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Announcements / Re: Renaming of "LSP" to "XSP"
« on: 10 March 2021, 18:30:12 »
You guys had a whole poetry exchange earlier in this thread.

I'm seriously impressed it lasted for as many posts as it did, wow.

Announcements / Re: Birthday Thread
« on: 10 March 2021, 08:50:45 »
Aaaa thank you both! :3

Regardless, I would like to wish a happy birthday to After...! :->

(I am aware that this is a day (or several hours) early... but I want to post in the topic before something happens that would prohibit me from doing so tomorrow...)
From my timezone, it was pretty in-time, so it worked :D

Forum-Based Games / Re: First Thought (or something)
« on: 24 January 2021, 09:31:17 »


Forum-Based Games / Re: Count to 100
« on: 23 January 2021, 19:51:31 »

Forum-Based Games / Re: First Thought (or something)
« on: 23 January 2021, 19:50:49 »


Forum-Based Games / Re: Ask the next poster a question!
« on: 23 January 2021, 19:49:00 »
I am not entirely sure which ones are the new 15, but I'm gonna guess that they are the ones with asterisks next to them in here: http://lunarshadowcs.createaforum.com/general-board/the-serenthan-elements/msg7750/#msg7750.
Personally, I'm torn between Nether and Gravity. But maybe also Chaos. Or Dream. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
I think I'll probably take Gravity since it's a fun one to deal with.

Favourite classic monster (e.g. werewolf, zombie, mummy, etc.)?

Forum-Based Games / Re: Guess about the Next Poster!
« on: 23 January 2021, 19:44:13 »
Nope, just plain old dark brown here.

TNP has long hair.

Entertainment General / Re: Pokémon
« on: 16 January 2021, 05:04:01 »
Katy Perry had a collab involving that game too, I believe?
This was unexpected lol, who would've known she was such a gamer?

Forum-Based Games / Re: First Thought (or something)
« on: 10 October 2020, 19:20:33 »
Kuiper Belt


Member Works / Re: {\infty}
« on: 09 October 2020, 19:35:28 »
Updated with Regicide's full information, Chauvinism and Operation: Counterpunch :D

You guys can discuss in here now. Let me know if there's any part of their lore you would like me to expand on :)

Forum-Based Games / Re: Guess about the Next Poster!
« on: 09 October 2020, 17:04:56 »

TNP likes Avatar (the last airbender/legend of Korra, not the big blue people one)

Member Works / Re: {\infty}
« on: 27 September 2020, 06:24:16 »


You shouldn't be here yet.

Member Works / Re: {\infty}
« on: 27 September 2020, 06:23:37 »
Tropes, Trivia and Transmutations


Member Works / Re: {\infty}
« on: 27 September 2020, 06:23:05 »

Operation: Counterpunch
Operation: Counterpunch was the codename for the very first act of organised rebellion committed by the Infinity. To combat the ever-impending threat of the Eternals, an underground group consisting of members with various unique talents was formed. Counterpunch involved the first break-in into the alleged territory of the Eternals, incitement of confusion and the spread of propaganda. The operation's initial goals were deemed a success, with the minor setback of a few Eternal loyalists and fanatics turning their eyes in disdain towards this new anarchist group.


Member Works / Re: {\infty}
« on: 27 September 2020, 06:20:41 »
The Infinity

Real Name: Alex McClain
Gender: Male
Affinity: Heat - Manipulation of thermal energy. Regicide can redirect the flow of heat against natural conditions, and is capable of conjuring and manipulating elements that are typically associated with high heat, such as fire and lava.
Weapons: Kingmaker (Sword) + Vesuvius (Hand Cannon). The Kingmaker is a maroon and black longsword with a wide shaft, a semicircle guard and a metal blade that can be heated to become red-hot in both temperature and appearance. Vesuvius is a hand cannon with a slightly bulkier build and two barrels, though one barrel is located above the grip as per normal while the other is below the grip. Both weapons have a futuristic aesthetic to them.
Appearance: Alex has an above average build, a slightly dusty complexion and dark hair in an side-swept undercut. He's got dull, dark blue eyes and is typically clad in blacks, greys and soft reds. His usual outfit includes a dark leather sleeveless jacket, a ash-coloured roundneck t-shirt, black jeans and grey steel-toed boots with some red on them.
Personality: Alex is bold, daring and never afraid to speak his mind. He's nice enough if he's close to you, but won't hesitate to thrash you if you step out of line or act like scum. He's got a tough demeanor, but he's not too bad of a guy once you get to know him. When not in the heat of action, he's a bit awkward to talk to, since he's not great with small talk, so he tends to stay quiet then.
Profile: Codename: Regicide is the de-facto face of the Infinity, often the first one to call someone out and incite uproar if need be. Little is known about his personal motives, but he is by far the most vocal of the group and is the most well-known of anyone. He is often seen leading nonviolent protests, but has been seen getting his hands dirty when protests escalate into riots. Not a man to be messed with, by any means, as he is armed and dangerous.
• If Regicide was a D&D character, he would be a Fighter with the Eldritch Knight subclass.
• He was meant to initially be the Shane/TED equivalent, but better in a few ways.
• He was initially meant to be the leader of the Infinity, but with the creation of Apocalypsis, he became effectively second-in-command, though with the mostly rankless structure of the Infinity, that doesn't matter too much. He is still very much the face of the group though.
• Vesuvius resembles the Nerf Diatron in terms of barrel placement.

Real Name: Roland
Gender: Male
Affinity: Earth - Manipulation of earthen elements. Chauvinism can raise, crush, mould and carve most natural materials, such as dirt, mud, most rocks, etc. This ability also somewhat applies to products of earthen materials, namely glass-like materials, especially obsidian.
Weapons: Fractured State (Greataxe) + Apache Tears (Monoliths). Fractured State is an extremely large greataxe made of an obsidian-like material, with a dull, dark green accent around its sides. Slamming the Fractured State onto the ground summons an Apache Tear, a massive, 6 foot tall monolith made of obsidian-like material. These monoliths exude energy around them, and can splinter into many smaller shards that can be mentally controlled by Chauvinism to act as projectiles or otherwise. It is unknown if there is a limit to how many Apache Tears can be summoned, thought the current observed maximum is 3.
Appearance: Roland is tall, averagely built and a pale complexion. His hair is dark, neatly combed and kept well. His eyes are a vibrant green, and he is typically clad in smart casual or semi-formal clothing, typically in earthen shades of dull greens, browns and greys. His usual outfit includes a tailored blazer over a white shirt with a green collar, dark trousers and brown formal shoes.
Personality: Roland is a gentleman. Quite a contrasting image considering the organisation he is a part of, but he is often the most diplomatic, charming and intelligent member of the Infinity. He makes it a point to maintain his signature cool, calm and collected demeanor while simultaneously imposing his presence. He appreciates the finer things in life, and enjoys playing the violin in his downtime. Rumour has it that when Roland is legitimately upset, he is truly the most terrifying monster of a person one could witness.
Profile: Codename: Chauvinism is often the masked man who appears in the Infinity's "informational broadcasts", known for his deep, soothing voice and the rather convincing tone in which he conveys his messages. Little else is known about Chauvinism as a person, as his face is never seen publicly, though some speculate that he has inside ties to the Eternals.
• If Chauvinism was a D&D character, he would be a Paladin with the Oath of Conquest subclass.
• Out of the four original Infinity, he was the least developed.
• His weapons were mildly inspired by Obsidian from Strife!.


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