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Author Topic: Re: Family Trees (spoilers)  (Read 6 times)

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Re: Family Trees (spoilers)
« on: 28 October 2019, 20:24:03 »
As super was trying to sleep, Subscriber (Slodier mainer) became uncontrollably ****, and so Susbcriber rocket jumped from the UK all the way to the US, and burst into super's house through the roof.[/size]Super jumped in fear from the deafening sound."Hai guise" Subscriber said, sexily as he unzipped his trousers."Uh we call those PANTS here in the US" Super said"**** off Wanka, I call them trousers" Subscriber said as  he took his multiple hats off."Um, i'm sorry but i'm not a ****" Super protested"Of course i'm not Food" Subscriber said as his **** became a piranha plant and ate his clothes off. "You are Mario, and I want you all in my dick""But Mario dies when he touches a piranha plant""Exactly" Subscriber said, as the piranha plant revealed it's self to be Petey Piranha"GRAAAHLLL" Petey roared, as he grew in size."Now get on your knees Ya bloody Piper!" Subscriber Commanded."No! Neva Ya autistic lunatic" Super squealed like a pig as he struggled against petey.Then Petey forced himself inside Super's ****, super clenched his toes and his sphincter, trying to not let petey inside his anus. Super's **** was teared a new one."NOW GIVE ME THAT ONE SCRAPING METALLIC IN TEAM DEFENSE FORT 2 (two)""NEVER" Super (**** victim) yelled"I'll fill your butt with so much butt love you will become imbisible"AND THEN SHREK THE OGRE LORD BURST IN THROUGH THE FLOOR."GIT OUT OF MAH SWAMP!!!!" Shrek (The OgreLord) Yelled out."Oh my god" Subscriber said, amazed that his lord and savior had appeared in front of him, dragging petey back outside of super's anus, and turning back into Subscribers regular dick. "I'm so sorry" Subscriber pleaded "If I knew Super was your sex toy, I never would've touched him""Shrek" said "I'll fill both of your butts with love at the same time.Then Shrek's dick grew to the size of the 3 christmas trees, as it penetrated Subscriber's anus, as it went through Subscriber's entire organ system,  and came out of his mouth, then into Super's anus.It was a beautiful Human Centipede of love.After the love was distributed Shrek knocked down the walls and walked back to his swamp, as the remains of the roof crushed Super crushing his head, and Subscriber rocket jumped back to his home.[/color]
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