2017
RISE: Race the Future
Tank It

Unknown Pokémon game
Unknown game by Image & Form

A new Super Mario Bros. game
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim — Special Edition
Mario Kart 8 (sequel or updated release or DLC; too little information available)
NBA 2K17
Splatoon (sequel or updated release or DLC; too little information available)
So, the Nintendo Switch is the first cartridge-based home console since the Nintendo 64.

And apparently acts as a "third pillar", not replacing the Wii U Wii U Wii U-- sorry. Not replacing the Wii U or the 3DS.

Entertainment General / Re: Nintendo Switch (NX)
« on: 21 October 2016, 09:53:52 »
Not as surprised with this console's main gimmivk seeing as though it being a hybrid console was a very prevalent rumour.

What I am surprised, however, is how they're combining other technology in an attempt to innovate. Nintendo has always been the one to mix older technology in order to innovate. They've done so since the days of the NES.
Best timestamp

But yes, it is a surprise.

Some theorize that the main series Generation VIII Pokémon games would be on the Nintendo Switch. (That, despite the fact that Generation VII hasn't started yet, and will start next month.)

Entertainment General / Nintendo general discussion
« on: 20 October 2016, 18:31:29 »
Discuss the new Nintendo console here. (Because why not.)

This was code-named "NX".
This thread is being repurposed to discuss anything related to Nintendo that does not have its own thread or board.

Or stuff like Nintendo Directs. I hear those are directly a thing. :p

Karjamian Mythos / Re: Karjamian Mythos RPG: Main Game
« on: 13 July 2016, 23:10:10 »
I ask one of the nearest people about any strange happenings of recent times…

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