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Author Topic: Temporary Farewell  (Read 621 times)

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Re: Temporary Farewell
« Reply #30 on: 28 October 2019, 17:59:04 »

Chapter 0: Prologue
Ever since he encountered Lord Sausage, Karjam would occasionally dream about him. These often ended with Karjam waking up in a cold sweat. He was thankful that his parents (and his sister) didn’t know about his run in with Lord Sausage. As a child, his mother always told him about homosexuals were deviants who would turn little boys gay, something that his father found ridiculous. Of course, it was clear that Karjam’s homophobia had won out.
It had been several months since he and Ellen had made hot, stinking love. As of now, Karjam was thinking to himself furiously while his playlist of J-Pop (of varying quality) was playing around him. The various cork boards attached to the walls were covered in various forms of writing and pictures, which revolved around his philosophical superiority. He always went through this process every time he needed to think up a new philosophy he could use to show his superiority to the world; his parents were weirded out by this behaviour but as long as he didn’t break away from God, it didn’t matter what their son did.
Karjam could feel a thought coming on, but it wasn’t any old thought. He was now thinking about the girl Crizelda, how her petite body swayed from side to side as her brunette hair fell from her pretty face. Upon thinking of her slender body going down to her buttocks, Karjam unzipped his pants and slowly clasped his right hand around his God Rod, causing it to swell in power and size.
Suddenly he could hear his bedroom door jolt and his mother peeking through the keyhole. This caused Karjam to quickly force his God Rod back into his pants and hastily pull up the zip, catching his God Rod and causing him to fall off his chair due to the sudden pain. His mother left before going back down stairs. As a child, Karjam was often lectured by his mother about the evils of releasing his seed outside of a woman; something that made him uncomfortable every time the memories surfaced. He adjusted his pants, exited his room to wash his hands and came back into his room before returning to work.
After a hour’s work, his new philosophy was finished. Karjam leaned back in his chair and gazed proudly upon his work. His mother called him down, stating that his friends were here. A knock of the door merely confirmed this.
“Oh hello, Karjam. Ellen and I would like to ask if you could star in our movie.” said Crizelda
“What kind of movie?”, Karjam skeptically replied. His eyes squinted at the girls before he asked his next question.
“By the way, Ellen, I’ve noticed that Shane is absent. Why is that?”, Karjam asked.
Ellen started to panic slightly, while Crizelda started to sweat. It was clear that things weren’t as they seemed. After a short bout of awkward silence, Ellen signalled for Crizelda to stay quiet before speaking herself.
“U-Uh, w-well’s that’s easy to explain. Shane’s mother grounded him for trying to ste- borrow his father’s computer. Hopefully, I’ll find a way to overcome this.”
“OK, then.”, said Karjam. Crizelda sighed in relief while Ellen beamed, trying not to laugh over how Karjam completely bought her lies.
After some consideration, Karjam went to his room, took his smartphone with him and said goodbye to his parents before he, Crizelda and Ellen entered this white Skoda Fabia 1999. The car looked beaten down, as if had been used for several years. Truth be told, Ellen stole it from her father. Either way, the trio were off! As for where, their journey would lead them to this shady looking place. Shane had told Ellen that it used to be a part of his father’s company before they abandoned it; on some level, Ellen didn’t believe him but ultimately didn’t care. Within the car were some cruddy knick-knacks and some cheap film equipment. The only object of interest was the jar of mayonnaise on the dashboard. It bothered Karjam and he had to know why it was there. He could understand the cheap knick-knacks and the film equipment but not the jar of mayonnaise. Why? What dark, eldritch secrets did the jar possess? For what purpose of evil could it be used for? Karjam had to know now..
“Uh, Ellen?” asked Karjam.
“Yes, Karjam?” spoke Ellen in this fake cutesy voice.
“Why do you have a jar of mayonnaise in the car?” asked Karjam.
Crizelda subtly shook her head at Karjam, as if she had heard what Ellen had said once before.
“I’m so glad you asked. I just love the taste of mayonnaise during a long car ride. My dad used to love taking me on long car rides, it felt so much simpler back then. The luscious, thick, dreamy taste of mayonnaise cannot be beaten. Sure, Shane says that tomato ketchup is the best thing but what would he know? Oh darling, Shane. You’re so dreamy, not like those other bastards.”
As Ellen was droning on about her precious Shane, Crizelda was trying not to sink into her seat while Karjam was starting to feel the waters of regret on his mind. It was going to be a lengthy journey indeed.
Long and arduous was this journey that it became clear that Ellen wasn’t the best of drivers. She had nearly ran over a few pedestrians, one of which she interpreted as flirting with Crizelda.
“Heh, that’ll show that gosh darned ****.”, Ellen muttered smugly, as the fancifully dressed woman had barely managed to avoid being victim to Ellen’s vehicular homicide.
Karjam was rather concerned but figured that it would be smarter not to question Ellen’s driving skills. The trio had been on the road for what seemed like hours.
“Oh drat, Ellen, it seems that the car is running out of fuel”, Crizelda squeaked, with a slight falsetto.
As if by convenience, there was a gas station just a few meters away. Ellen quickly swerved into the gas stop, causing a dark skinned man to dodge her car. After that, he ran in terror, having only intended to buy groceries that day.The car stopped near one of the gas tanks and at that point, Ellen asked Crizelda to fill up the car with petrol. After this was done, she went off to pay for the fuel. During this, Ellen could feel the fires of lust inside her. She was thinking about the time she and Karjam bumped uglies and she wanted that again. She called out to Karjam, offering him a quick round of pleasure. Karjam seemed hesitant until Ellen unscrewed the jar of mayonnaise, slathered it on her right hand and made a hand gesture to Karjam that indicated her lustful desires. Karjam got the hint but still asked one question.
“Aren’t you going to eat that?” Karjam asked, eyeing the mayonnaise on Ellen’s hand.
“Mmm, later. But first, I want your God Rod.” replied Ellen.
Within the store
Crizelda needed to pay for the fuel, that she knew. Fortunately she had the money needed and walked up to the person at the desk. He took one look at her and squinted his eyes. He was sure that she had been here before.
“Hey, aren’t you that guy I kicked out?”
“W-What?”, Crizelda spluttered.
“Nevermind, my sight’s getting worse by the day. What can I do you for?” asked the man.
“Uh, I’m here to pay for petrol.” squeaked Crizelda.
“Is that all?”, the man replied.
Even now, he was sizing her up, knowing that she resembled the jerk who pulled a gas and dash after being kicked out for trying to bribe him. Crizelda payed up and quickly made her way out, hoping that the man wouldn’t get suspicious of her. As she made her way to the car, Ellen was finishing Karjam’s oral treatment before ordering him to help her clean up. Crizelda wasn’t suspicious of why Ellen had eaten half of the mayonnaise or why the car smelt like Karjamian seed. The car started again and the trio were off!
After a few more minutes, they made it to the building. It was an expansive but rather run down place. The walls were made of a hybrid of brick and metal, being an old warehouse. The metal walls were rusted while the bricks appeared to have seen better days. Either way, Ellen instructed Shane and Crizelda to bring the film equipment with them. It was time. Crizelda opened the door and musty air blew out of the room, as if the trio were about to enter an ancient tomb. When they entered, there were few people that came to join them. Kim and Bloom had flown in from the UK for this project, Lord Sausage had been bribed to join them (Shane had promised that he would be paid handsomely) and there were 3 people that Karjam didn’t recognize who had been hired by Ellen to help with production of Dragon Riders: The Movie.
“Excuse me, but who are you people”, Karjam asked sharply.
A tall man, seemingly reasonable and well dressed stepped forward. He looked Karjam in the eyes (to Karjam’s discomfort) and put his hand forward. Karjam took the man’s hand and shook it.
“My name’s Bruce. Bruce Van Antwerpen. I’m an old friend of Shane’s back when he was in school. I’m sure he told you much about me.”
“U-uh. No. I don’t remember Shane ever mentioning you.” said Karjam.
Bruce seemed somewhat disappointed only for his chipper mood to take centre stage.
Another man, possessing family resemblance to Kim, held a steely gaze toward Karjam.
“Why hello, Richard. My sister’s has a lot of good to say about you. Hhmm, now where are my manners? My name is Seth Shana. After Sham- oh pardon me, Shane told Kim about this project, I knew I had to tag along.”
The man’s refined British accent left a mark on Karjam and briefly made the girls swoon before Ellen’s psychotic obsession for Shane returned to her.
The last person, was a timid young girl. Shane had found her during one of his runaways and had obtained her number by blackmailing her. Anel, or Anellie as she called stood forward. She didn’t want to join Shane, being creeped out by him but she ended up joining because Shane had threatened to tell her boss that she’d been neglecting her duties as a medic.
When these three people had finished introducing themselves, a blonde man stepped out of the crowd and walked towards Karjam. He was wearing vintage jeans and a black glittery t-shirt, both of which contributed to his glam aesthetic. The tension grew as their eyes met. Karjam could feel the sweat dripping from his face as Lord Sausage was expecting him to respond.
“Dude, come on. I’m not going to **** you.”, the man spoke, breaking the awkward tension.
“Y-You can’t trick me. I-I won’t let you turn me gay.”, Karjam whimpered.
Ellen sighed. Crizelda gave Karjam this dumbfounded look. Bruce and Seth seemed to have formed a silent agreement that this project was going to fail. Anel was hoping that she could go home and tell her mother that Shane tried to blackmail her.
“Karjam, allow me to level with you here. I was only doing my job. I work as a webcam performer on my own website, so please don’t take my work personally.”
“Y-You can’t lie to me. You want to turn me gay, but I won’t allow it.”, Karjam screamed.
“(sigh) This is getting absurd, just tell him your name so we can get started”, Bruce cut in. He was starting to think that maybe Shane had a reason for not telling him anything.
“If you insist. My name is Trent Humperdinck, and Shane told me that he would pay good money if I help him with this movie of his.”
“Did he now? Well if that’s the case, I’ll work with you”, Karjam replied begrudgingly.
With the introductions over, Seth led everyone to work in order to set up the equipment. It was going to be a long day indeed…

Chapter 1: Reign of Tiamat
Storage Room C (Games Room)
“Bloom? Bloom?” whispered Kim.
Kim was currently trying nudge Bloom awake, the latter having spent most of the plane ride asleep. She was still wearing a pink lolita dress and had yet to change her clothes, though she seemed comfy enough to sleep in them. Kim had planned to take just Bloom with her but when her parents found out, they told her that Seth had to come along despite both Bloom and Kim being adults. Kim had nothing against Seth personally but on some level did resent that her parents always asked him to tag along.
Bloom had brought her laptop with her. After all, she had taken up an interest in writing and hoped that the members of Symfora would take interest in it. However, she had one rival, one who was turning heads in that place; however, he had ceased to be a concern once he was given the boot.
“U-Uh, Kim? How long have I been out for? I feel tired.”
“It’s okay, you’ve only been asleep for an hour. The jetlag must have gotten to you, huh?”
“I-It’s not so bad, Kim. Besides, we’ve been wanting to star in a Dragon Riders movie for ages.”, said Bloom. Though her body was tired, her mind still maintained the excitement that it had when she first woke up.
Before Kim and Bloom did anything, they could hear a knock at the door.
“It’s just me Kim, no need for alarm” said Seth, before he opened the door.
“So brother, how’s the filming process?” asked Kim.
“We’ve haven’t started filming but we do have the cast together. Aside from Shane of course.”, Seth replied.
“What do you mean that Shane didn’t turn up? He’s the main star of this project, isn’t he?” asked Kim.
“I don’t why Shane is absent, maybe he’s busy. That aside, I do have some concerns…”, Seth spoke. He felt uneasy, but Kim was his sister, so he could tell her anything.
“U-Uh is it about Ellen? I don’t like her, she’s mean.” said Bloom
“Sorry Bloom. Are you okay?” asked Seth
“Oh it’s fine, I’ve slept already. You can tell us, Seth. We’ll be okay with it.” replied Bloom.
With that said, Seth coughed, clearing his throat. He then readied himself as if he was a post-apocalyptic survivor, ready to inform his comrades on how to make the cure for cell-destroying cancer..
“I-I’m rather concerned about Karjam. I fear that he might be a tad… homophobic.” blurted Seth.
“Really? Karjam? Then again, I heard from Shane that he got mad when he caught Karjam watching gay ****.” said Kim.
“Hopefully he and Trent will get along, if only for the sake of this project.” said Seth.
After that, the three of them agreed to play video games for the rest of the night; after several hours, it was night-time. Kim and Bloom were asleep, with Seth near the door. As a child, Seth was always protective of his little sister and it broke his heart when The Eternal Darkness manipulated her. When her parents found out that her daughter had been dating some shady person from South Africa, he had trouble sleeping for several nights due to the guilt. Even now, Seth was hoping that nobody on the project would try to take advantage of his dear sister.
Dragon Riders: The Movie [Scene 2]
Storage Room E (Trent’s Room)
It was now morning, and everyone had gotten up, some later than others. For Bruce and Trent, sleep was but an impossibility for they had to put up with the loud sounds of Karjam and Ellen having sex and the snoring thereafter. As such, they would feel the pain of sleeplessness before they woke up. Their room (Storage Room E) was right next to the room (Storage Room D) that Karjam and Ellen were “sleeping” in, the walls between the two rooms being rather thin.  For Ellen and her Karjamian Sugar Daddy, it was a blessing that Crizelda had to return home, allowing them to procreate like rabbits in heat. Unfortunately, this meant that Trent and Bruce had to suffer as they could hear Ellen moaning like a dying banshee while Karjam would recite his divine teachings. It was as if Satan himself had devised one of the best forms of torture imaginable. Unfortunately for them, the torture didn’t end there. Ellen and Karjam’s snoring was just as bad, if not worse than the actual intercourse. The two men lay down on their cheap mattresses as they awaited either the dawning of the sun or death’s cold embrace.
Morning had finally come, and both Bruce and Trent were feeling crummy. Bruce felt sluggish and wanted to fall asleep, though he was still taking it better than his new pal.
“AAAAAAA, goddamn it. I barely got any sleep last night”, mumbled Trent. He was rubbing his eyes, only for them to itch. It was a painful sensation, one that continue to pain him for several more minutes.
“Come on, just suck it up”, Bruce answered, feeling terrible himself.
“How can I? They. won’t. Stop. ****.”, Trent whined. He was close to screaming, though despondent crying would have worked just as well in this situation.
Bruce placing a calming hand upon Trent’s right shoulder before informing him that they would be shooting their first scene.
With Bruce’s support, Trent stood up. Both men got themselves dressed: Bruce wore a grey vest with equally dull looking shorts. Trent’s wardrobe was somewhat better looking because he had picked out black, glittery trousers and an army green v-neck shirt with the words “Bite Me” written on the front.  Once they were dressed, they headed off to Storage Room A, where they would be shooting their first scene.
Storage Room A (Movie Set 1)
Both men were ready for the first scene. Bloom, Kim and Seth were also there. Bloom was now wearing a frilly black skirt, black thigh-highs and orange opera gloves. In contrast, Kim and Seth wore much simpler clothing; Kim wore a red hoodie with a maroon undershirt and simple black trousers. Seth’s clothing consisted of a yellow long sleeved polo shirt with black vintage jeans.
All of them made their way to the plastic tables in the room. Kim was the first to notice poorly made costume on one of the plastic tables. It looked as though it was a cardboard box with several other cardboard boxes glued on. It was painted in garish blues and greens and had 3 heads (each with red eyes). It’s claws were seperate pieces, meant to go on each hand. While everyone was looking at this poor display of costume design, a fake cutesy voice rang out.
“Oh hi everyone, I see you’re all taken in by the Tiamat costume” announced Ellen.
Besides Ellen stood Crizelda, who despite her lack of sleep didn’t look too shabby.
“Tiamat… That’s what you call this… Tiamat” said Trent, as he tried to wrap his head around this cardboard monstricity.
“Oh yes, I-
Crizelda sharply elbowed Ellen in the gut and glared at her quickly before the others saw.
“I-I mean, we spent all night crafting this, didn’t we Crizelda” said Ellen patronizingly.
“Y-Yeah, it was great wasn’t it?” replied Crizelda.
“Now that we've been assigned roles, we ought to- Wait? Where’s Karjam?” squawked Ellen.
“Yeah, where is he?” parroted Crizelda.
“Maybe he’s asl-
“Right which one of you will go look for him?” shouted Ellen, interrupting Seth.
Everyone looked at each other. Kim and Bloom exchanged glances, hoping that Ellen wouldn’t notice them. Seth was somewhat annoyed at Ellen cutting him off and decided to wait until his mind was calm again. Crizelda looked as if she rather be doing something else.
After a short bout of awkward silence, Bruce spoke up and volunteered, much to Trent’s exasperation
“WHY? JUST WHY? screamed Trent
“Look, we get this over with and we can actually get on with the film. Surely it won’t be that bad.
“Oh OK.” said Trent. He sighed before rubbing his eyes again.
Storage Room D (Karjam’s Room)
The two men opened a ultramarine door, much like their room but with the paint chipped off. The room was also similar in that the rooms seemed somewhat spacious, but also had two cheap beds. There was a large TV in the room along with Karjam’s laptop, and a bag full of Ellen’s junk.
In the bed nearest to the window (one of the few storage rooms to actually have windows), slept Karjam.
“WAKE UP KARJAM, YOU’RE HOLDING US UP” yelled Trent, to no avail.
“He’s a heavy sleeper no doubt, let me try.” said Bruce.
He gently moved Karjam’s duvet slightly before yanking it off his body. Much to Bruce’s horror, Karjam was the type to sleep naked.
“A-A-A” spluttered Bruce.
“Gee, I don’t see the problem here Bruce. A lot of people sleep naked, even I do on a bad night” replied Trent.
“Y-You do not understand. He has a big pee pee. Big.” said Bruce
“Oh, if I had known that a while ago, things would have been more interesting.” Bruce remarked casually.
“Uh… Let’s see if he’ll wake up now.” Bruce responded.
It took a few seconds before Karjam’s eyes opened and he saw both Bruce and Trent in front of him, with the duvet on the floor.
“W-Why are you here? I knew it. I knew you were trying to turn me gay, Trent. Nothing you say can convince me otherwise.” spat Karjam.
Karjam smelled like Karjamian body odour mixed with the potent smell of sexual fluids. Much to the apathy of Trent and the disgust of Bruce, Karjam was completely naked. He had no bodily hair, for it appeared to have been shaven.
“U-Uh. L-Look man, Ellen sent us to look for you. W-We have to film our first scene for the film.” Bruce stuttered.
He was really hoping that Karjam would agree to go and never speak of this to anyone.
“Is that so? In that case, please leave the room. I don’t appreciate homoerotic male company” said Karjam, in his trademark condescension.
Trent and Bruce left the room, much to the latter’s relief. Bruce sped off back to Storage Room A, with Trent panting heavily as he tried to catch up to his friend’s newfound burst of speed.
It took long enough but filming was finally started with roles selected. Seth agreed to take the role of camera man whereas Bloom and Kim were forced to sit on the sidelines. Bloom wasn’t having that and had was still arguing with Ellen. Karjam was taking his time getting dressed while Bruce and Trent were running as fast as they could.
“You know, I really don’t appreciate your attempts to patronize me, Ellen.” said Bloom
“Aw does little Bwoomy want to be a big girl and help do the cameras?” Ellen replied, her voice dripping with condescension.
“Oh knock it off with the baby talk, Ellen. Kim and I didn’t come here to be shafted in favour of your boyfriend.”, Bloom hissed.
“Karjam is NOT MY BOYFRIEND! I love Shane, and it’s a shame he’s not here”, Ellen murmured.
Kim was rather annoyed that Bloom and Ellen had been arguing for several minutes. She was almost considering just slapping Ellen across the face before taking Bloom and making the film about her.
When Bruce and Trent finally made it back, Trent managed to stop in time but Bruce didn’t.
“(*pant*) (*pant*) My youth… is starting… to catch up” panted Bruce, as he was struggling not to collapse on the spot.
Bruce collided into Bloom, causing the brunette haired girl to hit the floor.
“OW, what the hell?!” she squealed before picking herself up while Ellen laughed at her. Bruce had also picked himself up before looking very apologetic.
“I-I’m very sorry, Ms Seymour.” said Bruce, trying to polite as he could.
Bloom looked at him sweetly and replied: “It’s okay.”
With that brief exchange over, she looked ready to punt Ellen before a familiar voice spoke.
“Everyone, I have finally arrived” spoke Karjam, sounding less like was late and more that he was the King of Symfora.
“My kawaii director!” shrieked Ellen.
Both Tyranto siblings facepalmed while Bloom covered her ears. Bruce walked off to check on Trent, who thankfully was still conscious. Trent and Bruce got back into place with the others before Ellen made her announcement.
“So who’s doing what?” Bruce asked Ellen.
“Oh that’s easy, Bruce. Seth is the cameraman, Trent is working with lights, Karjam is the director, you, Crizelda and Anel are actors and I’m the boss.”
“But Ellen” asked Trent. “What about Kim and Bloom?”
She started at them with a fake smile, one that Kim found really punchable. Bloom wanted to tear Ellen to pieces.
“Oh, them? They’re just benchwarmers, I wouldn’t worry about them” Ellen spoke dismissively.
Both Kim and Bloom opened their mouths ready to speak, but proceeded to close them upon realising the futility of arguing against Ellen and her Karjamian lover. Once Ellen finished her announcement, she went up to Bloom and the Tyranto siblings and flashed a phony, insincere smile at them before barking orders at everyone else. After a moment or so, everyone was ready and filming had begun.
“Scene 1, Take 1, Lights, Camera, Action” shouted Karjam, starting off the scene.
Scene 1: Attack of Tiamat
The mighty Tiamat, in all his cardboard glory was stomping around on set. He roared, for he had no script to guide him.
“CUT! Do you know your lines at all?” shouted Karjam
“I-I can’t see anything. The eyeholes aren’t large enough and the cardboard is getting kinda itchy” replied Bruce.
“You’re simply not trying hard enough. Shane would have completed this scene in one take.” gloated Karjam, as if he thought he was smart.
“Oh, I’m sure you can do it Bruce! Try again.” cooed Ellen, much to the irritation of Bloom and Kim.
“Scene 1, Take 2, Lights, Camera, Action” shouted Karjam.
“Har har har, I am the mighty Tiamat! All of Draconia shall fear m- ”
“Me. Not even the hero of- Seth whispered, trying to help Bruce before Karjam cut him off.
“CUT! Seth, you are getting in the way of Bruce’s performance” droned Karjam.
“Mr Geode, I can assure you that I was only trying to prevent Bruce from forgetting his lines” responded Seth.
“I don’t care. You are objectively incorrect and there shall be no argument about it” waffled Karjam, as his mind was preparing put downs and other such insults.
“Goddamn it! Karjam, you’re a terrible director. Even I could do a better job than you” Trent retorted.
“Shut your mouth, you disgusting homosexual. Your kind has no right to order me around, for I am su-
“Oh shut the **** up, Richard” yelled Kim. She was getting rather miffed at Karjam’s need for superiority.
Bloom looked at Kim and hugged her, before looked at Karjam and glaring at him.
“Who asked you to speak, huh? Nobody! So shut up” screeched Ellen. She looked as though she wanted to tear all of Kim’s hair out and shove it down her throat.
“SILENCE EVERYONE! Scene 1, Take 3, Lights, Camera, Action” roared Karjam.
The scene played out only slightly better, with Bruce remembering more of his lines every few takes or so. This wasn’t good enough for Karjam, who was growing more and more impatient at Bruce’s perceived incompetence.
Scene 1, Take 55, Lights, Camera, Action.” said Karjam, trying not to fall asleep on Ellen.
“ROOOOOOAR. I am the mighty Tiamat! All of Draconia shall fear me! Not even the hero of the kingdom can stop me, now that The Eternal Darkness has revived me”
At this point, the scene was going as planned and it was as if nothing could wrong for this production. That was until a faint rumbling from the rafters could be heard. Trent looked up and could see a steel object rolling off the rafters. At first, he thought that the sleep deprivation was getting to him but then he started to panic. The ball had rolled free from the rafters and was going to crush Bruce, who was oblivious to his unwitting round assassin. Trent didn’t need to say anything in this moment, leaving the lights and gunning straight for Bruce. Bruce was knocked to his feet as Trent tackled him to the ground, cutting off his lines but saving him from a painful fate. As if on cue, a loud clanging sound could be heard as the steel ball dropped to the ground and briefly rolled toward the rest of the crew and stopped just short of Karjam.
“Ow, dude what happened man? said Bruce as he was slightly dazed from the fall.
“A steel ball fell from the ceiling and I just... swooped in I guess?
“You’ve ruined this take, now we’ll have to start again” shrieked Ellen.
“Oh shut your mouth, you two timing ****!” screamed Kim. Truth be told, both Bruce and Trent had agreed with this sentiment, having been subjected to Ellen and Karjam’s debauchery the night before.
“Excuse me?!” screamed Ellen, her hands now on hips like an disgruntled mother.
Kim and Bloom smiled at each other, before bursting out into laughter. Seth looked at them before turning his eyes to Ellen and hoping she wouldn’t do anything fatal to them.
“And what are you two laughing at?!” screamed Ellen, her head turned to Kim and Bloom’s direction.
Kim and Bloom both had grins etched on their faces as Ellen approached them, attempting to intimidate them. Bloom wasn’t having that and proceeds to touch Ellen’s nose, causing her to give off a high pitched scream.
“Ms Van Zylle, I do advise that attempting to intimidate Bloom won’t end well for you” Seth spoke cooly.
Ellen was about get all huffy, because the idea of Bloom being unfazed by her made her feel smouldering rage. Her envy grew and she started panting heavily while glaring at both Bloom and Kim.
“Uh, so are we reshooting this scene or not?” asked Bruce. At this point, he had gotten off the ground and dusted himself down, ready to start again. Trent had also returned to his original position, ready to finish his role for the day.
The air grew thick with awkward tension. Ellen, Bloom and Kim continued to glare at each other while Seth readied himself for any sudden moves. Bruce looked at Ellen, hoping for a definitive answer. Trent was ready to doze off at any second. Anel and Crizelda were sat there, with the latter giving Anel shifty stares. Karjam… Karjam was just there attempting to come with an epic philosophy to end all philosophies.
“Uh… guys?” said Bruce.
Ellen stopped glaring, before turning around and walking up to Karjam. She then went up to his ear and said his name in a irritating high pitched tone, similar to that of an insect buzzing.
Karjam’s epic philosophy was gone,
“U-Uh, of course. Everyone, we will done shooting this scene.” said Karjam, sounding rather unconvinced.
When today’s scene was finally over, several of the members breathed a sigh of collective relief and returned to their respective living quarters. Ellen had asked them all to meet her in the Break Room for dinner, which was to occur at 6:30.  It all seemed fine, because Ellen had chosen to cook for her ersatz movie crew.
The Break Room
When everyone had followed Ellen’s instruction, they all saw a giant cooking pot in the middle of the table. The table was as plastic as the one that held Tiamat’s cardboard body and just as cheap looking as well. Seth was sure that the pot was heavier than the table could hold, Kim and Bloom were hungry as were Bruce and Trent. Karjam did not care and was bitter that his epic philosophy was lost to the depths of his brain. Ellen made sure to give everyone (even Bloom) a small plate and then proceeded to serve everyone what seemed to be homemade curry. It was reddish-orange in colour, spicy and had several vegetables such as tomato, potatoes, celery, onions along with a mix of chicken and beef with honey roasted ham. Fortunately for Ellen, gathering all of those ingredients was cheaper that it appeared. Everyone was ready to tuck in, and they did. Things proceeded to go wrong pretty fast. Anel was a vegetarian so she avoided eating the ham and chicken that she got, and tried to eat what else was there. Crizelda was disgusted but tried to look like she enjoyed it. Kim gagged on the curry and ended up spitting it out, much to the concern of her brother. Seth himself tried to eat but his stomach turned because the spices dominated all else. Despite Trent’s aversions, he wolfed down as much as he could. His life had made him value food, regardless of how badly cooked it was. Bruce was a man who loved spicy food, but didn’t like how the spices in his meal rendered him unable to taste everything else.
“Aw, is little Bwoom enjoying herself?” spoke Ellen.
Bloom was not in the mood for this. This was probably the most repulsive meal she had eaten in a while, and she had eaten terrible cooking while living with her parents and when The Eternal Darkness was still around.
“Ellen, I hate to say it but your cooking is horrible.”, Bloom stammered. She was picking her words carefully, hoping that Ellen wouldn’t try to peck her eyes out or something just as bad.
“And what would you know about cooking? You’ve probably never cooked anything for yourself aside from ramen!” screamed Ellen.
“I dunno Ellen, ramen is delicious. That and I’m really good with pastries. I also love cake.” said Bloom as she proceeded to go on and on about her favourite foods.
Most of Bloom’s monologue was dull to Ellen except one detail. One measly little detail that fired up her hidden rage.
“Cookshagra!? Is that what he calls himself now?” screeched Ellen as Anel was having a conversation of her own with Trent and Bruce.
“Oh, that? No, that’s just my nickname for Kushagra because he loves cooking so much.” Bloom gushed. She really liked his cooking and would often use the recipes she had archived before Cookshagra had deleted all of Vresun. Of course, nobody but Kim knew this and continued living as if everything had been obliterated.
“So what? My cooking is better than his anyway. Good riddance, I’ve never have to see his recipe for Spicy Vegetable Soup ever again” spat Ellen.
“Really? Your cooking is terrible. There’s way too many spices, the vegetables are all mushy and I’m sure you burnt all the chicken to overcompensate for your fear of salmonella”
Ellen was pissed. She was absolutely mad. So she did something that scared Anel and Crizelda even to this day. She picked up the pot, still warming from all the curry and hurled it forcefully at Bloom, who was thankfully saved by Kim. Both girls had fallen out of their chairs, with Bloom on the bottom and Kim on top, in a very compromising position. Bloom blushed and Kim was embarrassed, refusing to say anymore of the matter. Both of them quietly returned to their chairs, as the pot hit the wall behind them with a loud clunk. The wall was stained with curry, and everyone was forced out of the room while Ellen forced Crizelda to help her clean up. After the disaster that was Ellen’s cooking, nobody ate dinner that night. Everyone returned to their rooms, with Bruce and Trent being the most bummed out about all of this.
Storage Room E (Trent’s Room)
An hour later, Trent and Bruce could hear the familiar sounds of Ellen and Karjam getting it on, much to their frustration. Trent was on his personal laptop which was lemon yellow in colour. The computer screen flicked with a blue light as Trent navigated his personal website, a place which Karjam had accidently stumbled upon. The site hadn’t been updated for a week, something that Trent was eager to correct as his wrote out his newest blog entry, detailing the events of his work for the Dragon Riders movie. Bruce was entranced by the blue light and moved over to Trent’s bed.
“Uh, dude, what’s going on? Bruce muttered.
“Oh this? It’s just my website which is part of my job.” Trent replied, as if he was on autopilot.
“You have a job? I’m still trying to get one so my girlfriend and I can move out of town”
“Yeah, it’s not something I show off in polite company, mind you.” Trent replied hesitantly.
“I’m not really polite and I doubt anyone else here is either. Besides, I’ve haven’t seen Shane yet, he and I go way back.”
Both the men have their revelations they wanted to share. Trent wanted to reveal that he was a webcam performer; Bruce wanted to reveal that he and Shane went to the same secondary school together. After a brief moment, the two men revealed to each other their respective revelations.
“Yeah, well, I got the website from this old pizza company in Ireland called Pizza4Go and I grew to like the URL so I never changed it.”
“That explains why Karjam must have mistaken it for an actual pizza place.”
“To be fair, he did seem drunk when I met him and several of my clients have been like that, a few of which seemed really repressed.”
“Hey Trent, why do you have Shrek on your website?” asked Bruce, pointing at the thumbnail with the Shrek logo on it.”
“It’s not a **** video, don’t worry about it. I just think it’s fun to watch Shrek when I’m not performing for others” Trent replied casually. Both men decided they were going to watch Shrek instead of all the other videos, most of which depicted Trent (or Lord Sausage) performing a variety of sexual acts for pay.
Several minutes in, the movie had gotten to the scene where Donkey was begging Shrek to let him stay. The two men were enjoying the movie unaware that an ogre of their own was going to show up. Karjam bust open the door and shouted, much like an ogre. Trent paused the movie, right at the bit where Shrek was towering over Donkey with an angry expression. Karjam walked over, buck naked and with his God Rod activated. He was towering over Bruce, demanding to know why they had summoned the Ogrelord.
“H-Heh, we haven’t summoned anyone, except for you maybe” spoke Bruce, sounding braver than he actually was. Truth be told, this was the most terrifying thing he had witnessed all day. Karjam was still towering over Bruce, with Trent quicking formulating a plan to save his friend.
“Don’t lie to me. I know that you two were planning to summon the Ogrelord. I wouldn’t be surprised if that nasty King of Despair put you up to it” Karjam dictated.
Bruce was confused. He didn’t know who this person was or why Karjam insisted on calling Shrek the Ogrelord. Thankfully, Trent had his back and put his plan into action.
“Oh, Karjam. I see you’ve finally admitted how gay you are.” said Trent, his voice now becoming the seductive Lord Sausage.
“N-No. You can’t covert me. I am a heterosexual believer of controlled thought. I will never become gay”, roared Karjam as Lord Sausage beckoned closer to Karjam, ready to start sucking.
Karjam was uncomfortable, and finally backed way from Trent.
“Good, now that you’re no longer intimidating my friend here, I’d like you to get out of my room and go.to.sleep”, Trent spoke sharply, reverting to his actual voice.
Both men were relieved to see Karjam gone and went back to watching the rest of the movie. By the time the film had gotten to the scene of Shrek making it to the dragon’s keep, both Trent and Bruce had soundly fallen asleep. Things would hopefully go uphill for them or so they believed...

Chapter 2: Darkness, Most Eternal
Storage Room C (Games Room)
Bloom was the first to awaken, and was as tired as one would expect. Thankfully, she wouldn’t be dropping off to sleep considering that Kim snored most of the time, even though she denied it. She took the time to change from her flowery pajamas to a outfit that consisted of black thigh-highs, a white dress with a thorn pattern (with several red roses attached), yellow knickers and black shoes. By the time she finished changing clothes, Seth had started to awaken and by the time he had fully awoken, Bloom had gone off to the Warehouse Lavatory to get ready for the rest of today.
Kim was still snoring away, dreaming peacefully. She was dreaming of Shane, and how they would spend time together. However, dreams weren’t reality and soon enough, Kim would learn that the Shane of her reality was anything but charming.
Seth gently shook Kim awake, aware that she had a bad habit of oversleeping. Kim stirred from her dream, and opened her eyes. She got out of her red sleeping bag, which all things considering was rather comfy and proceeded to take out several clothes. The clothes she took out of her suitcase was
“Um, bro, could you do me a favour?” asked Kim, sound still
“Of course, what is it? replied Seth.
“Please turn around, and don’t peek, okay?” said Kim, feeling rather self conscious.
Seth was the kind of person who understood that Kim valued her privacy and did his best to respect it. He turned around and let Kim get herself dressed. When she was done, Kim was dressed in a red shirt, a black skirt that went up to her knees, pale red and mint green socks and her shoes, which resembled sports trainers more than anything else.
“You can turn around now, bro.” said Kim, relieving Seth of any anxieties he had in that moment.
“Where’s Bloom?” asked Seth, as Bloom walked right back into the Game Room.
“Right here, silly” said Bloom in her fake child-like voice before laughing slightly.
“So, what are we doing today?” asked Kim.
“I don’t know. Maybe Shane or Ellen will inform us. Until then, we’ll can just pass the time in this room.”
As fate would have it, any plans to play Lunar Shadow v7.2 on a modified Gamecube would have to wait as a small voice announced her presence.
“Oh hello, Anel, what brings you here?” asked Bloom.
“I got a text from Shane saying he’ll be showing up with Ellen.” replied Anel, who appeared afraid at the idea of Shane appearing.
Kim strode over and looked at Anel’s phone, before confirming to Seth and Bloom that what Anel said was true.
At this point, Seth was the only one who wasn’t properly dressed, for he was wearing striped boxer shorts. This of course was not lost on him and so he got his clothes and quickly dashed out of the room.
Seth was now in the hallway, wearing only his boxer shorts and making his way to the Lavatory Room. It took only a few minutes, considering the door for that room had a bright yellow label with a toilet symbol on it. With that label, Seth knew that he found the right place and intended to use that room to get changed.
Things of course weren’t going to be all comfortable. Seth knocked on the door and heard an unpleasant but familiar voice.
“Why are you interrupting my need to expel waste matter?” shouted Karjam.
“Uh, excuse me?” asked Seth, confused at Karjam’s overly scientific response.
Before Seth knew it, he and Karjam were arguing with each other, which wasn’t an ideal way to start one’s morning.
At some point, Bruce and Trent had walked out, possibly to use the Lavatory Room themselves or to do something else. Upon hearing Seth arguing with the door, they snuck in quietly in order to listen in.
“Are you really going to question my objectivity?”
“Yes, you pompous arse. I don’t a damn about your philosophy or how you’re sleeping with Shane’s girlfriend.”
Trent was hiding behind a corner of the wall nearest to the Lavatory Room with Bruce behind him. Bruce was panicking and so was Trent, who did not want to explain why he was eavesdropping.
In a moment of clarity, Seth saw Trent peeking out from the corner before coming up with a rebuttal.
“Maybe you need to consider that other people need to use the bathroom as well.” said Seth, as most of his annoyance had melted away.
“Like who? Who else would need to use this toilet other than me? I am one of the most important members of this crew aside from Shane himself!” retorted Karjam, whose fury was still burning.
Bruce and Trent were still frozen in the corner. Seth had discovered them and they didn’t want to be explaining why they chose to eavesdrop on him and Karjam arguing.
“Well perhaps Trent and his friend might need to do something in there. I still need to get changed and you’re still hogging the bathroom.”
“Well Seth, I’m washing my hands right now, which is more than Trent and his boyfriend probably do.” spat Karjam, spitefully.
Seth, in this moment wanted to smack Karjam across the head. Bruce had to hold Trent back to prevent him from rushing in, breaking the door down and beating Karjam black and blue for his implied homophobia.
Karjam had finished washing his hands and drying them before striding out in a self important fashion. Seth glared at him before using the bathroom to change into his clothes. These clothes were pinstripe trousers with a pinstripe shirt, both of which were black and purple. He was also wearing striped blue boxer shorts, black and blue socks and the same shoes he wore yesterday. After that he spent a few minutes in the bathroom before washing his hands and drying them off. After this, Seth walked out and was surprised that Trent and Bruce were still there.
“Hmm, I assumed that you were going to leave after my argy bargy with Karjam.” said Seth
“U-Uh, you knew?” replied Trent, as he felt his heart sink deeper and deeper.
“W-We’re sorry. Trent thought your argument was interesting and convinced me to listen in as well.” explained Bruce, who now felt liberated from the weight pressing on his shoulders.
“It doesn’t matter. I might even say that you two helped me.
“H-Helped?” spluttered Trent, who couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
“Of course. Karjam was being a arse and I couldn’t help but get angry with him. Surely you can understand that?”
“O-Of course, Karjam has been picking on me for being gay, as if it’s a disease or some other disorder.”
Seth and Trent had finished talking. Bruce had chimed in and convinced the two to come with him into The Break Room.
Just as the the trio were to make their way into The Break Room, they could see a small crowd. Kim, Bloom, Anel and Karjam were at the door but nobody had gone in.
“Open you stupid door!” Kim screamed as she was kicking at it repeatedly.
“Yeah, you stupid door, we need to go in!” Bloom yelled in her fake child-like voice, as if she and Kim were playing a game.
“As director of the Dragon Riders Movie, I command you to stop this tomfoolery at once!” boomed Karjam.
Bloom and Kim stopped briefly before resuming their game of Kick the Door. Bruce covered his ears and Trent was hoping they’d stop. Karjam didn’t care while Anel was awaiting another text from Shane.
“You’re really not that important, Karjam.” said Anel, barely looking up from her phone.
“Excuse me? I still don’t understand Anellie why Shane thought you were important, even though Kim was supposed to be part of today’s scenes.”
Anel froze in fear. Karjam was right, if Kim was part of the scenes they were going to shoot today, then what was the point of having Anel around. Was she a mere bargaining chip? Did Shane have a more sinister purpose when he manipulated her into joining his project? The questions she had were piling up, and she would have cried if not for the people around her. Karjam, for all his bad behaviour, was concerned and tried to ask her if she was okay before he was cut off by a British sounding voice.
“Oh for God’s sake, you two. That door won’t be budging anytime soon, so please stop with the kicking.”
Kim stopped immediately with Bloom following shortly afterwards. Trent calmed down, and grateful that Seth was willing to speak up. Bruce uncovered his ears and was relieved that the sound of Kick the Door wouldn’t be haunting his dreams tonight. A small beeping sound rung out from Anel’s phone as she received a text. It read: “We’re right outside the warehouse, please come meet us”.
Karjam glanced at Anellie’s text message and commanded everyone to move to the entrance. Everybody met up at the entrance of the warehouse, just as Karjam instructed. Karjam opened up the door, letting in the warm air and in came Shane and Ellen, both holding important film equipment in a large bag. Trent felt something off about them, as did Seth and Bloom. Karjam saw nothing wrong with their behaviour, having defended them for worse in the past. Kim was glad to see Shane and so was Bruce, the latter having not seen Shane in ages.
“A-Ah, hello everyone. I-I’m Shane Neumann and we’ve just come back from Ca-
Ellen elbowed him, prompting Shane to immediately “correct” his story by starting again.
“Ah, hello everyone! I am Shane Neumann, creator and co-writer of the Dragon Riders movie” spoke Shane, managing to feign confidence long enough so that nobody would question his absence or why Crizelda was absent.
“We’ve just been putting some ice lollies in our fridge, as cute couple t-tend to do” said Ellen, her words sounding quite forced as Shane tried to smile.
Shane was going to correct Ellen over not owning a fridge but decided against it, not wanting to risk Ellen’s wrath.
Ellen smiled at Shane, though despite that, it did little to hide the darkness in her heart. This was because Ellen had done something atrocious and had roped Shane into helping her cover it up.
“W-Well everyone, since my beloved Shane is here, we’ll be able to shoot today’s scenes. Isn’t that right, my love?”
“Y-Yes, Ellen.” stammered Shane, hoping that nobody would start asking hard questions.
Nobody really had time to question Shane and Ellen because they had ordered everyone to start shooting in Storage Room B. As such, Karjam raced to Storage Room A and scrambled to grab all the film equipment, with several others members begrudgingly helping out. This proved to be a trick, for Shane and Ellen already had the equipment, allowing the others to feel animosity against Karjam for wasting their time.
Shane ordered the change of location because Ellen told him about the steel ball and Shane was paranoid about accidents on set. Shane of course was the type to plan ahead. Anytime anyone asked a question, Ellen would always give them a non-answer which continued until they made it to Storage Room B.
Storage Room B (Movie Set 2)
The ersatz film crew made it to another room, which looked similar to Storage Room A except it was cold due to the air conditioning. Kim and Bloom held onto each other for warmth while Seth stood there shivering. Bruce wasn’t affected as was Shane. Ellen, due to spending time with Shane, didn’t let the cold bother her. Karjam was mildly annoyed while Anellie’s teeth were chattering in the cold. Trent was rather out of it, so he didn’t even notice the change in temperature until later on. However, the cold wasn’t the only noticeable thing in the room. There were various bits and pieces lying around, some of which could be used for any scenes Shane had in mind.
Much to the relief of almost everyone involved, the arrangements were the same as the last scenes they shot yesterday. Trent however wasn’t relieved. Just because his job required him to put on a fake persona, didn’t mean he had the chops for any real acting role. However, the ease of the situation was short lived. Shane has straight up decided they would be shooting one of the scenes on the roof. Trent sighed quietly, prompting Bruce to speak up.
“Shane, don’t you think that shooting on the roof is a bad idea?” asked Bruce.
Much to Shane’s surprise, everyone except Ellen agreed with Bruce. Not even Karjam would defend Shane’s idea, even though he had defended worse in the past. However, Shane wasn’t going be usurped by an old friend and quickly regained control of the situation.
“Maybe you’re right, Bruce. It’s not like we have any logical way of making it onto the roof ourselves let alone any of our equipment.” replied Shane, his voice sounding slightly annoyed at his friend’s question.
“Oh, that’s a shame, my love. Oh well, at least we don’t have to worry about any steel balls dropping on our heads.” replied Ellen.
Once Ellen was finished, Karjam looked in Trent’s direction and made it a point to glare at him, with Trent shrugging his shoulders in response. Bloom decided to ask her question next and it wasn’t something Ellen liked.
“So where is Crizelda, shouldn’t she be here with us?” asked Bloom.
“U-Uh, C-Crizelda can’t join us Bloom. She just can’t.”
“What do you mean, ‘She just can’t’?” spat Bloom, tiring of Ellen’s excuses.
“Well uh, she just-
“It’s okay Ellen, Crizelda just has a stomach ache.” interrupted Shane.
Fortunately for Shane, nobody asked any follow up questions. Bloom assumed that Ellen’s curry had given her a stomach ache, considering how bad Ellen’s cooking was and nobody else though anything suspicious of Crizelda’s absence. For Shane, a chaotic situation he had no control over was terrible. He enjoyed every moment of Vresun’s chaos, for he had control over it with his elaborate plans. Even now, in the real world, Shane needed to keep the chaos under his control, lest his plans go awry.
Once the talking was over, Shane ordered Karjam, Bloom, Kim and Ellen to set up the film equipment. The others awaited their orders, which basically consisted of rifling through the junk lying around the room. Trent found a green coloured deckchair whereas Bruce found a blue cushiony chair in the pile. Bloom picked up a few umbrellas, but threw a red one back because it had holes in it. Anel scuttled around nervously, still consumed with anxiety over Shane’s plan for her and as such, found nothing. Seth found nothing either and sighed. After the crew were finished with their orders, everyone took up their roles.
Kim, Shane and Trent strode on set, awaiting for Director Karjam’s orders. The scene was set up so that two chairs were set up with a green curtain behind them. Shane has called dibs on the cushion chair, leaving Trent with the deckchair. Both Shane and Trent took their seats, with Kim being scripted to appear on-screen later on. Bruce  had protested that it meant that he would be forced to maintain the lights and the camera, that was until Anel had offered to do the lights in Bruce’s place.
Ellen resisted the urge to laugh, while Karjam wondered why she would even bother. Kim, Seth and Bloom were happy to see Anel taking part and supported her decision.

Scene 5: T.E.D’s Possession
Take 1
Shane slapped Kim across the face, causing her to shriek in pain, causing everyone except Shane to react in surprised shock.
“I did not hi- line” said Shane, oblivious to the reactions of his fellow cast members.
“Shane, what the hell?” snapped Trent.
“Ow! What was that for? cried Kim.
“This is out of order, Shane. I’m not sure what Kim did to you, but you ought
“Oh. It appears that I forget to tell everyone that I’m possessed for this scene.” said Shane.
Ellen and Karjam were perfectly fine with this explanation, considering Shane had done worse before. Bruce was appalled that his friend would slap Kim across the face, considering that the Shane he knew would never harm anyone, not even accidently.
Seth was disgusted that Shane would harm his sister but looked through the script, which Bloom had given to him earlier.
“Unfortunately, Mr Neumann, you appear to be correct. The stage dire-
“Please just call me Shane”, he interrupted.
After Shane cut Seth off, Bloom spoke up,  hoping to reveal Shane’s intent.
“The stage directions read and I quote: Shane is possessed by The Eternal Darkness, smacking Kim across the face.”
“I-Is this true, Shane? Bloom, tell me it’s not true.” groaned Kim.
“U-Uh, Bloom? May I check that, you might have misread the directions” asked Shane.
Bloom hesitated, knowing what Shane would do, but decided to relent, if only for Kim’s sake.
Shane walked up to Bloom, took the script from her and walked back to Kim. He then pulled a stunt which shocked everyone: he tore the script in an act of feigned obliviousness and then gave Bloom a smug but casual smile.
“Now that we’ve wasted enough time, let’s try that scene again! Places, everyone!” announced Shane, having gotten away with making a fool of Bloom.
Bloom was upset not only for Kim but also for herself. Seth looked at her, and tried to comfort her without rocking the boat, something that Shane would be counting on.
Take 2
It didn’t bother Shane in the least that Seth’s script was torn to shreds, he brushed it out of sight with his left foot before calling everyone again. Now feeling upset, Kim awaited for Shane to slap her and barely reacted when his hand hit her face.
“I did not her, I did not, that’s utter crap. I did not hit her. I DID NOOOOOOOT! Oh hi, Bruce.”
“Ah Shane, it seems that the spell from The Eternal Darkness has cursed your mind. You must remember that you love her, Shane.” wailed Trent, hoping that Shane would call it a day.
After Bruce’s line, it took all of Kim’s will to conceal her smouldering fury at Shane’s inept writing choice. The scene continued, with only Shane and Trent having speaking parts. Kim felt alone, as if she were just a pawn in Shane’s twisted machinations. Ellen looked at Kim, feeling jealous that Kim was written as the love interest and not her.
After an agonising but dull hour, the scene finally ended. Shane was going have the next scene filmed immediately. It was the scene where Kim and Shane would make love in the jungles of Draconia. Kim was feeling rather bitter considering that Shane slapped her like around like she was nobody. Shane was either oblivious to her anger or knew that she was furious and decided to hug her anyway. Kim was pressed close to Shane’s body, granting the misfortune of smelling Shane’s unwashed body. This repulsed her enough to break out of Shane’s grasp.
“S-Shane, do you even shower?” asked Kim.
“No. Don’t you think I’m handsome”, replied Shane.
Shane was hoping that Kim would agree to do the scene and that would be it. After all, if all went well, he wouldn’t need Anel at all. However, Kim was done with Shane. Her rage finally broke through and she decided enough was enough.
“Handsome? Go to hell, Shane. I don’t ever want you touching me again. And please Shane, please take a shower!”
“U-Uh, Ellen doesn’t let me use the shower?”
“W-What? You’ve been living with her and she doesn’t let you use the shower?”, Kim spluttered in disbelief.
“Of course not, it’s my shower. He can use his own shower in his own house. And besides Kim, he’s quite sexy that way.”, Ellen snapped. It was a good thing that she didn’t tell Kim (or anyone else for that matter) that she spent her showertime touching herself to Shane (and Karjam as of a few months ago).
“Oh **** off Ellen, if you love him so much, why don’t you do the sex scene?”, replied Kim.
Ellen gave off a crazed smiled as she contemplated all the ways she was going to murder Kim once this film was finished.
“Oh I dunno, maybe because this movie has you as his lover. It should have been me in that scene, Kim. ME! I’m Shane’s girlfriend and as such, I’m more important than you’ll ever be. Nobody loves you Kim. Hee hee. I hope you have fun.” ranted Ellen. Even with her sickly sweet voice, Kim could feel Ellen’s words cutting deep inside her.
“I love her!” yelled Bloom, hoping to stand up to Ellen and avenge Kim.
“Oh of course you do! Oh look at me, I’m Bloom Seymour and I loooooooove FLOWER DRAGONS!”
Bloom of course, was used to Ellen making everything about herself. The HRTs Incident was prime example of this, and something she remembered to this day.
“Just. Shut. Up” replied Bloom curtly.
“Ooh, is wittle Bwoomy upset” mocked Ellen, using the same voice she used when insulting Kim.
Everyone was now crowding around the three girls. Karjam feared that Ellen and Kim would fight it out. Seth hoped to get Kim and Bloom out quickly. Bruce wondered how Shane even managed to hook up with Ellen while Trent was swatting off sweat beads from his forehead. Shane in contrast, was smiling. He enjoyed moments like this, and would hope to see more in the distant future.
Bloom once again used the tried and true trick of booping Ellen’s nose, causing her to scream.
The crowd broke up as Ellen ran off to her room, with Shane chasing after her.
A small voice emerged from the back, as if forgotten.
“U-uh guys, can I stop? The lights are tiring me out.” squeaked Anel.
Seth ordered Anel to leave and did likewise to everyone else. All the crew members were relieved that all of them could take a break, especially Karjam who had other plans. Once they were gone, Kim started to sob. She could not believe that Shane, the boy she loved would hurt her like this. She was able to accept Ellen’s presence when Shane introduced her, but still loved him deep down. Even when Shane wanted to have sex with Michelle, did Kim still love him. Today had made her realise one thing: She was worth nothing to him.
Kim stood and cried, while Bloom held her and cried as well. Seth held onto them both, with even Anel showing empathy for their situation. None of them knew what Shane’s plan was and it scared them to know that nothing would affect the outcome...
Storage Room D (Karjam’s Room)
Shane and Ellen were arguing during this time, and it appeared that nothing would deter the couple from going at it.
“Why would you even cast Kim as the main heroine, you don’t even like her!” screamed Ellen.
“Goddamn it Ellen, you just can’t understand my advanced machinations!”
“Your advanced what? Are you kidding me, Shane? This isn’t like Naruto, you’re not some advanced genius who can magically everyone do as you say!”
“You know that’s not true Ellen! They don’t even know how I’ve planned this out! replied Shane, who was making a sweeping hand gesture to indicate his planning.
“WHAT PLAN?! Kim’s not gonna anything for you now.” screamed Ellen, who was utterly exasperated at Shane’s stupidity.
“Ha ha ha, who said it was gonna be Kim?” said Shane, as if he were never angry.
“W-wait what? Shane, you don’t mean?”
“Oh yes, that’s exactly why I blackmailed Anel, my love. I figured that if Kim would fail me, I could at least use someone who looked like her.”
“But, Shane. Wouldn’t it have been easier to ask Cosette to join us? I mean, she was the accomplice of The Eternal Darkness.”
“No. Cosette is too… unreliable. She only obeys Michelle, and she’s not somebody I want to mess with.”
“Yes, I sure you learnt that one the hard way.” snarked Ellen, who still couldn’t believe that Shane tried to proposition her sister for sex.
As the couple reconciled, they could hear a hard knock at their door. Ellen walked up to the door and opened it. It was Karjam, who looked mildly annoyed.
“U-uh, Karjam. W-What are you doing here, on such short notice?” stammered Ellen.
“I need my King James Bible, Ellen” said Karjam, with great fire in his eyes. “It is of the utmost importance that Lord Sau- no, Trent must be punished for his sin.”
“A-And what sin is that?” Shane spluttered. Unfortunately for Shane, this was not the first time that Karjam needed to punish someone using his Bible. Thankfully Shane would not be bearing witness to Trent’s “punishment”, having seen enough of Karjam’s “punishments” to last him a lifetime.
“Hmm, hmm. You don’t need to know, Shane. Blasphemers like him deserve no mercy” said Karjam, as he took his King James Bible and walked slowly out of his room, like a man on his holy quest. “And now I must leave, for Trent is be punished for his sin.”
 Both Shane and Ellen were relieved once Karjam left the room. Karjam, as they knew, was a religious man. Nothing could deter him from his Christian beliefs. Nothing. His rivalry with King of Despair only made him double down on those beliefs, much to his rival’s frustration. Ellen had made it a point to lock the door, so that nobody could interrupt what was to come next..
Storage Room C (Games Room)
Bloom had finally set up her Gamecube, which of course had been modded. As such, it could not only play Gamecube games but also non-official Gamecube games as well. Bloom had brought Eternal Darkness, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Super Smash Bros 64 and a multiplayer version of Lunar Shadow v7.2 to play during her downtime. Kim was fine with all this, though she wished that Seth would have allowed her to bring her PS2 as well. Of course, none of this mattered in the long run considering they all got to play Lunar Shadow v7.2, which had multiplayer as one of it’s features. Fortunately for the trio, Bloom had at least 3 Gamecube controllers to spare, all of which were different colours. As always, the game started at a menu asking the player if they wanted to play Lunar Shadow ZERO, Lunar Shadow or Lunar Shadow NEO.
“So Kim, which game will it be today?” said Bloom, her mood perking up.
“Well, that’s simple. Lunar Shadow, considering it’s the most stable game of the three.” replied Kim.
“Stable in what way?” Seth asked.
Seth wasn’t all that great with game modding like Kim or with programming like Bloom, but he was often helpful at giving them a new perspective to work with. Even if he and Kim had their differences, in the end, they still cared for one another.
“Oh, its.. Well, Lunar Shadow NEO has several bugs, one of which prevents us from completing the Mirror Zone because it-
“Kim, I know that Seth enjoys your st
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Re: Temporary Farewell
« Reply #31 on: 08 November 2019, 12:44:49 »
I might as well take the week off. There's little point staying here considering that nothing happens here anymore. I might come back on 15th November, but even then I wonder what's the point?
The Lunar Shadow Conspiracy is dying and the Mastermind will soon redeem herself.

Goal: Ask Charlie questions about everything that happened and get her to tell us the full story.

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Re: Temporary Farewell
« Reply #32 on: 12 November 2019, 03:50:20 »
I'm getting dragged off on a long family holiday, should still be able to come online occasionally.

Hopefully it won't be ****, and hopefully I'll be able to fix my attitude and get my **** together while I'm away.
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« Reply #33 on: 12 November 2019, 10:21:50 »
I'm getting dragged off on a long family holiday, should still be able to come online occasionally.

Hopefully it won't be ****, and hopefully I'll be able to fix my attitude and get my **** together while I'm away.
That's a shame, I just hope you have a great time otherwise. Besides, I doubt you'll miss much, considering the state of this place. As for me, I might as well continue playing Bravely Second because that's far more fun than expecting anything to happen here.
« Last Edit: 12 November 2019, 10:24:28 by King (2.0) »
The Lunar Shadow Conspiracy is dying and the Mastermind will soon redeem herself.

Goal: Ask Charlie questions about everything that happened and get her to tell us the full story.

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Re: Temporary Farewell
« Reply #34 on: 12 November 2019, 18:07:55 »
You know what? I might consider finishing that week off, though it'll be extended until 18th November. Perhaps I can use this time to get things straight with myself?

Hopefully, Bloom is watching all of us. If she is, then here's a message for her: I miss you, please return to us soon.
« Last Edit: 12 November 2019, 18:23:19 by King (2.0) »
The Lunar Shadow Conspiracy is dying and the Mastermind will soon redeem herself.

Goal: Ask Charlie questions about everything that happened and get her to tell us the full story.

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Re: Temporary Farewell
« Reply #35 on: 13 March 2020, 12:03:52 »
Taking time off because my aunt thinks that COVID-19 is transmittable through mobile phones and refuses to believe otherwise...

Oh, and she thinks everyone in medical professions are quacks...
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Re: Temporary Farewell
« Reply #36 on: 13 March 2020, 12:10:28 »
Taking time off because my aunt thinks that COVID-19 is transmittable through mobile phones and refuses to believe otherwise...

Oh, and she thinks everyone in medical professions are quacks...
Corona is also transmittable through being on the Earth. Better hope you've got your rocket fuel packed.
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Addio per Ora (Goodbye for Now)
« Reply #37 on: 22 March 2020, 12:53:01 »
After today, I'll be taking a week off before returning. I'm doing this because it'll be good for me in the long run, allow me to make progress on non-Vresun related projects (such as drawings and learning Italian) and will refresh my spirits. Until then, I'll be getting as much done as I can for Gun v2 (http://lunarshadowcs.createaforum.com/cave-story-mods/gun-(cave-story-mod)/msg10128/#msg10128)
The Lunar Shadow Conspiracy is dying and the Mastermind will soon redeem herself.

Goal: Ask Charlie questions about everything that happened and get her to tell us the full story.

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Here we are in the future and it's bright
« Reply #38 on: 24 May 2020, 17:54:05 »

I'm taking another week off. I need to deal with some personal demons which have converged into a single future; one of which I hope will never come to pass.

Spoiler (hover to show)
The Lunar Shadow Conspiracy is dying and the Mastermind will soon redeem herself.

Goal: Ask Charlie questions about everything that happened and get her to tell us the full story.