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Author Topic: Mahou (Redux)  (Read 19 times)

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Mahou (Redux)
« on: 30 March 2022, 22:59:21 »
I figured I'd post an updated version of this. The original file was included with the XSP stuff I put up a while back, so compare as you feel like it.

These are spells used by a clan on some planets in the Alfarnos universe. These have three levels:
  • Shortened version (weaker spell but no incantation)
  • Default version (standard spell, normal incantation)
  • Extended version (stronger spell but longer incantation).
Mahou can be cast regardless of the user's elemental affinities, though a lot of training is needed for those not of this clan. I haven't yet decided what clan, but I was thinking of having them descended from the Overseers - yes, the same race as Cibryll de Bruyn, Kim Ethnarch, and Gwyneth O'Connors. And the thirteen Overseers who call themselves "Mother Valkyrie" in different languages.

Mahou are counted from -1000 to 1000. A mahou with a number prefixed by a minus sign is always a "negative mahou", never a "minus mahou". There is no "negative 0" mahou. Basically, negatives are opposites of the positve mahou. Also, saying "positive mahou" is optional.

Mahou can be cancelled out by using their opposite (positive mahou 1 cancels out negative mahou 1, and vice versa). Being that there is no negative 0, mahou 0 can only be cancelled out by mahou 0 (so two people using mahou 0 will cancel each other out).

A higher number doesn't necessarily mean the mahou is stronger than those of lower numbers. Also, mahou have no separation (unless you count negative and positive and/or the three levels), unlike kidō, which is the out-of-universe inspiration, sorta, for mahou).

Mahou of a "sealed element" (elements sealed away prior to the Apocalyptic Towers incident) will instead lack an element if the element is, well, sealed.
All mahou were created by Cibryll. I started somewhere in 2019, I think?

Aeonian Night-lore states that Bloom created these until her demise on 21 October 2019, after which Ariana, Charlotte and Dianke took over briefly - but they ended up wanting nothing to do with the LSP in the end, so new mahou were then created by their friends, including Ginevra.

Now, allow me to demonstrate each mahou level!
"Mahou number 2! Force Flow!"
(Psychic-elemental mahou that heals damage to the target.)

"With a voice as pure as silk, it's time to shine now, mahou number 122! Choir of Light!"
(Light/Sound-elemental mahou that boosts all stats sharply.)

"Eviscerate, fang of white claws, and burn within the darkest desires of destruction seeking to bring an end to this entity that so defies those surpassing even deities! Burn in crimson flames as thine fury rages forth into a world of ruination and tear apart the walls that hold this reality together! Mahou number 1000: Aeon's End."
(Oblivion-element mahou that completely annihilates the target. And most of the area around them. Yes, I'm aware Oblivion isn't an element. No, Overseers don't care, they can break the rules regarding elemental affinities if they so choose. :P )
(Were someone that isn't an Oversser to use this mahou, it would likely be an Ultima-elemental mahou in Serenth, though.)
(Which raises the question: why the Niflheim would Alfarnos end up with a galaxy where Oblivion is an element? O_o )

What the hell
Createaforum really messed up this post
Had to fix it but wasn't too bad of a challenge. :P
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