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30 November 2022, 19:46:26

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But can you handle it, is the question.

Been listening to "Ranbu no Melody".
 A Bleach opening theme, yes.
Just sounded... fitting.

Do you agree? Does the "Melody of the Wild Dance" truly fit? Or is it just me?

Entertainment General / Re: What songs are you listening to?
« on: 27 July 2020, 15:44:10 »
The theme playing at Almia Tower in that Pokémon Ranger game.
My new theme, I wish... :))

Still, I wish we got new Ranger games. :-/

Oh yeah, also listening to Bleach opening theme, "Ichirin no Hana" (A Single Flower).

Entertainment General / Re: What songs are you listening to?
« on: 26 July 2020, 10:56:50 »
Songs from games!

Nokorikaze (Bleach - The 3rd Phantom)
Ocean Palace (Chrono Trigger)
Track 18 (Drawn to Life - The Next Chapter)
War in the Abyss (Etrian Odyssey I)
Rela Cyel - Past (FF Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates)
Trouble! (Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon)
Drawcia Soul (Kirby Canvas Curse)
Final boss theme (Ragnarok DS)
Save the World (SaGa 2 DS)
True Divine Battle (SaGa 3 DS)

... Yeah, it's a LOT of songs for an early morning.

Serenity's not involved in LSX.

But she's at home with her family.

And the LSProject has - wait for it - many concepts. :P

Including the canon Sea Zone events!

The plot... is kinda confusing though. Not all (planned) works involve Serenity.

Though, her Taint apparently mutates at some point into a "Chaos Antipode Taint"?

Well, there were plans for a separate "Lunar Shadow: Ruin of Solace" work where S.D van der Merwe and Ilina Horton team up to kill Mi'aro.

In canon, Alexis survives, as do Lunadine and Shinica. And, of course, Valkyrie gets revived after the canon Confusion Zone events.
 And this is on 3-HP mode, which is canon.

Per his laws, if he dies, the only party to vote for is the Lunar Soul Castle's. So Alexis is the next president.

She then reverts all Mi'aro's laws, and steps down, giving the position back to Ilina after winning the election.

But Solar Shadow is fanon. Like a different timeline from the Lunar Shadow one. So Mi'aro might live on in the SS canon, if you wanted him to. ;)

I think Mi'aro might have been mentioned in the unreleased Lunar Shadow ZER0, but he'd be dead by December 2015, so he won't appear in Lunar Shadow X...

That said, the Lunar Shadow as the true final boss in LSX would be... better off with a new game engine, I'd say. You can only do so much with Ballos, right?

Mi'aro is mentioned when Ilina is rescued.

It is kinda lengthy, though...

Ilina intentionally misnames people she hates - Aidan becomes "Adrian".

She's the Elemental Princess of Light, and a Valkyrie.

Mi'aro was mentioned in the Myst Zone as the Tirahnysan president, but his allegiance to Aidan probably wasn't? Probably an oversight...

Don't forget about ADOM (or Ancient Domains of Mystery).

And Elona+ is... probably a roguelike. At least, it's got randomized dungeons, so there's roguelike elements.

It's... a bit very weird, though.

Entertainment General / Re: What songs are you listening to?
« on: 25 July 2020, 14:19:38 »
The song used in the final dungeon version of Lemi Ruins of "Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3".

Also the battle theme used for Ponnie and Clyte, in that same game.

Announcements / Re: Birthday Thread
« on: 14 February 2017, 09:43:11 »
Haapppppppyyyyy BIRTHDAY, Malice! :))

Have a cake! Have several!

RDKarjamP wouldn't take offense from being referred to as "KarjamP", right? (Seeing as multiple people can be referred by that name, including you. And some people - like Akane - feel it is a mouthful. I don't.)

Any questions that pertains to the asics of the Karjamian Mythos can be answered by reading this document:

Quote from: That Link
You are now leaving deviantART.com. Be warned! Out there be monsters.

If this is what you intended, then follow the link below.
Nice going :P
Thank you~

Quote from: Akane Niikura
A man, clad in orange. He called himself the Orange Karjam, I believe. He was timid, brash, weak, absurdly intelligent, and allergic to cotton.
Quote from: Leucosia Ari'Elri'Se
(What's a Karjam?)

So yeah, I kinda need help here. ^^;

1. What is a Karjam?
2. What is a Karjamian?
3. Do they live anywhere, like in caves, underwater, moons, stars, suns, comets, volcanoes, dungeons, etc?
4. They speak Japanese, right? And can read katakana?

(A village appears on Voraorite that uses katakana. How did they get katakana and not hiragana or kanji?)

(click to show/hide)
I'm aware that some katakana are not really used that much anymore - rarely used or obsolete. ;)

Who saw this post coming a mile and a half away?~ :)

Aside from that, the colors are alright, but I'm not really getting a sense of where the light sourcing is from. From what it looks like right now, NLK and PK are standing on the edge of some cliff (which has two things on the side) while they egress from two caves.
And don't think too hard on the light. I wasn't intending on mimicking how it worked anyway. Besides, you don't think hard about things in real life. Why should you in the land of fiction. (Also, I would like to point out that this is actually a dream sequence one of the in-universe characters were having. Dreams don't pay attention to details such as the true location of something unless it's relevant tk the scene at hand.)
(click to show/hide)
1. The light is supposed to be from above~
2. The platforms they're on are meant to be similar to the stations in Kingdom Hearts! :D
3. The "slopes" are not connected (they just stay in mid-air).
4. The platforms they're on have two pillars, where the starry sky's visible~
5. Tia and Mat are in bubbly bubbles of bubbly bubble beams! :))
6. PK just watches like an undeniable awesome guy who wants to know what he's doing there. :P
7. Negative Lime Karjam steals the Asyrin Ring from the platform! :o
8. It's up to the artist's interpretation as to how the Dream Realm looks~ :D

Basically, the Dream Realm can look like whatever you guys imagine it; I imagine it to look like it does in the picture posted in my post!

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