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Author Topic: LSPF: The CS Modding Question Thread  (Read 652 times)

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Re: LSPF: The CS Modding Question Thread
« on: 10 September 2020, 16:24:09 »
363 speeds Ballos' head up but he falls through the floor sooner or later.

366 speeds Ironhead up, with fish spawning faster.

Same with 369 for Heavy Press and Butes.

381 makes Undead Core open up more often, I'm assuming.
Thank you for the notes regarding Monster X, so far here's what I have:
<CNP0300:0365:0000 causes Monster X to become a smoky abomination that only has one tread and crashes the mod when it fires it's missles. <CNP0300:0367:0000 does the same thing but quicker. <CNP0300:0366:0000 is even more strange in which Monster X's body parts fly everywhere while it's projectiles work normally. Invisible walls also appear at random and can be flown over and walked on. (I was going to post GIFs but they were too big).

<CNP0300:0368:0000 just crashes the mod.
<CNP0300:0369:0000 simply causes Monster X's body to collapse with the treads still intact. If I turn around and keep walking, there's an invisible wall which can be flown over and walked over.
<CNP0300:370:0000 is interesting. Aside from a minor ( appearing, it fires projectiles as normal. Then I move away and it falls apart. I try to attack the protective things as normal then it falls apart (both times it falls apart makes the same noise when Ballos's second form descends onto the battlefield) before crashing. In both cases, if I stand near Monster X's default position, the mod crashes.

<CNP0300:0364:0000 makes Monster X move super fast both in movement and projectile speed (you and Kim need to see if for yourselves to believe it). Unfortunately, invisible walls appear at random to hinder player movement. (Might try this one on War Machine Phase 3)
<CNP0300:0363:0000 causes an invisible wall to appear then Monster X falls apart and the mod crashes if I go near it's default position.
<CNP0300:0362:0000 is strange. The boss fires several projectiles waves then seems to function normally except that it's graphics are messed up (it's lower right tread seems duplicated and it's upper left one has an invisible wall attached to it. The boss fires projectiles more often. The fight works normally aside from the graphical defects.
<CNP0300:0361:0000 graphically and design wise functions normally. At the beginning it fires more projectiles then usual, but works like normal Monster X. An invisible wall seems to exist near it's starting location, though that may be because I didn't DNP0300 (so I changed the events around a bit so the Boss Title wouldn't appear after it shows up once).
Decided to retest <CNP0300:0364:0000 again with the fixed script. No invisible walls this time, just superfast Monster X and oh my god it is FUN. Granted there is still the minor issue of an invisible wall where Monster X spawns originally but aside from that it works. I might try out some other numbers soon.
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